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Eva's African Hair Braiding

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6132 Saltsburg Rd, Verona, PA 15147 United States of America
Open Today: 08:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Eva's African Hair Braiding

Eva's African Hair Braiding place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In terms of strengths, many customers appreciate the punctuality and professionalism of the stylists. They mention that the braiding service is quick and efficient, and they value that their time is respected. Additionally, the staff is described as caring, loving, and extremely nice. Customers feel that they are ready to assist and give their hair the attention it needs. The braiding skills of Eva and her daughter are also highly praised, with multiple comments mentioning that they exceed expectations and deliver top-notch results. The salon also receives recommendations from satisfied customers who have received compliments on their hair after getting it done at Eva's.
However, there are also significant weaknesses pointed out in the comments. One customer had a terrible experience with tight and uneven braids that caused soreness and discomfort. When they reached out to Eva to complain, they were met with dismissive responses and were told that pain and discomfort were normal. Another customer had a similar experience with poor quality braiding and fraying braids within days. When they sought assistance, the staff was elusive and unresponsive, and they were ultimately told that they would have to pay for repairs. This indicates a lack of accountability and customer service.
Furthermore, there is a discrepancy mentioned in one comment where the salon owner initially offered a partial refund but later lowered the amount and failed to follow through with the promised refund. This situation highlights a lack of professionalism and integrity in dealing with customer complaints and concerns.
Lastly, while many customers appreciate the quality of the braiding service, there is no mention of the salon's hygiene practices or cleanliness, which could be important factors for customers considering a hair salon.
In conclusion, Eva's African Hair Braiding place has strengths in terms of punctuality, professionalism, and the braiding skills of the stylists. However, it also has significant weaknesses in terms of poor quality braiding, dismissive customer service, and a lack of accountability. The inconsistent refund policy and unclear communication also contribute to a negative customer experience. Overall, potential customers should consider these strengths and weaknesses carefully before deciding to visit this salon.

Best TL Reviews

I went to this salon to get my hair braided for the first time and it was a terrible experience. When she started to braid my hair initially, I mentioned that it was tight and she told me that it was supposed to be and would eventually loosen. As you can see below, this was what my hair looked like after paying $270 for Senegales twists. They were extremely tight to the point that I could not even sleep from the soreness of my scalp. The braids were also very uneven/crooked, super stiff to the point where I could barely lift them away from my scalp and were beginning to unravel less than 24hrs later. I finally had to take them out to get some relief after only one day. When I spoke with her about the issue over the phone, she told me that I should continue to wait for the braids to loosen and it was normal for them to hurt. Her exact words were "beauty is pain" and said that even if she redid the braids, I could expect to be in pain because that was normal. Clearly, I did not see the point in having her redo it if she was just going to braid it the same way and thought it was normal for me to be in pain, so I asked for a refund. She at first told me that she would refund me half of what I paid but by the end of the call, she offered only $100 and said that she would Cash App me the money once her daughter arrived. One day later, still nothing and when I called, no reply and she denied the request that I sent to be refunded through Cash App. This was such a disappointing experience all around and is such a shame that she is running her business this way because I try to actively support Black owned businesses as much as possible. To put out poor quality work, especially for a new customer, and then to refuse to make it right is a sure way to never get my business again nor anyone I know. I would suggest staying clear of this place and look for a salon who will take more care with their clients and behave in a more professional manner.
Been coming here for a few months and the ladies are all lovely and they are excellent at braiding. I do love that they are punctual with appointments, something that is very rare in black salons. I always get loads of compliments each time I get my hair done. Definitely recommend if ur looking for excellent braiding service. ????
Ever since finding this place, I don't go anywhere else to get my hair braided. The ladies are quick and professional. They really value your time.
They have never been late to an appt and I have always been out in under 4 hours!
I definitely recommend this shop for your hair needs.
Mrs. Eva is so caring and loving. Her braiding skills are top notch. Her beautiful daughter is amazing as well. No matter what your style is they will surpass your expectations.
The only thing this place is missing is some Fiji water. The people are extremely nice. They are always ready to go to assist you. They do not waste time in between clients and they give your hair the attention it needs. They have even stayed a little later for me to get my hair done due to my life schedule. I endorse fully!
I got my knotless box braids done on a Friday and by Monday, they were fraying and loose. When I called to ask for the stylist to rebraid my hair, the staff was elusive about when I would be able to come in. I called several times with no callback. When I finally got a return call they told me I'd need to pay to have the braids repaired. Very sweet people but poor quality braiding and terrible service.
Great experience. I loved my hair. I’ll be back.
First time. Quick and done so nicely. Will definitely go back.

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