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Quick Facts About Vinings Nails

Vinings Nails has received a mix of positive and negative comments from their customers. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the nail salon, we will analyze the comments and provide an in-depth analysis below.
Strengths: 1. Skilled and detail-oriented technicians: Several comments mentioned that the nail technicians at Vinings Nails are highly skilled and pay attention to detail. Customers appreciated the quality of their work, such as the gel manicures and pedicures, as well as the longevity of the SNS nails. This suggests that the salon has experienced and talented technicians who can provide satisfying services to their customers.
2. Excellent customer service: Many customers praised the friendly atmosphere and customer-oriented approach of the staff. They felt welcomed and had positive experiences interacting with the technicians, such as Audrey who made a customer's visit personal and exciting. This indicates that Vinings Nails has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and aims to create a pleasant environment for their clients.
3. Cleanliness and hygiene: One customer who had high standards for cleanliness mentioned that Vinings Nails is great at keeping everything clean. This demonstrates that the salon prioritizes hygiene and takes the necessary precautions to ensure a clean and safe environment for their customers.
4. Long-term customer loyalty: A few comments mentioned that they have been loyal customers of Vinings Nails for many years, ranging from 6 to 17 years. This speaks to the salon's ability to retain customers and provide consistent service over an extended period of time. The fact that customers continue to return suggests that Vinings Nails has built a strong reputation and has earned the trust and loyalty of their clientele.
Weaknesses: 1. Appointment management and wait times: One customer expressed frustration with their appointment experience, stating that they had to wait over an hour while others were serviced before them. Another customer mentioned that they arrived for their appointment on time but had to wait until their scheduled time had passed before being helped. This suggests that Vinings Nails may have issues with managing appointments and adhering to their schedule, which could lead to customer dissatisfaction and frustration.
2. Inconsistent service quality: While many customers were satisfied with the service they received from various technicians, one comment mentioned that their pedicure did not include the normal routine and no one asked them which pedicure they wanted. Another comment highlighted the lack of attention from the technicians and their engagement in personal activities, such as doing their own makeup and nails. These comments suggest that there may be inconsistency in service quality and attention to customer preferences among the technicians at Vinings Nails.
3. Hygiene practices: One customer expressed concerns about hygiene practices at Vinings Nails. They mentioned that technicians did not change rubber gloves between customers and some tools were used without proper cleansing. This raises questions about the salon's commitment to maintaining proper hygiene standards, which could be a potential drawback for customers who value cleanliness and safety.
4. Poor communication and customer service experience: One customer had a negative experience with communication and customer service. They arrived for their appointment but felt ignored and had to inquire multiple times if they would be helped. Eventually, they left without receiving service. This negative experience indicates a breakdown in communication and customer service, which can adversely impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In conclusion, Vinings Nails has several strengths that have been highlighted in customer comments, such as skilled technicians, excellent customer service, cleanliness, and customer loyalty. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, including appointment management and wait times, inconsistent service quality, hygiene practices, and poor communication and customer service experience. It is essential for Vinings Nails to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and maintain a strong reputation in the nail salon industry.

Best TL Reviews

V is an amazing nail technician. She pays attention to detail and is passionate about her work. She did this nude sns for me today! T did my gel pedi! She also pays attention to detail and is very gentle. Best nail salon I’ve been to in a long time! Highly recommend
Been a customer for 10+ years. I drive an almost 2 hour round trip 2x a month for gel manicure & pedi. Excellent staff & service. Highly recommend you make an appointment!
The SNS nails are great!! This pic is 3 weeks with them and they are not peeling off, scratched or chipping. Definitely worth the extra $10. Vina did a great job. I've had her, Terri and Holly and they all did a good job. My go-to nail spot!
I’ve been a very satisfied client at Vinings Nails for over 17 years. They take pride in their work and have only the best people working there. It’s an excellent place to have your nails done! The atmosphere is very friendly and they always aim to please.
It’s my first time getting my nails done, and Audrey made my visit so personable and exciting! She tried her best in giving me a marble pattern, and she actually gave me the pattern of my liking with no mistakes made!
Made an appointment, but had to wait over an hour while five others had their manicures done before mine (who had appointments after me). My pedicure didn't include the normal classic pedicure routine. No one asked me which pedicure I wanted, so they started doing whatever they wanted. Technician was polishing before I realized they were doing whatever they wanted.
One technician was doing her own makeup and nails before deciding to help the other technicians.
Technicians didn't change rubber gloves between customers, and some tools were used between customers without cleansing.
I gave two stars because I could see half of the technicians were doing their best with what they had.
I won't return.
I have been going to Vinings Nails for around 6 years or so and I’m never disappointed! No matter who has done my nails or pedicures over the years, they have always done a great job! Lisa now does my pedicures regularly and she may be tiny but she has perfectly strong hands and my legs and feet always feel great! I make my appointments in advance - my mom and I have a date there every three weeks. Every now and then we may wait a few minutes, but usually we get right in for our scheduled time despite how busy they are. I have worked in the salon industry and was even a nail tech and a salon owner many years ago. I have high standards and I love that they are great about keeping everything clean. Thanks “mom”, Vina and Shawn for a great place for my mom and I to get our nails done!
I had an appointment today, 6/26/19 @5:30pm. I arrived at 5:28pm. I signed in and told the lady I had an appointment at 5:30. At 5:35 another lady asked if she could help me and I told her a had an appointment at 5:30. She said someone would be with me soon. At 5:40 I asked if someone was going to help me and told her if not let me know and I would be okay with that. She said she's, and nodded at a nail tech, is almost finished. The person who she said was almost finished hadn't started polishing her client so that's not almost finished. There were 2 ladies working on one client. If they were interested in keeping my business one of them could have serviced me. I left at 5:45 pm. I would not recommend this place!

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