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+353 1 861 4514
18 Main St, Ongar Village, Dublin 15, D15 K309 Ireland
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Umami

Umami Place, based on the comments provided, appears to have several strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will examine these aspects to provide a comprehensive understanding of the store.
1. Convenient Location: One of the major strengths of Umami Place is its convenient location. Customers express their joy over having an Asian store in the vicinity, making it easily accessible for those in the area.
2. Wide Range of Products: The store receives positive comments regarding its diverse range of products. Customers mention that most food items are consistently available, including fresh meat, spices, fruits, and vegetables. This indicates that Umami Place is able to cater to the needs of its customers by providing a comprehensive selection.
3. Special Imported Items: The store is applauded for its imported Honey Mangos, which are described as amazing. This demonstrates that Umami Place goes beyond traditional options to offer unique and high-quality items to its customers.
4. Frozen Food Collection: There is praise for the store's good collection of frozen foods. This suggests that Umami Place recognizes the importance of convenience by providing a variety of frozen options for customers seeking quick and easy meal solutions.
5. Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff: The staff at Umami Place is repeatedly described as friendly and helpful. This creates a positive shopping experience and reflects the professionalism and expertise of the employees.
6. Halal Meat Shop: Umami Place prides itself as the only halal meat shop in Ongar. This sets the store apart from its competitors and attracts a specific customer base looking for such products. The availability of halal meat demonstrates that Umami Place is responsive to the cultural and dietary needs of its community.
1. Parking Issues: Parking appears to be a significant problem for customers at Umami Place. While parking in front or behind Dunnes Store is acceptable, parking behind the shop is reserved for residents only and can result in clamping. This creates an inconvenience for customers who may need to find alternative parking options.
2. Pricing: Some comments suggest that the prices at Umami Place are slightly higher for Asian food. While this may be subjective, it indicates that some customers perceive the prices to be less competitive compared to other Asian stores in the area.
3. Limited Arabic Food Options: Although the shop's sign advertises itself as an Arabic shop, customers note that there is a limited selection of Arabic food available. This discrepancy between the marketing and the actual offerings may lead to confusion and disappointment for customers specifically seeking Arabic products.
4. Limited Store Hours: Umami Place closes at 8pm, which may be inconvenient for customers who prefer to shop later in the evening. While this may not be a significant issue for most, it can impact those with busy schedules or who work late.
In conclusion, Umami Place offers several strengths such as its convenient location, wide range of products, imported items, frozen food collection, friendly staff, and being the only halal meat shop in Ongar. However, there are weaknesses, including parking issues, perceived higher prices, limited Arabic food options, and limited store hours. By addressing these weaknesses and building on their strengths, Umami Place can further improve the overall shopping experience for its customers.

Best TL Reviews

Happy to have this Asian store in the vicinity. Most of the food items are almost always available here. Fresh meat, spices, fruits and vegetables. The honey mangos that this guy imports are amazing. Good frozen food collection. The Diamond Chicken nuggets are really good. Parking here can be an issue, parking in front or behind dunnes store is okay but dont park behind the shop its resident only parking you will get clamped there. Ongar street is getting busier by the day.
Its convenient to go here, only halal meat shop in ongar, price little high for asian food.
You can find here asian grocery,vegetables, asian masala,spice.
Fresh meat you can find here.
Shop close at 8pm.
Nice selection of ethnic food and very nice knowledgeable staff.
Bit expensive than other Asian Store but has everything you look for, staff is friendly and helpful.
Friendly, helpful staff. Great selection of foods from around the world
Great store. Nice halal shop. Parking on the street. Best Halal meat shop hands down. (May be equal to euroasia) great variety. Priced fairly
Good options and variety of items avialable
It's a nice little halal shop where you can get halal meat, the only downside is that the sign of the shop says *Arabic* but they barely have any Arabic food.

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  • Delivery
  • In-store shopping
Health and safety
  • Staff wear masks
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Organic products
  • NFC mobile payments


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