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Quick Facts About TJ Nails & Spa

TJ Nails & Spa has received mixed reviews from customers, indicating both strengths and weaknesses of the place. These comments will be analyzed to provide a comprehensive assessment.
Starting with the strengths, many customers praised the exceptional service provided by the staff at TJ Nails & Spa. They were described as amazing, polite, and welcoming. Customers appreciated the minimal wait time and the patience and kindness the staff showed, particularly with first-time visitors or younger clients. The staff's ability to create beautiful, natural-looking nails was also highlighted, with comments about their skill in shaping and painting. The range of services offered, including acrylic sets, shoulder massages, wax dipping, and hand massages, was appreciated by customers. Additionally, the pricing was considered reasonable, with one customer mentioning that they received multiple services for under $130.
Another strength mentioned was the durability of the gel manicure. One customer stated that their gel manicure lasted about three weeks, even with manual labor and farm chores. This indicates that the longevity of the nail treatments is a positive aspect of TJ Nails & Spa.
Moving on to the weaknesses, some customers reported poor experiences with their nail polish chipping shortly after leaving the salon. One mentioned that their daughter's chipped within half an hour, while another experienced chipping after just a few hours. This indicates a potential issue with the quality of the nail polish used or the application process. Furthermore, one customer expressed disappointment with their gel manicure, as their nails showed signs of wear and tear and chipped after only three days. These issues suggest a lack of durability and quality control in the nail treatments.
Customer service was a notable weakness mentioned by several individuals. One customer described the poor experience they had with a specific staff member, highlighting rushed and rude treatment. However, they also acknowledged that a different staff member provided excellent service. This indicates inconsistency in customer service quality based on the individual staff member. Another customer had an extremely negative experience with the overall customer service at TJ Nails & Spa. They reported being burned during a waxing session, experiencing pain and peeling skin. When they asked for a refund, they were met with resistance from the salon and were treated rudely. This suggests a lack of professionalism and empathy on the part of the staff when dealing with customer complaints.
Furthermore, several customers mentioned issues with pricing and transparency. One customer claimed that the quoted price for their nails increased significantly when it came time to pay, and they felt overcharged. Another customer mentioned that the salon only accepted cash, which can be inconvenient and potentially raises questions about record-keeping and accountability. These pricing discrepancies and cash-only policy may lead customers to question the salon's integrity.
In conclusion, TJ Nails & Spa has strengths in terms of exceptional service, skill in creating natural-looking nails, a wide range of services, and reasonable pricing. However, there are notable weaknesses concerning nail durability, inconsistent customer service quality, and issues with pricing and transparency. Individuals considering visiting TJ Nails & Spa should weigh these strengths against the weaknesses to make an informed decision.

