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The Line Up Barber Shop LLC.

+1 567-315-8510
The Line Up Barbershop, 2121 S Reynolds Rd, Toledo, OH 43614 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About The Line Up Barber Shop LLC.

The Line Up Barber Shop LLC. has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the quality of the haircuts. Many customers were happy with how their hair looked after leaving the shop. This indicates that the barbers at The Line Up Barber Shop LLC. have good skills and can deliver satisfying results.
Another strength mentioned is the friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Customers mentioned that the wait was enjoyable because of the good music, TV, and laughter. This indicates that the shop has a welcoming and lively environment, which can enhance the overall experience for customers.
The shop's ability to handle appointments efficiently is also mentioned as a strength by some customers. Those who had appointments were able to get their haircuts without waiting for long. This shows that The Line Up Barber Shop LLC. values appointments and provides a smooth experience for those who schedule in advance.
However, there are several weaknesses that have been highlighted by customers as well. One of the main issues is the excessive wait time for walk-in customers. Some customers mentioned waiting for two hours or more for a one-hour haircut. This can be frustrating and indicates a lack of efficiency in managing the flow of customers.
Additionally, there were complaints about incorrect addresses and confusion about the availability of walk-in services. One customer mentioned that the address provided through Google was incorrect, leading to wasted time and inconvenience. Another customer expressed disappointment after waiting for hours as they were under the impression walk-ins were welcomed, as stated on the shop's sign. This suggests a lack of clarity in communicating the shop's policies and availability.
Customer service also appears to be a weakness of The Line Up Barber Shop LLC. Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with how they were treated. One customer mentioned that their son was turned away despite arriving before the posted closing time, and the staff was rude and dismissive. Another customer felt discriminated against based on their choice of wearing a rainbow pride mask, leading to a negative experience. These situations indicate poor customer service and a lack of professionalism.
Overall, The Line Up Barber Shop LLC. has strengths in terms of the quality of haircuts and the friendly atmosphere. However, they face challenges in managing wait times, communicating policies effectively, and providing good customer service. Improving these areas would greatly enhance the overall experience for customers of The Line Up Barber Shop LLC.

Best TL Reviews

2 hr wait. 1 hour cut. Is a bit ridiculous for guy cuts.
Hair looks good. However, time is valuable, though. Maybe you can set up a check-in app or something. I could have gotten other things done while still holding our spot in line.
This is from the perspective of someone who is from out of town. First, the address I found through Google (yelp) was wrong. There is a nail salon at their supposed location now. I got the correct address from the lady at the salon. Well after going through all of that, I got to the shop and I sat for hours and ended up leaving without service because everyone seemed to have appointments. While I certainly understand the need for appointments, it would be nice if one Barber was available for those of us walking in, especially since the sign outside states "walk-ins are welcomed".
I have had a hard time finding someone to cut my hair. I have very curly hair and i like it cut in a differnt way. I decided to give Charice a try and see how she does. Normally i dont have high expectations for someone new cutting my hair. However, she blew away my expectations! She did amazing job cutting it! I was very impressed! She was patient and listened to what i told her about how i wanted my hair cut. I normLly dont go to barber shops because i feel like they just want to shave ny hair off and get it over with. I never experienced that here today. Charice really did take her time and performed a amazing hair cut. I highly recommend to gentleman who want a scissor cut and a shave to see Charixe. She is the real deal
They were super busy but continued to take their time on each customer. The wait was pretty enjoyable with good music, TV and lots of laughter. Not to mention a fresh haircut.
My son has had many hair cuts here with no problem. Today we arrived at 540 and he had one person which was just about through and he said sorry we’re closed. I got something I got to do. Your sign says 600pm and your door is open. Don’t use this place they are rude, nasty to a 12 year old all he wanted was a lining. No customer service
I walked into the shop and looked around and was not approached by anyone. This was my first time ever entering this establishment. At first I thought “Oh, they must be busy in the middle of something right now so I’ll take a seat.”. As I sat and felt the awkwardness of the room I pieced together they were doing a take-a-number and wait your turn thing. So I turn to the customer next to me and said “Do you know if we just take one of those numbers to be helped?”
“I’m not sure, I had an appointment. You’ll have to ask him.” he responds pointing out the worker that was very obviously paying attention to our conversation at this point.
As I turned to him to ask he looks at me and turns his head while putting his hand up to help block me from engaging in conversation with him. The awkward feeling and then this rejection made me do a quick body scan as to why everybody was being so weird. My only conclusion was because I was wearing my rainbow pride mask. I’m not sure as to why else I would have been discriminated against. I stood in confusion for a moment longer and then just left.
Poor service. Waited about 2.5 hours to finally get a cut and in the middle of my bf haircut his barber stopped to get his own haircut. & We were the last in line, My Bf only needed his sideburns cut.
I go to the fade queen shes awesome actually does your hair how you want it and all the barbers in there are great highly recommended she even sells beard oil and other things to get your hair and beard together

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