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Close Male Grooming

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3286 S US Hwy 17 92, Casselberry, FL 32707 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Close Male Grooming

Close Male Grooming has several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the clear strengths is their ability to provide high-quality haircuts. Multiple commenters mentioned that the barbers at Close Male Grooming are skilled and precise, leaving customers satisfied with the outcome of their cuts. The barbers take their time and pay attention to detail, ensuring that every customer leaves with a well-blended cut and no stray hairs.
Another strength of Close Male Grooming is their friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Commenters mentioned that the owner, Jerry, and his staff are kind, professional, and create a positive environment. Customers felt comfortable in the shop and appreciated the warm welcome they received. The staff also demonstrated good customer service by accommodating walk-ins and scheduling appointments for multiple customers.
The cleanliness and organization of the barbershop were also mentioned as strengths. Commenters appreciated the clean and well-maintained environment, which added to the overall positive experience. The shop's location was also noted as convenient and easy to find.
Close Male Grooming's ability to cater to specific customer requests was highlighted as a strength. Customers mentioned that the barbers listened to their preferences and were able to deliver the desired haircuts. This attention to individual customer needs contributed to the overall satisfaction with the services provided.
Additionally, Close Male Grooming's ability to provide additional services and packages was mentioned as a strength. One commenter mentioned receiving the presidential full package for their wedding, which exceeded their expectations. This indicates that the barbershop offers a range of services to cater to different customer needs and occasions.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are a few potential weaknesses that can be gleaned from the comments. One potential weakness is the language barrier mentioned in one of the comments. While most commenters did not have any issues with communication, there was one instance where a customer had difficulty communicating their preferences due to the language barrier. This could potentially be a limitation for customers who do not speak the primary language spoken at the barbershop.
Another potential weakness is the lack of clear identification of barbers in the pictures of their work. One commenter mentioned that they chose Close Male Grooming based on a picture they saw but did not know which barber was responsible for that particular cut. This could potentially make it difficult for customers to request a specific barber based on their work.
In terms of opportunities for improvement, Close Male Grooming could consider addressing the language barrier by ensuring that there is always an English-speaking or bilingual barber available to cater to customers who do not speak the primary language. This would enhance the communication and understanding between barbers and customers.
Another opportunity for improvement is to clearly label the barbers in pictures of their work, making it easier for customers to identify and request specific barbers based on their desired style.
In conclusion, Close Male Grooming has several strengths based on the customer comments. These include their ability to provide high-quality haircuts, their friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and the cleanliness and organization of the barbershop. However, potential weaknesses include the language barrier and the lack of clear identification of barbers in pictures. By addressing these weaknesses, Close Male Grooming can further enhance their services and customer experience.