Best TL Reviews

The staff here were absolutely amazing!! As soon as my daughter and I walked in we were politely greeted and welcomed. We didn’t even have to wait more than 5 minutes to get our nails going. This was the first time my daughter has gotten an acrylic set and they were so kind and patient with her. My nails have never looked as good as they do now!! The nails look so natural in the sense that they are not bulky or lopsided. They are beautiful, straight, shaped extremely well, and painted very well. The services that they provide are astonishing! My daughter and I both got full sets of acrylics, shoulder massages, our hands wax dipped, and our hands massaged with lotion and it was all done for under $130. Amazing people, beautiful nail art, quick services, and great pricing!! We will definitely be going back again!! Thank you TJ nails!!
Went over the weekend with my mom and 5 year old for manicures and pedicures for each of us. We opted for regular polish on our toes and their nails and I chose to get gel polish on my nails. The nail tech did a great job with the design I showed her, she took her time and gave it her best effort. Shortly after getting home I noticed my daughters nails and toes already had chipped paint (not even a half an hour later). My mom called me the next morning and said she was going to go back because many of the paint on her finger nails were chipped as well. After going back to get their nail polish fixed, I was told I’d be charged extra because we wanted to try out gel with the hope that the polish would last longer. I said okay, after fixing both their nails I was charged $28 for my mom and he said my daughters would be free. Upon getting home my daughter had one nail already partially chipped and by 3 hours later another one is chipped. I am extremely disappointed in the service they got and that her nails are chipped again after getting gel polish. We have a family vacation planned for this weekend and wanted to have special nails for the trip. Guess I’ll be painting them again here at home before leaving for our trip.
Picture is of my daughters nails with gel polish 4 hours after getting them “fixed”. The other picture is of my nails.
***Update after getting my gel manicure just 3 days ago. My nails have already started to show signs of wear and tear. In addition, on one of my nails the paint has just chipped. I am completely disappointed and will not be returning to the salon for any future visits. Will post an updated picture showing the chipped gel paint. I wish I could chang my review from 1 star to 0. Please save yourself the trouble and a ton of money by doing a manicure/pedicure yourself.
Always great service, however I recommend always making an appointment before going because they are pretty busy and you might have to wait a while to be seen before getting service. I always have a relaxing and pleasant time at TJ nails. I usually get gel manicures and pedicures and I would say they last about 3 weeks, and that with doing manual labor and farm chores! Prices are fair.
I have really never taken myself for spa days but today was my day! I got tired of doing my toenails myself and thought what the heck I'll go somewhere. Boy did I make the right decision! I got the blueberry package and gel manicure. I enjoyed the time my attendant took to make sure everything was perfect. My nails are awesome and my lower legs and feet are smooth. I could not have asked for a better visit, worth the money spent. A+
I just went there for the first time today and had an amazing experience. I didn’t have an appointment and I didn’t have to wait long even though they were busy. The shape and thickness of the full set is amazing! I will definitely be going back here!
The first time I went I had a woman and she rushed and was kind of rude to me. I went back again and had Kevin and he did a great job! He was thorough and patient and didn't shove my hands around like the woman. So I guess it depends on who you get. I like it here because I've never had to wait and don't have to make an appointment.
Absolutely horrible customer service and horrible wax experience. After my wax, I’ve been in pain for two days after getting burned from how hot the wax was. My skin is blistering and peeling (i’ve gotten a wax before this is not normal for my skin, ITS NOT SENSITIVE). I go back in to ask for a refund and show them my burns. After talking to two workers at the salon who told me it’s normal (It’s 100% not), a third man came to tell me I will not be getting my refund and they don’t believe me. I reminded them that I am a loyal customer who spends over $80+ a month there on my nails and one $60 refund would make this go away and I would just no longer get my waxes there. He continued to tell me he did not care and that my skin is sensitive and I do not know my own body. I proceeded to call my sister, whose handled these types of negligent cases before and when she called they were extremely rude and asked if she was a doctor. My sister calmly asked if I got a doctors note saying it was a burn if I could then get my refund and they hung up on her. Absolutely unprofessional, rude and BAD AT THEIR JOBS! Never coming back.
I came in to get acrylic nails done here about 6 days ago and the service was horrible!! They told me my nails would be around 44-50 on the phone, I said alright that’s fine, and made an appointment to come in for me and a friend. They were welcoming at first, and the process of actually getting the nails done went fine. I finished before my friend and I was paying for both of us, so I went up to pay. I was expecting it to be around 80 or 90 like they had said on the phone, but they proceed to tell me it is 120 dollars. I asked why and was answered that they were more because we got matte, I said okay but that shouldn’t be a 30 dollar upcharge. They then tell me that I had to pay extra for my friends because hers were a little longer (which her nail tech pressured her into, she even asked for them shorter), again I said okay and pulled 120 out of the atm because they do not take card. When I handed them the 120 they then tell me its 121 and so I pull out another 20 and hand it to him, he gives me back 10 and just says tip. After this I was pretty upset, because I wasn’t going to tip after my nails were already looking flimsy and botched, and they all but kicked me out at this point. I ended up going home and wasn’t going to say anything, but the nails began falling off and breaking within a day. I went back today for a refund and they tell me no refunds, and that there was no way I payed that much and that I couldn’t prove it because I used the ATM (that’s how they get you). Then they try telling me how much I payed for my nails and it goes from 45, to 53, to 56, to 57, so their essentially taking as much as they can scam out of you for nails. I got upset and said the nails were botched and falling apart but they were all surrounding me and my boyfriend, talking to each other, being rude, so we swore at them and left. As we were leaving, a girl followed us out and flipped us off. We didn’t say anything else, but will be reporting this business. DO NOT GO HERE!!! They change prices, botch your nails, have horrible customer service, and ensure to only take cash! Worst experience I have ever personally had. (My friends nails are also chipping, falling completely off, and breaking.)

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