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Poochi's Pet Salon

+1 407-788-1923
111 Jewel Dr suite 1003, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Poochi's Pet Salon

Poochi's Pet Salon has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers. One of the strengths of the salon is its convenient operating hours, particularly being open on weekends. This is beneficial for customers who have busy schedules during the week and are in need of pet grooming services. Additionally, the groomers at Poochi's Pet Salon actively engage with customers, asking for specific instructions on how they want their pets to be groomed. This personalization and attention to detail are highly valued by customers, as it allows them to feel heard and ensures that their pets' grooming needs are met.
Another strength of Poochi's Pet Salon is the gentle and calming approach of the groomers. Multiple reviews mention how the groomers were able to alleviate the nervousness of the pets, creating a stress-free environment for them. This is a crucial strength as it ensures that pets have a positive experience while being groomed, as opposed to feeling anxious or scared. Additionally, the salon is commended for its ability to transform pets from looking unkempt to appearing fresh and new. This speaks to the expertise and skill of the groomers, showcasing their ability to bring out the best in each pet's appearance.
Customers are also pleased with the pricing of Poochi's Pet Salon. Many reviews mention that the salon offers great prices for the services provided. This is an important strength as it ensures that customers are receiving value for their money. The affordability of the salon's services may attract customers who are looking for high-quality grooming without breaking the bank.
Furthermore, the loyalty shown by some customers is indicative of the salon's ability to retain a strong customer base. In one review, a customer mentions that they have been bringing their dog to Poochi's Pet Salon for over a year, highlighting the level of trust and satisfaction they have experienced. This shows that the salon has successfully built a reputation for consistently delivering excellent grooming services, leading to customer loyalty.
However, one weakness of Poochi's Pet Salon is the negative experience detailed in the negative review. The customer claims that the owner was rude and provided poor customer service. This negative interaction led the customer to decide to take their business elsewhere. While this is just one negative review amongst many positive ones, it is still a weakness that the salon should address. Customer service is a crucial aspect of any business, and negative experiences can significantly impact a business's reputation.
Overall, Poochi's Pet Salon demonstrates several strengths, including convenient operating hours, personalized grooming services, gentle approach, ability to transform pets, affordable prices, and customer loyalty. While there is one complaint about poor customer service, the salon's overwhelmingly positive reviews and the loyalty shown by some customers suggest that it is a reputable and reliable pet grooming establishment.

Best TL Reviews

My dog Prince’s first time at this groomers. We love it! I’m glad they are open on the weekends which is convenient for me. He told me before I left what time he would be ready. He asked me how I wanted him cut instead of doing what he wanted. We have found our forever groomer!
I brought my puppy here after reading the reviews online and I’m sooooooo pleased. He came in looking like a rag doll and left brand new! He didn’t seem nervous at all and the owner was very gentle with him. He smelled AMAZING and my expectations were far exceeded. I’ll definitely continue to bring him back.
Needed a new groomers, since I recently moved to town. I absolutely love them. They were so kind as soon as I walked in. Made me feel comfortable with leaving my fur baby with them & absolutely did incredible job at a great price too !
I recently took my sweet girl to have her groomed at Poochi's Pet Salon. Martin is wonderful! My dog was a little nervous at first but Martin calmed her down immediately. She did well, looks gorgeous! I would definitely recommend Poochi's! I'm very picky with care for my sweet fur baby! We will definitely continue with Poochi's. We absolutely love Martin!!!
Poochi's is awesome! You can get an appointment fast, you feel very comfortable when you arrive , Martin and Brandon are very personable! My fur baby looks beautiful! What a great job you did Brandon! ????
1 year later and Kobe is still getting groomed at Poochi's Pet Salon!
Woo hoo and kudos to Martin!!!
I absolutely love the care they show to my fur baby, Kobe!
Thank you for all you do!❤️
Martin is the best! I highly recommend this salon for any grooming needs. Whether we need a quick touch up, a full grooming or an emergency trip because he found something yucky and smells TERRIBLE (they helped same day) Poochi's is the best place in Altamonte/Apopka and I am glad we found them!
I would give it 0 starts if I could!!!! The owner is the rudes person I've ever met!!! Worse custumer service. I tried to schedule a gromming appoitment for my dog and the owner refused it because I grommed my dog with another grommer when they dint have appointments available. He then proceeded by saying try again next year and hanged up the phone on me. I'm sorry but if this how you treat your customers you dont deserve my business. I rather take it to Petco or Petsmart any day of the week, better service too.
Marin is Oliver's favorite groomer and we are so happy every visit! Quick baths or full grooming, the price is excellent for the service!

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