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Two Guys Barber Shop

+1 480-279-5955
3364 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85295 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Quick Facts About Two Guys Barber Shop

Two Guys Barber Shop has received several positive reviews, highlighting its strengths and positive aspects. These include the personable and patient nature of the barbers, their knowledge of their clients' preferences, and the fact that they have loyal customers who have been visiting for many years. Additionally, customers praise the talent and experience of the barbers, their ability to recommend and provide the best haircut even if the customer is unsure, and their skill in grooming and shaping beards. The price is also mentioned as being great, even in a difficult economy. The shop is described as professional, clean, and attentive, which adds to its positive reputation. Some customers also appreciate the classic and nostalgic atmosphere of the barber shop, as it reminds them of traditional values and experiences.
However, there are a few weaknesses and drawbacks mentioned in the comments. One customer mentions that it is a walk-in only shop, which means it can get busy and lead to a wait for customers. Another customer mentions that the price is a bit high for the service received, and expected a haircut and shampoo for the price paid. There is also a negative review where the customer claims to have received a terrible haircut and criticizes the barber's lack of critical thinking skills. This negative review is a cause for concern as it potentially indicates a lack of consistency in the quality of haircuts provided. Another comment mentions that the shop does not offer some traditional barber services such as straight razors or hot towel treatments, which may be a drawback for customers seeking a more traditional barber experience.
In terms of strengths, Two Guys Barber Shop demonstrates exceptional customer service skills. Many customers mention the good conversation and attentiveness of the barbers. This helps establish a rapport with customers and contributes to the positive experience. The barbers are also praised for their talent and ability to give a quality haircut, even to customers who are unsure of what they want. The fact that they have loyal customers who have been visiting for several years speaks highly of their skills and the trust they have built with their clientele. Additionally, the affordable prices in a challenging economy are a significant strength, particularly in comparison to larger chain establishments.
The atmosphere of the shop is another strength. Multiple comments mention the classic and nostalgic vibe of the barber shop, which helps to create a unique and enjoyable experience for customers. The barbers' knowledge, experience, and ability to provide customers with a fresh, new look are also highlighted as strengths. The positive reviews indicate that customers leave the shop feeling satisfied and content with their haircuts, as well as feeling like they are part of a barber shop that values tradition and excellence.
However, there are a few areas where Two Guys Barber Shop could improve. One suggestion would be to consider implementing an appointment system or a way to reduce wait times during busy periods. This would help manage customer expectations and potentially attract more customers who prefer to plan their visits in advance. Additionally, addressing the negative review about the poor haircut and lack of critical thinking skills is crucial. This may involve retraining the barber or addressing any underlying issues that may have contributed to the negative experience.
Overall, Two Guys Barber Shop seems to have many strengths, including talented barbers, a loyal customer base, affordable prices, and a nostalgic atmosphere. It provides a positive experience for customers seeking a classic barbershop experience. However, the shop should address any potential inconsistencies in the quality of haircuts and consider ways to manage wait times during busy periods to improve the overall customer experience.

Best TL Reviews

My husband and 2young boys come here. They love it. They're personable, patient and know their clients well! Walk in only so it can get busy sometimes but it's worth it! Been coming for 6yrs or 7 years. Will keep coming for many more.
I have been using "Two Guys Barber Shop" for many years, I would occasionally use other barbers on trips or convenience but, "Two Guys Barber Shop" is hand's down one of the best. The shop is small and old fashioned, the barbers are experienced and talented, even if you don't know what haircut to get they know what looks best. Their prices are great even in a harsh rising economy, for those wanting a great service should expect to pay for the experience and talent behind that service. They treat you like family and you leave feeling satisficed and content with your haircut. I should also mention I often get my beard cleaned up and they do a fantastic job taking the time to style and shape your beard to exactly what you were hoping for. For anyone wanting or thinking of getting a haircut I give them a 10/10!
Best Barber Shop in town profesional clean atentive good price
First tome here!
I have driven by many times, decided to try this place.
The service and conversation are great. The price is just a tad high. For $20 I expect a haircut and shampoo.
Otherwise the haircut was great. My barber ???? was attentive, diligent, and great conversationalist.
They DO NOT take appointments only walk-in’s.
If you value your sanity, hair, or time please do not visit this place. I have never been to an establishment that offered a worse haircut. I'm not sure he has the mental capacity to apply any sort of critical thinking in his everyday life, and certainly not at work.
This class to be a Barber It is unlike any other barber no straight reasons outlined no hot towel It's like supercuts how fast the can get you out of the chair So if you're after just an air chairman might be all right but if you want to real barber not this place
Highly recommend! If you’re looking for a classic barber shop that helps you remember what we stand for in this country, this is the place. The barbers here know what they’re doing (from years and years of experience), and they’ll send you out the door looking like a brand new man!
Visited the barbershop today as it was one of the highest rated and had a ton of reviews. I'm used to the chain places and I have to say that this place sold me on staying. The atmosphere, quality of cut, and additional niceties of a barbershop instead of the chains was spot on. I got a clean cut for me and my son and it even cost less than going to those national brand chains. I would highly recommend to anyone else living in the area that is considering a new place to try. JT was my barber job and did an awesome job.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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