Best TL Reviews

Came here on a whim! Had a not so great cut done on my 13 year old son and we took a chance on this barbershop. Happy we did! Nice location, clean and organized and they fixed his cut right up and left him looking sharp. We met the owner, Jerry, super nice guy. I am big on vibes and good energy, this place has all of that. 100% recommended.
Tomorrow is school picture day for my boys, so I needed last minute hair cuts. We’ve been to every “chain” hair place in the area and maybe get 1 good hair cut out of every 5 and I am never really satisfied with the outcome. My boys sit up straight and sit still throughout the entire hair cut, so I know it’s not my boys causing bad cuts. Today I found Close Male Grooming on Google, and I was not disappointed. I called first to see if we could do a walk in, and was happily told yes. Mel and Mike were the barber’s who cut my boys hair this evening and they both are truly master’s at their craft. They both were able to give a nice blended hair cut all the way around, no stray hairs, no pieces longer or shorter than others, truly phenomenal cuts. They didn’t rush, they took their time and made sure that they everything was perfect. The shop was easy to find, very clean, everyone was kind and professional. You know good services are given, when people happily wait for their turn. After a lot of searching, we have finally found our barbers and will look no further. I highly recommend Mel and Mike and we are done with chain hair cutting places from this point forward. If you’ve been searching for a barber shop that gives you exactly the cut you are looking for, look no further, Close Male Grooming is a hidden gem and the place to go!
I called over the phone to see if I could come in to the barber shop with my 2 brothers so the 3 of us could get haircuts and they were able to schedule us to come in the same day I called. I got my haircut with Chico and my brothers got their haircuts with Jerry and Jerry Jr. , all of which did an excellent job. They were very welcoming and the environment was great and well maintained. Victor, a barber up front also did a great job greeting and directed us to barbers that would take care of our haircuts. Overall, it was a great experience coming here to Close Male Grooming.
The owner was very welcoming and introduced himself. A very humble guy in my opinion. I was looking for someone to not chop my beard off when I asked and Miguel listened. Miguel did a great job. I will be coming back. He made me look fresh. Now this place was an experience I'd recommend to anyone, especially if you have a beard. You can't go wrong here.
Jojo always gets me right!! I always let her do what she wants with a style I like and she does an AMAZING job everytime!!! This place is a must go all barbers are attentive, professional and make you feel comfortable and they offer water! Great barbershop!
The place was great and service was amazing! I was able to get my one son who has long hair both styled and faded. My other son got a fohawk and looked stunning too! Go here if you're looking for high quality at a decent price! The place was so comfortable to wait as well as they have. A huge TV and comfortable couches - a lot better than those hard plastic chairs. You won't regret it!
First, this review is more of a story that I want to tell you all. This is the story of a CoCoNut Mexican (Me) who found their new barbershop online and my experience there. I was looking for a new barbershop to cut my hair and went looking to google for reviews. The impressive google rating and the pictures of the cuts done there said this is where I want to be. I was up for anything, and Oh, did I get it.
So I roll up to the spot, walk in the front door, and am greeted in Spanish, as a coconut Mexican (brown on the outside and white in the middle) I don't speak Spanish very well even though it looks like I should. I was not going to let that deter me.
The barber in the first chair on the right stopped his service to help get me service. A bi-lingual barber introduced me to who was going to be my barber who didn't speak English. I don't know his name, but shout out to the guy in the last station on the left that did my cut. So I tell the bi-lingual barber what I want, he tells my barber what I said, and we get going. We get started and don't have much to talk about since neither of us is fluent in the other's primary language. Still not worried, I was up for anything. I did converse with him in my minimal vocabulary and did get his name, but I forgot it.
As we progress through the cut, una buena mujer comes in, selling jugos y pasteles. My coconut self could only pick up that she was selling some kind of juice and a pastry with fruits, cheese, or cheese with fruits I just didn't know all of them and couldn't keep up. My barber ordered something with lemon but found out later it was carrot and lemon juice. One of the barbers sent her over to me, advising I only spoke English.
After telling me about the different flavors of juice she had, I ordered a Blackberry fruit juice on ice, and it was AMAZING. Next time I return, I hope she comes again so I can try the pasteles she had, but let's get back to the haircut.
Overall very happy; I'm trying new looks, and he did great with what he was told and was unable to talk to me. Next time I will wait for the English or Bi-Lingual barber so I can better communicate what I want and so things don't get lost in translation. I would suggest when the barbers post pictures of their work online that, they add their name so they might be requested even if it is a first-time cut, as one of the reasons I went there was because of a pic I saw I didn't know which barber did the cut.
I wasn't offered a card or asked if I wanted to book again, probably the language barrier or a new barber; over all 9.5 out of 10. Everyone looked clean and crisp, and haircuts were on point. The shop was clean, and everyone was very friendly from what I could understand; I will definitely be back.
My husband to-be & I walked into Close Male Grooming only being booked for a haircut for our wedding in 2 days. Gerry Sr. managed to exceed every one of our expectations! He offered us the presidential full package for a discounted price and treated us like royalty! The environment is extremely welcoming and all staff is beyond friendly. Highly recommend if you want just a quick trim or the works. :)

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