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Capital Nails

+1 305-895-1831
12450 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, FL 33181 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Capital Nails

Strengths: 1. Leo, one of the nail technicians, is highly skilled and provides amazing manicure experiences. He ensures symmetry and longevity in the nail application, with no chipping. 2. Yaidelis, another nail technician, is described as the best pedicure and manicure experience by a customer. She is highly skilled, attentive, and knowledgeable in both English and Spanish, making customers feel comfortable and satisfied. 3. Monica, a nail technician, has been preferred by a customer for over seven years. The customer loves the way her nails turn out and believes Monica's work is amazing. 4. Suzy and her husband are highly praised for their great and perfect work. The customer mentions that her nails last for over three weeks after getting them done by them.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent service quality: While Leo and a few other female nail technicians are praised for their skills, there are complaints about other employees, particularly an old man who was rude and uncooperative during the manicure process. The lack of professional staff is also mentioned. 2. Inadequate customer service: One customer mentioned that a nail technician snapped at her when she tried to point out that he was doing the nails wrong. Additionally, another customer complained about being rushed during her visit, resulting in a manicure that quickly chipped and caused nail damage the next day. 3. Lack of clear communication: One customer advises others to be very clear about the style they want, implying that there may have been misunderstandings or miscommunications in the past. 4. Inconsistency in nail products: One customer mentions that the nail polish chipped and her nails broke just a day after getting them done. This may indicate that the salon is not using high-quality or long-lasting products consistently. 5. Limited staff: Another customer mentioned that the salon has a small number of employees compared to the number of customers they serve, leading to rushed services and potential mistakes.
In analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of Capital Nails place, it is evident that there are both positive and negative aspects of the salon. The strength lies in the presence of highly skilled nail technicians like Leo, Yaidelis, Monica, Suzy, and her husband, who receive praise for their exceptional work and the longevity of their nail applications. These skilled technicians contribute to the salon's reputation and can attract and retain satisfied customers.
On the other hand, the weaknesses of the salon lie in the inconsistency of service quality, inadequate customer service, lack of clear communication, inconsistency in nail products, and limited staffing. The negative experiences shared by customers highlight instances of rudeness, impatience, and rushed services, leading to dissatisfaction and potential damage to customers' nails. These weaknesses can negatively impact the salon's reputation and lead to the loss of potential customers.
To address these weaknesses and improve the overall customer experience at Capital Nails place, the salon should prioritize hiring and training professional staff who are skilled, polite, and able to effectively communicate with customers. Providing clear instructions and expectations to customers during the nail service can help minimize misunderstandings and ensure that the desired style is achieved. Additionally, the salon should consider utilizing high-quality and long-lasting nail products consistently to avoid issues such as chipping and breaking nails.
By addressing these weaknesses and building upon the strengths, Capital Nails place can improve its overall reputation and customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Best TL Reviews

I was here twice before, and I was really happy with how Leo did my nails. He would make sure both my hands are symmetrical, and not a nail would chip until it was time to come back and see him again. Really amazing. But, the third time I came was there, a few days ago, for some reason somebody else told me to hold my entire hand inside a bowl full of acetone for the entire length of my pedicure. MY NATURAL NAILS ARE LITERALLY FALLING OFF MY FINGERS!!! They’re so thin, they’re literally ripping off ????????????
I’m scared! This was by far the worst manicure experience ever ????
Love this salon sues is sweet and they do good nails just b very clear on what style u want
ATTENTION: What I wanted and this what I got!! I am highly upset They DO NOT have any professional people there to do nails they mostly have old men and a few girls (they are good) but they were very rude to me because I told them the man who was doing my nails was doing it wrong and was not being cooperative he kept yelling at me to keep still and let him do his job but I was very polite and tried to warn him he was messing up before he finished..so they guy ended up snapping on me and I was sent to another person (one of the girls) and she had a attitude because I told her I wanted to start over even if I had to pay and she snapped she I just paid them and left. And it was very emotionally to me because I never had problems before when I first came and I thought they were kind people. I highly suggest going somewhere else I do not wish this on anyone. Having to walk around with coffin nails
This place is a five start review just because they have a girl named “Yaidelis “ she is the best pedicure and manicure experience I have ever had. She was amazing and attentive to my needs. She was highly skilled and a perfectionistic.
She even speak both language, English and Spanish. She knew what color looked best on me and how to make me feel comfortable. If you comes to this place.. you cannot be mistaken, ask for this girl and you will definitively come back !!!!!!!!!!
Love how my nails came out ???????????? nail technician called monica. I've been going for over 7 yrs and ever since she started I've only made appointments with her. This picture doesn't do justice but they look amazing.
Estoy super contenta con su trabajo la señora susy y su esposo son lo máximo su trabajo es grandioso y perfecto las uñas me duran más de 3 semanas es increíble.
Vicky was amazing! Great variety of colors. Immediately felt relaxed with massage and water ♡♡♡. Truly skilled I love my gel mani/ pedi! My daughters came out beautifully aswell.
Decepcionada ,pocos empleados para la cantidad de clientes que tienen ,por lo que esta última visita que hice ,me atendieron apurados por lo cual el trabajo realizado fue un completo desastre se me salto la pintura y se me quebró dos unas ,al otro día que estuve alli.

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