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Cindy's Nail & Spa

+1 504-304-3422
1000 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Cindy's Nail & Spa

1. Large Space: The salon is described as being a huge place, which allows for easy walk-ins and quick seating. This indicates that they have enough seating and staff to accommodate a reasonable number of customers at once.
2. Pride in Work: The comment mentions that everyone at Cindy's Nail & Spa takes pride in their work. This suggests that the staff is dedicated to providing quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction.
3. Reasonable Prices: The prices at Cindy's Nail & Spa are described as reasonable. This is a strength as it makes their services accessible to a wider range of customers.
4. Availability for Walk-Ins: Unlike other nail salons that require appointments, Cindy's Nail & Spa allows walk-in customers. This can be a convenient option for those who prefer to make spontaneous visits or for last-minute appointments.
5. Drink Service: The salon offers complimentary drinks like water and wine. This can enhance the customer experience and add a touch of luxury to their visit.
6. Expert Nail Technicians: The comment specifically mentions a technician named Kathy, who appeared to enjoy her work and did a fantastic job. This implies that the salon has skilled technicians who can provide high-quality services.
1. Inconsistent Service: One comment mentions that while one technician provided excellent service, another technician had an attitude and poor customer interaction. Inconsistent service can be a weakness as it can lead to a negative customer experience and lack of trust in the salon.
2. Long Wait Times: It is mentioned that the salon was extremely busy, resulting in a long wait time of approximately three hours. Although the fact that they were busy can be perceived as a sign of popularity, excessive waiting can be a downside for customers who value efficiency and promptness.
3. Cash Preferred: Although the salon accepts card payments, customers note that they prefer cash payments and even have an ATM on-site. This can inconvenience customers who prefer using cards or may not have cash readily available.
4. Lack of Front Desk Staff: There is a remark about the salon lacking a dedicated front desk staff. Instead, the owner or a technician has to stop what they are doing to greet and assist new customers. This can lead to a chaotic atmosphere and possibly impact the overall customer experience.
5. Inadequate Communication: In one comment, a customer mentions that they were not instructed to put their other hand in the bowl during their service. When questioned about it, the technician responded with a condescending and rude tone. Poor communication and customer service can be a significant weakness, as it can leave customers feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.
6. Nail Quality: One customer mentions that they were unhappy with the quality and look of their nails. This suggests a potential inconsistency in the skill level of the technicians and the overall outcome of the services provided.
In conclusion, Cindy's Nail & Spa has several strengths, including a large space, pride in work, reasonable prices, availability for walk-ins, drink service, and expert nail technicians. However, they also have weaknesses such as inconsistent service, long wait times, a preference for cash payments, lack of front desk staff, inadequate communication, and potential issues with nail quality. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to provide a consistent and satisfying experience for all customers.

Best TL Reviews

My new spot!! It’s a huge place so I was able to walk in and got seated right away and it was fairly busy. You can tell everyone takes pride in their work! I had Kathy and she was enjoying it more than me :) my nails look fantastic and the prices were reasonable. Can’t wait to be back!!
I went with my friend. The older person with me was very nice and I would follow her to a next place for her service. My had someone who didn't talk and seemed annoyed. She didn't offer a nail paint to him or anything else and didn't do anything besides do the "deluxe " and that was just a pedicure that involves cutting the toe nails and a 5 minute" leg massage :that always comes with a .pedicure . Not worth it
My friends and I decided to go here because they were the only nail salon we called that didn’t require you to make an appointment. It was my first time & we went on a Saturday. They were extremely busy (which was a good and bad thing). Since they were busy, I was under the impression that they were a good place to get my nails done, but that also came with a very long wait time for me and my 2 friends. I ended up getting seated and started on my nails before my friends who were just doing pedis. We were probably there for about 3 hours or so. They also prefer cash payments (not sure if it has always been like that) so they have ATM, but they do still accept card. Overall, I was happy with how Lynn did my nails! And, on a final note, they do serve drinks like water and wine!!
Everything was amazing, but the quality and look of my nails. They are extremely polite, friendly, and quick. So much so, that I felt guilty even telling them how I felt about how my nails look. Paid $42 and I'm having them soaked off after work tomorrow, less than 24hrs of wear (my friend found it so funny that she's paying for the removal ????????). I only went here because my normal location was full and one of the nail techs broke her hand so they wouldn't have been able to see me, but after this being the end result I would've been better off not having my nails done at all.
I'm also concerned with the fact that they have a card reader, but ask that you use the ATM to pay cash. I know there is a charge for each card processed, but the machine shouldn't be on the counter if it isn't an option to use. Or maybe adding a sign saying cash only.
We have been going to Cindy’s since the day it open over a decade ago, and also the new location on Magazine (much quieter), If you’re looking for a more relaxed environment. Carrollton location is super busy but the wait is doable, if that’s the case. Cindy doesn’t have dedicated staff working the front counter—so Cindy or another tech will blurt out a greeting from across the salon and ask what are we there for. Which at that point—everyone in the salon knows you’ve just walked in the door, and what you’re there for! Annoying! The service is mostly satisfactory when the tech is not distracted with who’s coming in and who’s going out. I think the atmosphere would be a lot calmer and quieter if the owner hired one person to work the counter, so techs (including Cindy), wouldn’t have to yell across the salon to assist new customers, stop what they are doing to take a payment or answer phones. I keep going because I can walk there, mostly good service and affordable. That’s it..I’ll stop the rant! :)
This afternoon I went to Cindy's to get my acrylic nails removed. I started with a lady who gave an excellent service. But, then I was switched off to Ann who had an attitude. She came over to take my hand out the bowl and I complimented her nails more than once and she ignored me. Which was fine she didn't want to talk. What wasn't fine was when she asked why didn't I put my other hand in the bowl. I told her that the lady didn't tell me to. Then in a condescending rude tone she said "Why? we shouldn't have to tell you. You should always do that." Then after she just shook her head and had an attitude the rest of the service. At the end she asked if I wanted to get it shaped and I just said I'll fix it at home because I didn't like the attitude she had and got up to leave and pay. I would not recommend Ann at all.
Cindy was very sweet and accommodating, Ashley did a wonderful job on my gel manicure and pedicure. Already made my next appt in 2 weeks
I get pedicures because I get ingrown toenails. The staff at Cindy's did an awesome and thorough job. This place is very clean and sanitized.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance


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