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Braid Experts

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4630 W Western Ave, South Bend, IN 46619 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Quick Facts About Braid Experts

Braid Experts Place is a hair salon that specializes in braids. Based on the comments provided, we can identify several strengths and weaknesses of the establishment.
1. Beautiful and Peaceful Atmosphere: One customer mentioned that the atmosphere of Braid Experts Place is beautiful and peaceful. This creates a pleasant environment for customers and enhances their experience.
2. Quick Appointment: A customer expressed their satisfaction with how quickly they were able to get an appointment. This suggests that the salon is efficient in accommodating last-minute requests.
3. Years of Experience: Another comment mentioned that the salon has been operating for several years, implying that they have accumulated a wealth of experience in braiding hair.
1. Lack of Organization: One customer expressed frustration with the salon's lack of organization. They had booked an appointment in advance but upon arrival, the salon seemed unaware of their appointment. Additionally, the customer was directed to another salon, causing further inconvenience.
2. Unprofessional Behavior: Multiple comments highlighted instances of unprofessional behavior. One customer mentioned that the salon staff ate while working on their hair and frequently switched hairdressers. This can negatively impact the customer's experience and create a sense of dissatisfaction.
3. Inconsistent Service: Several comments mentioned inconsistencies in the quality of service provided by Braid Experts Place. One commenter had a negative experience with a specific hairdresser who did a poor job in the back area of their daughter's hair. Another customer mentioned that their daughter's braids started coming undone the next day. These issues indicate a lack of consistency in the skills and attention to detail of the hairdressers.
4. Poor Communication: Customers also mentioned poor communication from the salon. One person received a text message instructing them to come in, but upon arrival, they were told to come back another day. Another customer mentioned difficulties in reaching the salon by phone and the long wait times for a response.
5. Failure to Honor Promises: In one comment, a customer mentioned that the salon owner did not honor a promise to redo their daughter's braids after an unsatisfactory service. This indicates a lack of accountability and causes frustration for the customer.
6. Blaming Customers: In another comment, a customer described an incident where an African hairdresser blamed their daughter for hair damage. This lack of accountability and professionalism further adds to the negative experience.
In conclusion, while Braid Experts Place has received positive feedback for its atmosphere and long-standing presence in the industry, there are notable weaknesses in terms of organization, professionalism, consistency in service, communication, and accountability. These issues should be addressed by the salon in order to improve customer satisfaction and maintain a strong reputation.

Best TL Reviews

The atmosphere is so beautiful and peaceful I would most definitely come again for braids in the future because it's worth it????????????????‍♀️
So I’ve had an appointment booked for about roughly a week or so, I come in and they act dumbfounded and apparently they didn’t “see my name” or whatever. Not only that, they sent me down a little bit to a VERY NICE hair and beauty spot called Divaz Hair & Beauty Bar, only to find out that I wasn’t supposed to be there either. Got on the phone with B.E. and they say “Well of course we’re gonna send people down there”, like seriously?!
It was awesome???? I needed them bad they got me in and out at last minute I love my braids ❗☺️???? THANK YOU❗
Really nice people lots of conversation but they do eat while doing your hair stop in-between, switch people doing your hair and more
The best place to go if you want braids. I’ve been going for years.
Very unprofessional, they text me and said to come in and when I got there they said come back another day. They do whoever they know hair first and will have you sitting for hours only to tell u to come back another day.
So much for being experts! I paid Mary at this janky establishment $200 plus tip for my daughter box braids over locs! Mary should have simply said she could not provide the service. She did a terrible job, but only in the back where she must’ve assumed no one would look. My daughter’s scalp was parted only in the front. In the back, Mary just grabbed her locs, no parting. And her locs were coming out of the braids when I picked her up. Mary said, if I got my daughter locs retwisted first, she would redo her box braids! Once her hair was taken down, two weeks after paying $200, and locs retwisted, Mary did not keep her word. She lied and came up with an excuse! On top of all this, my daughter also sat almost two hours after her appointment time. It is really a hit or miss with Braids Experts. They should be called braid beginners!
I’ve been going to these ladies for years, never had an issue. Last week I decided to get my daughter and my hair braided, mine turned out perfect as always. However, my daughters braids started to come down the very next morning (singles). I then noticed there wasn’t not ONE knot on the ends. I called the owner Coumba and she asked for pics, I sent a video. She requested I call the following morning so they could fix their errors. I called for five plus hours before getting someone, then we get rushed all to get there to have to wait! Cool, I go sit in my car while my daughter gets her hair done and once she was finished my daughter said the African lady that did my hair blames her and say she must have been rough bc there is no way she would have done this. Explain how in the world can anyone take knots out of freshly braids without cutting the hair?? Don’t blame a client, take ownership for your mistake. I wish I had heard that comment bc she would have gotten corrected fast!

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended
  • Cash-only


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Monday 09:00 AM - 10:30 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 10:30 PM
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