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Quick Facts About DELUXE NAILS & SPA

1. Clean and nice environment: Many commenters mentioned that the salon itself was clean and pleasant, which could be considered a strength. A clean and inviting atmosphere can make customers feel more comfortable during their visit.
2. Friendly and helpful staff: Some commenters mentioned that the staff was friendly and accommodating. This is an important aspect of any service-based business, as good customer service can make a positive impression on clients.
3. Quick service: The salon was able to complete services in a short amount of time, according to some commenters. This could be appealing to individuals who are looking for a quick pampering session or are on a tight schedule.
4. Nice nail designs: One commenter mentioned that they received a cute and well-done nail design. This suggests that the salon has skilled technicians who can create intricate and aesthetically pleasing designs.
1. Poor service quality: Several commenters expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of service they received. Issues mentioned included rough handling of hands, uneven and poorly shaped nails, and rushed service. These negative experiences indicate that the salon may have inconsistent service quality, which can be a significant weakness.
2. Lack of attention to detail: Multiple commenters mentioned instances where the technicians neglected to pay attention to important details. This includes not cleaning the nails properly before beginning the service, not removing calluses and dead skin, and leaving nails with clumps or streaks. Lack of attention to detail can result in subpar results and an unsatisfactory customer experience.
3. Unprofessional behavior: Some commenters noted unprofessional behavior from the staff, such as employees being on their phones, rushing through services, and being moody or annoyed. Unprofessional behavior can create a negative atmosphere and leave customers feeling valued.
4. No personalized consultation: Several commenters mentioned that the technicians did not inquire about their preferences or needs, such as nail length, shape, or desired design. This lack of personalized consultation can lead to disappointment, as customers may not receive the desired outcome.
5. Noise and disturbance: One commenter mentioned that there was excessive noise and disturbance in the salon, which affected their relaxation. A noisy and disruptive environment can detract from the overall experience and may be seen as a weakness.
In conclusion, DELUXE NAILS & SPA has strengths in terms of cleanliness, friendly staff, quick service, and the ability to create nice nail designs. However, the salon has several weaknesses, including inconsistent service quality, lack of attention to detail, unprofessional behavior, lack of personalized consultation, and a noisy atmosphere. These weaknesses are indicative of areas that the salon should work on improving in order to provide a better overall customer experience.

Best TL Reviews

This by far was the worse experience I have every had at any nail shop. I just recently moved here from NYC and was excited to have so many people recommend this place to have a horrible service. First let me explained I told her I just took off my full set last night my nails are damaged and some are split. She proceeds to put my hands in a bow of warm water, cuts my cuticles than shapes and lotions my hands sends me on my way. Now first I had many manicures .I have never had no one not add soap or something to actually clean the nails before they start. Most of the time they shape your nails first than soak you than add some type of oil to the cuticle before they start cutting you. I should never have to ask if you can add cuticle oil or even clear nail polish. In this case I did. I had to ask her to ad cuticle oil and plain nail polish and than this is what they look like just horrible. Manicures are the easiest things to do and if I am paying for a service I shouldn’t have to come out looking like this. Mind you she was done in a matter of 10 mins. I just expected more.
my experience was very bad!! the lady that did my nails was throwing my hands around and being very ruff. my nails look absolutely horrible. (DO NOT GO HERE ) my nails are uneven and horribly shaped .
I came to visit my daughter in college, so we decided to try this place. Since we got here there wasn’t anyone greeting, they just sent us to a seat. The technician that I got looked annoyed or moody. I decided to wait and see. When she started putting the acetone to remove my tips, I tried telling her what I wanted and she kept responding “I know” very annoyed. I then asked her for the massage time for each pedicure, as my feet hurt, and I chose the second to the most expensive. She was in a rush, hurt my toes, did everything fast and in a bad attitude. My massage was supposed to last 15 min, but during that time she kept looking at the timer and walking away to get stuff, so it was a lot less than 15 min.
When she applied the color, I pointed her she didn’t remove callous and dead skin, and she kept saying it was a wound. She ended up “fixing” it, in a rush! 70 usd straight to the trash!!
When we moved for my nails to get done she asked me what I was trying to explain to her since the beginning when she kept saying “I know”
She did my nails in a rush as well. And she tried to charge me 5 usd more because my nails were “long”, so when I told her to cut them to avoid that extra charge, she cut less than 1mm!!!
It was a TERRIBLE experience, far from relaxing, as every time a technician would get something, they would stomp through the place, talking out loud to each other, slamming the rooms’ doors, the microwave doors, they kept throwing and dropping stuff, like pans or something, making it pretty loud.
The only good about this place would be Mr Andy, the technician who helped my daughter, but definitely, would try any other place before coming back!
LOVE LOVE LOVE. Got my nails done cause I realized my at home dip nails were not that good????. Asked for light blue with a flower and she did the cutest design ever!
I chose this place because of all the salons in the area their nail pics were the best....
Excellent pedicure.. friendly staff.. plenty of staff so no waitingif your with a friend .....and did they just give me a frozen margarita?!... Heck yes!! My new go to spot!
I feel the service just keeps going down hill. I went there yesterday afternoon, they weren't busy but the gentleman seemed to rush and was more interested in his phone and what others were doing, verses completing the mani and pedi. And spent very little time on foot massage and my feet feel "rougher" now than before I went in. In addition to my fingers being very sore this morning due to him filing the side of my fingers instead of the nail.
I simply asked them to paint my nails and they did not do a very good job! Spaces where my cuticles start and paint on side of fingers a lil. And the dude painted my heart's! They just look funny. U think a woman should have done them. This man was not precise with my nails. Ridiculous the gap is huge. I will not come back here!
The more time the passes by, the more I notice how sloppy my dip nails are from this place. And I literally got them done YESTERDAY.
My first time in this place, and I’m not impressed at all. My normal salon was closed because they went out of the country, so I decided to give this place a shot.
I walked in around 6:30 because I work until 5, and was seated immediately.
The nail tech that did my nails started off great, filed the top and tip off my existing dip nails and then used acetone to remove. I’ve had some nail techs try to rip off my existing dip.
After that it went downhill.
He didn’t ask me if I wanted my nails shorter. He didn’t ask me what shape I wanted. And he did not shape my nails very well. He used a clippers to round out the edges of my square round nails, and now I have pieces of my natural nail that are catching on things, (like my hair if I run my hand through my hair).
The tip of the nail is very very rough, and he left pieces of dip hanging off the tips that I ended up pulling and digging off.
Some of the nails are not completely coated in top coat, so they are rough looking on the edges. One of my thumb nails has a clump at the end of it and is streaky.
Yeah, they offer water or a soft drink, but I have to live with these nails for weeks.
They had a shot to win me over to a regular customer and they did not do so. I will not be returning or recommending to anyone I know.
Two stars are given only because the place itself is nice, clean, and the wait time was non existent... but I can also see why. He rushed through my nails.

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