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DA-Vi nails (inside Wal-Mart)

+1 863-967-3343
2120 US-92, Auburndale, FL 33823 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About DA-Vi nails (inside Wal-Mart)

DA-Vi Nails, located inside Wal-Mart, has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to consider and analyze these comments in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the overall customer experience at DA-Vi Nails.
One of the main strengths mentioned is the positive experience with a nail technician named Sandy. Multiple comments mention that Sandy provided great services and had a pleasant personality. The customers expressed satisfaction with their overall experience with Sandy, highlighting her conversational skills and attention to detail. This suggests that DA-Vi Nails has capable and talented staff members who can deliver high-quality services.
Another strength mentioned is the absence of bleeding during the services. This implies that DA-Vi Nails maintains sanitary and hygienic practices, which is crucial in a nail salon. Additionally, one comment mentions that there was a good movie playing on the shop TV in English, suggesting that there is an effort to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for the customers.
However, several weaknesses of DA-Vi Nails are also identified in the comments. One recurring issue is long wait times and poor customer service. One customer complained about waiting for over an hour and a half without receiving any assistance. This indicates a lack of organization and attentiveness on the part of the staff. Additionally, another customer mentioned feeling ignored by the staff despite following the correct procedures, which suggests poor customer service skills on the part of the salon employees. These issues can result in a negative customer experience, leading to lost business and a damaged reputation.
Furthermore, the comments also highlight problems with the quality of nail services. Multiple customers expressed dissatisfaction with the results of their nail treatments. Complaints included poorly applied nail polish, nails not being filled, filed, or shaped correctly, and acrylic not being cleaned properly. These issues indicate a lack of attention to detail and poor execution of services by the nail technicians. Additionally, one customer mentioned that the filing process was painful and almost resulted in injury, suggesting a lack of skill or care on the part of the nail technician. These issues can greatly impact the customer's satisfaction and may result in them seeking services elsewhere.
It is important for DA-Vi Nails to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction. Implementing better organization to minimize wait times, improving customer service training to ensure that all customers feel attended to, and enhancing the training and skill level of the nail technicians are some possible ways to address these weaknesses. By addressing these issues, DA-Vi Nails can potentially retain existing customers and attract new ones, resulting in increased business and a positive reputation.

Best TL Reviews

Wish I could give it ZERO! Came on new years, there were two ladies working. I don’t mind waiting. I understand it’s a Holiday ….I have a party of 4 girls all needing their nails done for a wedding. We wait over an hour and a half, no one helps us. And then they take a lady that just walked in before us! I finally said something and the lady said oh I’m sorry, give me 30 minutes! Ummm no.
We signed in, we talked to them, we did everything right and they just ignored us! Wasted my time completely. I’ll take my business elsewhere.
Terrible Terrible Terrible. I would not even give them a star . It looks like a 10 year old polished my nails ... it's globbed on staff was extremely rude ... don't waste your time or money horrific
Sandy was awesome. Services were great, relaxing and no bleeding. Call her for your next appointment and you won't be disappointed. There was also a good movie playing on the shop TV and it was in English.
Made an appointment for myself and my aunt for pedicures and a fill. Didn't have to wait. Service was not rushed (like most ????) pedicures very detailed at a great price. Linda was great. Sandy as well. Great customer service. Will be coming back.
Sandy was wonderful. Very personable and sweet. She held great conversation and was easy to relate to. She did both my services. Very grateful for my experience with her.
Terrible!!! I was so upset, the nailpolish smeared, but that is the least that happened. The nails were not filled, filed, and shaped correctly, this was a full set an as you can see It looks like I had 2 weeks of nail growth....The gentleman did not clean the acrylic underneath he was in a rush. I told him to fix here and there and eventually just gave up and just wanted to leave! Got a pedi done too, not happy with it either. I do not recommend!
When I came inside the lady told me to sit down and there was two workers not doing anything but I had to wait there 10 minutes when she finally came over she did my toes very aggressive I asked for powder and she did nail polish. While filing she wasn’t doing it correctly and it was hurting she cut the tips and almost cut me. Was just very uncomfortable and unprofessional
I love getting my nails done here!! Eddy is amazing and always takes care of me. He makes sure that my nails are healthy. If you need a talented nail technician- come here! You wont leave disappointed!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Appointments recommended
  • Debit cards


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Tuesday 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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