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Wynn Nails & Spa

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4957 95th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Wynn Nails & Spa

Wynn Nails & Spa has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple commenters is the cleanliness of the salon. They mention that the atmosphere is nice and clean, which is an important factor for customers when choosing a salon. Additionally, one customer specifically mentions a separate and relaxing area for pedicures, which suggests that the salon has dedicated spaces for different services, enhancing the overall experience.
The friendliness and creativity of the nail technicians is another strength mentioned in the comments. Customers appreciate the nice and creative techs who take the time to understand their desired outcomes. This indicates that the salon has skilled and attentive staff who can provide personalized services to meet customer preferences.
Some commenters also express satisfaction with the results of their nail services. They mention that they love their nails and that the no chip manicure and gel nails look very pretty. This suggests that the salon can deliver high-quality and aesthetically pleasing results.
In terms of weaknesses, there are a few concerns mentioned by customers. One recurring issue is the waiting time and appointment management. Multiple commenters express frustration with the waiting time and lack of organization in terms of who came in first versus who had an appointment. This can be an area for improvement for the salon, as it affects the overall customer experience and can lead to dissatisfaction.
Another weakness highlighted by a customer is the rushed service and lack of attention to detail. One customer mentions that their nails were not filed properly and broke easily. Another customer states that their cuticles were cut aggressively, making them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. These experiences suggest that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of service provided by the nail technicians.
Lastly, there are concerns regarding the pricing and additional fees. One customer mentions being surprised by extra fees for different colored nails, indicating a lack of transparency in the pricing structure. Another customer expresses dissatisfaction with the price paid for their nails, suggesting that they did not feel it was worth the amount charged. This shows that the salon may need to revisit its pricing strategy and ensure that customers are fully informed about costs before receiving services.
In conclusion, Wynn Nails & Spa has strengths in terms of cleanliness, friendly and creative staff, and the ability to deliver satisfying results. However, there are weaknesses related to waiting times, appointment management, rushed service, inconsistencies in quality, and pricing. These weaknesses should be addressed to improve the overall customer experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

Best TL Reviews

This is my 2nd visit to Wynn Nails &Spa, since 2 years ago. The atmosphere was the same; nice and clean. I had a nice female nail tech, but I was surprised of my bill. I hadn't noticed it was an extra fee/fees for different colored nails. I was treating myself, so I'm worth it. I will make sure I read or ask questions going forward. I received a no chip manicure and a milk and honey pedicure. Overall, still a nice place.
I went with my friend for the first time today. The place was very clean and the techs were very nice. I described what I wanted to my tech and she was very creative. We also got a free lotion as a holiday gift. I love my nails and the price is not bad at all, my nails is a reflection of their beautiful work ❤️
I do not recommend this place. I got a pedicure which wasn’t bad. I then got my nails done. The guy was rushing and was trying to be done fast. He didn’t take time and was barely filing my nails. He didn’t even take 30 minutes. Then later that day, one of my nails broke. I didn’t even put pressure on it for it to come off. I went back the next day to get a refund and they said they couldn’t because “they’re fresh nails”. I got my nail fixed but it really wasn’t worth the $65 I paid. Don’t trust this place. The girl that went in with me had a bad experience too and the guy ripped her actual nail off. I do not recommend. Don’t waste your time and money. (edit: I got there at 9:30 AM to go in when they opened and waited almost 30 minutes even though it says they open at 9:30 AM)
I been coming here for the past three years and never had a problem with my pedi/mani. Never fail to meet my expectations. I would love to give them a 5 Star rating however I would say they still need to work on the waiting time/appointment times and keep in track who came in first vs who had an appointment. Every time I come it’s always busy- understandable. However I have noticed they aren’t organized with their clients. I do hope they get better at this. I don’t mind waiting, but it is a little upsetting to see clients get upset and impatient- as well throwing fits. ANYWAYS . In the end, I would definitely recommend coming here to get your nails done. ????
Very pretty, gel nails. Basic oval/almond shape looks very pretty with the color.
Asked the girl to make the gel thin to look like my natural nails. It came out very nice, I’m happy with the results. The girl did a very good job.
So I just left and this was my first time going to this salon. I went with my daughter. I got a pedicure and no chip manicure, my daughter got a no chip manicure. The pedicure was awesome, the woman that did it was kind and welcoming and she did a great job. The woman wearing the baby Yoda shirt that took care of my daughter, she says you were great as well. When it came to my manicure however, the woman who I was with really made me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. She seemed to be upset maybe, I don’t know. Was aggressive and rushed when cutting my cuticles while talking with other employees and nipped my skin a few times. I couldn’t wait for it to be over and never been more grateful for a rushed manicure. I wish I would have asked all of their names to give a better review but all in all still a nice salon and most of the staff was great and friendly.
If I could rate them zero stars I would. I went in for a an acrylic fill-in with a no chip color. Within three days the polish was chipping. I went back five days later to get them “fixed.” John, blamed me for the chipping paint and Insisted I had filed them. He placed a coat of paint over all my nails and fully replaced the color on my left thumb pictured below. He also put a layer of top coat on each of the nails. I drove home (two minutes from the shop) and the paint had already chipped. They were closed the following day so I went back the day after. At this point my nails looked as they did below. SEVEN of my nails had chipped within two days. I said I wanted a refund and at first they refused. They offered for me to pick a new color. Then I said I would allow them to remove all of the paint and redo them completely. They agreed. As I walked over to pick out a new color they said “I only charged you $10 for the paint. I will refund you the $10.” I explained I was picking out a new color. The owner then said “give her the money back.” I asked if they were going to do my nails and they rudely said, “No I don’t want it to chip on your vacation.”
The entire situation was handled very unprofessionally. The nails sucked. The customer service sucked. I would not suggest you wasting your money!
My go-to nail salon on the south side. I have tried all the others (Lotus, French, Villa, Velvet, Valley, etc., you get the idea) and continue to return to Wynn. I enjoy going to a more smaller-scale nail salon than the others that clearly rush you to get in and out. I have never felt rushed at Wynn. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere and services are clean & inviting & I appreciate the separate, relaxing area for pedicures.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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