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Scissors Edge Family Salon

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791 Memorial Blvd, Picayune, MS 39466 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Scissors Edge Family Salon

Scissors Edge Family Salon, based on the comments provided, appears to have a mix of strengths and weaknesses. It is important to note that these comments reflect the experiences of individual customers and may not represent the overall quality of the salon. Here is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses highlighted in the comments:
Strengths: 1. Great cut with additional services: One customer mentioned that they received a great cut while also having their eyebrows and ear hair trimmed. This suggests that the salon offers additional grooming services beyond just haircuts, providing a comprehensive experience for customers. 2. Friendly and fun atmosphere: The salon is commended for its friendly staff and fun environment. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers, contributing to a positive overall experience. 3. Skilled barber: A customer specifically mentioned Shea as being skilled at providing fades and styles. This indicates that the salon has competent barbers who can meet specific styling needs. 4. Reasonable pricing: Multiple comments mentioned that the salon offers reasonable pricing. This is an important factor for customers looking for affordability. 5. Positive experiences with other stylists: Several comments mentioned positive experiences with stylists other than Shea, indicating that the salon has a team of talented staff members who can cater to various preferences and hair types.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent service: One customer mentioned that they requested their hair to be thinned out but ended up with uneven layers. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the skills or communication between stylists and customers. 2. Unprofessional behavior: In one instance, a customer felt unwelcome due to the rude behavior of a stylist. Unprofessional behavior can have a negative impact on the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction. 3. Poor hair cutting experience: A customer expressed dissatisfaction with their haircut, describing it as straight across and uneven. This highlights a lack of attention to detail and a subpar haircutting experience. 4. Limited availability for walk-ins: One customer mentioned that the salon seemed unwelcoming to walk-ins, which could potentially limit accessibility for customers who do not have appointments.
In conclusion, Scissors Edge Family Salon has a number of strengths including providing additional grooming services, a friendly atmosphere, skilled staff members, reasonable pricing, and positive experiences with various stylists. However, there are weaknesses such as inconsistent service, unprofessional behavior, a poor hair cutting experience, and limited availability for walk-ins. It is important for the salon to address and improve upon these weaknesses to ensure overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best TL Reviews

I'm from out of town with no appointment.
They sat me down and gave a great cut. Trimmed my eyebrows, ear hair, and refrained from carving her initials in my short cut. ????
Great sense of humor and fun.
I'll be back for another cut before I head back home in a month.
Shea is the guy to go and get your fade and style on. I'm new to this area needed a good barber to go to and I Def found him. Thanks Shea for the amazing cut.
Friendly staff, reasonable pricing, and did a good job! I would recommend that you try this place.
I was not to pleased this afternoon. I walked in and said I wanted to get my hair thinned out and the lady instantly stated that she didn’t like to thin out hair and continued to tell me that she would just layer it. I agreed because I have had my hair layered multiple times and it usually helps with my thick hair but after leaving I went home and washed my hair and realized that it was longer on one side and way shorter on the other. I have a natural part in my hair and she completely parted my hair down the center to cut it which made it way longer on one side and way shorter on the other.
After being lied to by Fantastic Sam’s, I came to Scissors Edge and attempted to walk in the door because a stylist was there working on someone else’s hair and the door was unlocked. The tall, blond-headed stylist gave me the ugliest look while shaking her head to let me know I was not welcome. Did not even speak, which, considering the look she gave me might have been better that she did not. EXTREMELY RUDE!!!!!! Hey Blondie, you won’t have to worry about seeing MY face in your establishment again, EVER!!!
Jenn is the best!!! Took 6 different salons till I found my what I was looking for. Ms Robin is amazing also!! So glad I finally found them!!
Someone in my family has used each of the barbers at this location...and we have not been disappointed yet! Very friendly folks and very reasonable prices.
I highly recommend for guys to get a professional shave with facial pampering in the Old Barber chair! Experience like no other! Best shave of my life!
Worst hair cut and experience I’ve ever received. All she did was cut straight across in the back and I was in the chair for less than a minute. I have long and thick hair and it was uneven and butchered.

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Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
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