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Unique Fashion & Beauty

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744 N Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Unique Fashion & Beauty

Unique Fashion & Beauty Place has received both positive and negative comments from customers, indicating that they have both strengths and weaknesses. Let's analyze these comments to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the store.
Starting with the positive comments, several customers praised the customer service at Unique Fashion & Beauty Place. One customer thanked the staff, stating that they were outstanding in their crafts and highly appreciated their help. Another customer mentioned that the employees were very knowledgeable and friendly, making customers feel like their number one priority. This indicates that the staff at the store is attentive, helpful, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers. Overall, good customer service seems to be a strength of Unique Fashion & Beauty Place.
In addition to excellent customer service, customers also mentioned that the store has a wide selection of products. One customer loved the fact that the store has everything a girl could want or need. Another customer appreciated the variety of hair, wigs, and beauty products available, stating that they have pretty much everything one could possibly ask for. This variety and wide selection of products indicates that Unique Fashion & Beauty Place caters to the needs of its customers and offers a comprehensive range of beauty and fashion items. This is another strength of the store.
Moreover, some customers mentioned that the store is well-organized and spacious. One customer liked the fact that the aisles are spacious, preventing constant bumping into other people. Another customer mentioned that the products are efficiently organized, making it easy to find what they are looking for. This indicates that Unique Fashion & Beauty Place pays attention to the layout and organization of their store, making it convenient for customers to navigate and find products. This adds to the overall positive shopping experience and can be considered a strength of the store.
However, there are also some negative comments regarding the store. One customer mentioned that the new workers at Unique Fashion & Beauty Place are rude. They stated that despite being a loyal customer who has spent thousands of dollars at the store, the way they were treated on one occasion has made them decide to never return. This comment suggests that there may be an issue with the behavior and attitude of some employees, leading to a negative experience for customers. This can be considered a weakness of the store, as it affects the overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.
To summarize, Unique Fashion & Beauty Place has several strengths, such as excellent customer service, a wide selection of products, and a well-organized store. These factors contribute to a positive shopping experience for many customers. However, the negative comment about rude workers indicates a weakness in terms of employee behavior and customer treatment. To improve the store's overall performance, it is crucial for management to address this issue and ensure that all employees are trained to provide excellent customer service consistently. By doing so, Unique Fashion & Beauty Place can build and maintain a loyal customer base.

Best TL Reviews

Used to be my favorite beauty supply store but the new workers are rude. I’ve spent thousands of dollars at this location but after how I was treated today, I’ll never return.
Customer Service The Best ! Thank you !! Ladies today were
Qutstanding in their Crafts Yall really don't know how much I appreciated your help.
CC & Friend ( other salesperson).
Wonderful staff wonderful selection and there is no other place I’d rather go I love this place!
Loved this store!!! It has everything a girl could want or need.
My mother and I went there shortly after her chemo treatments made her lose her hair. We knew nothing about wigs or synthetic hair..They made us feel so welcomed and comfortable..and ultimately gave my mother back some confidence. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND This store employees are very knowledgeable and pleasant..make u feel u are their #1 priority..a Large Selection of Everything.
I’ve been a customer for years, great customer service and the staff is always friendly and willing to help as needed
I love this store! There is a huge variety of beauty products ranging from low to higher costs, I could honestly get lost (spend a good amount of time) in this place shopping! The isles are spacious which I personally enjoy so you're not constantly bumping into other people. Products are efficiently organized so everything is pretty easy to find. I enjoyed the great customer service from the staff, helpful, informative, and genuinely nice.
Great and lot of variety of hair, wigs , products etc....) with reasonable price, they got pretty much everything you can possibly ask for . Also the staff are really nice and helpful.
My favorite beauty supply of all time .

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