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Contempo Nails & Spa

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2852 Imperial Hwy, Inglewood, CA 90303 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Contempo Nails & Spa

Contempo Nails & Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The strengths include their good service, clean and spacious environment, and professionalism. However, there are several weaknesses highlighted as well, such as being more expensive than other shops in the area, issues with the quality of gel nails and overlays, rude and rough treatment from staff, and difficulties communicating due to language barriers. It is important to analyze these comments to get a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Contempo Nails & Spa.
Starting with the strengths, the comment mentioning the good service and clean and spacious environment suggests that the salon cares about providing a pleasant experience for their customers. Having ample technicians available also indicates that the salon can accommodate a larger number of customers and reduce waiting times. The positive comment from a customer who drives all the way from KTown to get their nails done indicates that there is a level of professionalism and skill in the services provided.
On the other hand, one major weakness highlighted by multiple comments is the higher prices compared to other nail shops in the area. This could potentially drive away customers who are looking for more affordable options. In addition, there are several negative comments regarding the quality of the gel nails and overlays. Customers reported their nails chipping within a few days of getting them done, which implies a lack of durability and skill in this particular service.
Another weakness mentioned is the rude and rough treatment by some of the staff members. Customers expressed feelings of discomfort and dissatisfaction, with one person even stating that the attitude of the staff rubbed off on their nails, resulting in an unpleasant outcome. This indicates a need for better customer service and more professional behavior from the staff.
Language barriers were also identified as a weakness, with a customer stating that the nail technicians did not speak good English. This can make it difficult for customers to communicate their preferences and expectations, leading to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction with the final outcome. It might be beneficial for the salon to consider hiring staff members who are fluent in English to improve communication with customers.
Despite these weaknesses, there are also positive comments about specific technicians who provided excellent service. This indicates that there may be some talented and skilled staff members at Contempo Nails & Spa. Encouraging customers to request specific technicians, like Henry in one comment, can help ensure a consistent and positive experience.
In conclusion, Contempo Nails & Spa has various strengths such as good service, a clean environment, and professionalism. However, there are also several weaknesses that need to be addressed, including higher prices, issues with the durability of gel nails and overlays, rude and rough treatment from staff, and difficulties communicating due to language barriers. Understanding these strengths and weaknesses can help the salon identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall customer experience.

Best TL Reviews

Service was good, with ample technicians in a clean and spacious environment. However, they are at least $8-$12 higher on services than other shops in the area. Was pleased to see all of the fabulous black art, but the 6ft Buddha was very interesting.
This used to be the ONLY nail shop I would ever go to circa 2004-2019. I just came here to get my nails done Saturday, sept 17 (my bday!) and that very next day, Sunday, my gel and nails were already chipping. Came BACK on Tuesday because I couldn’t just let it go being I spent $91 on an overlay and pedicure, and tell me why the gel was chipping again on Thursday smh. HORRIBLE! Mind you I came way from Long Beach!! I am sooooo passed at how bad my nails look. Never had a set like this. Oh yea! And let me add the attitude they had when I came back In for them to re polish them! TUH NEVER TF AGAIN!! I can not believe I paid even $1 for these nails that look like my son did them. Smh. Shame on you guys!
This was by far the worst nail Salon experience I've ever had. The man who did my full set was rude, ruff yanking my hand so hard and consistently blowing for no reason at all.I swear this place ain't worth Your time or your money. It's like his attitude rubbed off on my nails because they are so friggin ugly.
They are awesome and very professional always leave feeling good about driving all the way from KTown to go get my nails done.
Salon table number 17 does an awesome job on my nails. If you ever go there ask for Henry.
I went in for a pedicure and a manicure and was met by I believe she's the Manager Sandy. She was very nice and professional and asked me what I'd like done. I told her and she asked me to have a seat and she'd have someone who can do it right away. I think I waited about 5 minutes or so. They did a fantastic job and they now have a customer for life. I highly recommend Contempo Nail and Spa. Thank you so very much Sandy looking forward to seeing you again.
I've been to this nail shop on more than once no one can do nails in this shop and the nail techs very rude don't do your nails how you want them done get very angry and smart mouth when you don't like and they don't speak good English so spend your money at your own.. PS had a new set put on at the beginning of the went back to get it filled and jacked it off so now I have to soak this set off and get a whole new set put on shaking my head.. Ms. Sandy you need to get a younger staff..
A very large , busy place w a VIP lounge in the rear. My experience was good (mani , pedi).
Would use this service again.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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