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Super Sunny Beauty Supply

+1 770-760-9545
1426 Dogwood Dr SE, Conyers, GA 30013 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Super Sunny Beauty Supply

Super Sunny Beauty Supply has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to consider both positive and negative aspects when analyzing the overall performance of the business.
Starting with the strengths, it appears that some customers had positive experiences with the employees. One commenter specifically mentioned that the lady at the front was very nice and helpful. This indicates that there are employees who provide good customer service and are knowledgeable about the products in the store. Additionally, the convenient location of the store was mentioned as a positive factor for some customers. Being close to their salon or easily accessible can attract more customers and increase convenience for existing customers.
However, there are several weaknesses that have been highlighted by the comments. One of the main issues is regarding the closing time of the store. Multiple customers complained that the store closed earlier than advertised, which led to frustration and dissatisfaction. This inconsistency in operating hours can create a negative impression and deter potential customers. Furthermore, employees' attitudes and behavior were mentioned as a weakness. Rude, sarcastic, and disrespectful behavior from staff members can significantly impact the overall customer experience.
Another weakness that was emphasized is the pricing and potential dishonesty of the store. Several customers mentioned that prices were changed at the register, leading to a perception of unfairness and dishonesty. These practices not only harm customers' trust but also contribute to negative word-of-mouth and a damaged reputation.
Furthermore, overcrowding and a lack of organization within the store were mentioned as concerns. One customer stated that the store seemed like a fire hazard, which raises safety issues. Providing a comfortable and organized shopping environment is crucial for customers and can greatly enhance their experience.
In terms of competition, some commenters recommended other beauty supply stores in the area as alternatives to Super Sunny Beauty Supply. This suggests that there are competing businesses that are potentially offering better customer service and overall experiences. A significant number of negative reviews and recommendations for different stores can impact Super Sunny Beauty Supply's customer base and revenue.
Lastly, it is important to note that some customers mentioned that this was not their first negative experience with Super Sunny Beauty Supply. Repeat negative experiences can significantly damage the store's reputation and deter potential customers from even considering it as an option. Consistency in providing good customer service and addressing any issues that arise is crucial for maintaining and growing a loyal customer base.
Overall, the strengths of Super Sunny Beauty Supply include some positive interactions with employees and a convenient location. However, the weaknesses are more prominent and include inconsistent operating hours, rude staff behavior, potential dishonest pricing practices, an overcrowded store, and recommendations for alternative stores. These weaknesses can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, the store's reputation, and its ability to compete in the market.

Best TL Reviews

I am a trusted source and have been doing reviews for years. I review if it’s a good experience or if it’s a bad experience so here we go with the foolishness. This store clearly states on google that they close at 8:00 pm so why are there people lined up outside the door at 7:40 pm because the store is closed. There are people walking around inside shopping. I called inside the store to see why is the store closed 20 minutes early and was told that the store closes at 7:45pm so that the workers have time to clean up ext. well guess what “unprofessionals”????? The last customer is supposed to be let in at 8:00pm on the dot. You start doing your closing duties at 8:00pm. The employee closing duties have nothing to do with the customer (you know the people who keep the doors open and the reason why you’re able to pay ???? those employees whom you allow to close the doors whenever). This is the reason beauty supply stores are on every corner because of the competition. Something as small as closing the doors early could be the reason why your store can easily be somebody else’s store. Always honor the customers request because you have no idea ????????‍♀️ if I’m a secret shopper or If I work for the state. Goodbye ????
The wig lady was beyond rude. She literally started yelling at the young girl I was with for trying on a wig. The lady at the front was very nice though so thank you for her for her help and assistance. That's the only reason I'm giving any stars at all.
Never seen a store lock the doors 13 mins till close what a joke I hope they never get any more business
Very unprofessional, employees are beer rude. The owners NEVER the store OPEN UNTIL THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS HOURS. Store supposed to close at 8pm, I reached at 7:45pm the doors was already locked, I went again at another day at 7:30pm again same thing. I asked for help from one of the employees., she stated that helping me wasn’t in her job description. We as a race really need more of our own businesses where we don’t have to support others who don’t support us nor care about our needs. We are making them rich while they disrespect us. #crazy
I usually don’t like to leave bad reviews but I cant stand this business. I’ve only been here 3 times because my first experience was bad too.
I come here out of convenience because it’s a large beauty supply store and is close to my salon. I usually try to avoid this place at all cost because the owner is unnecessarily rude. She’s usually behind the register so I ask her where certain items are because the place is large. She always gives me some crazy look, proceeds to roll her eyes and smacks her lips before telling me; EVERY SINGLE TIME!
But that’s not the cherry on top.
Today when I came to the store I asked her where the relaxer was ( the professional beauty supply was COMPLETELY out of relaxer) and she proceeds with her usual routine of rudeness. The relaxer has a sticker price of $19.99 but when I bring it to the register, she tried to charge me $24.99. I told her what the sticker price says and she says prices went up but she’ll give it to me for $19.99 this time ????. I understand price increases but my gut is telling me she just tried to add $5 more on a whim.
I’m also really bothered that she’s so comfortable being rude to customers and expect more business in a majority Black community.
If you have a little time to drive a few blocks to a mile further, I suggest going to Heavenly Beauty Supply or Ms Ebony’s Beauty Supply
Awful customer service. Girl was very sarcastic and disrespectful when you returned a $20 hair dryer that didn’t work! She even bagged it back but and asked me if you needed anything else. They won’t have to worry about all the money I spend in that store ever again. And it was my first time EVER making a return. Train your employees better!
I stopped by this beauty supply to grab some Jamaican Black Castor Oil and a container of Shea Butter. I don't like these types of stores, though ????! The Asian elderly lady is rude; always assuming that you're going to steel. She can't answer your questions so she's got these young-girl henches to help. ???????? The store is terribly over-crowded and seems like it would be a fire hazzard. It's this kind of service is that makes me want to order everything on line!! Should've saved myself and just went on to Covington Highway!!
If I could put a negative 1 star I would. Black women please watch the prices here they will literally change the prices at register. We don’t have to give them our money and get cheated at the same time. The customer service is awful and attitudes along with. We have the power with our dollar. This place is ridiculous.

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