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2552 Sheridan Boulevard, Denver, CO 80214 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Kate Nails & Lashes

Kate Nails & Lashes Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the salon. In order to analyze these factors, we will first focus on the strengths mentioned in the comments.
One strength of Kate Nails & Lashes Place is the quality of their work. Many customers praised the final look of their nails and expressed happiness with the designs and colors chosen. Customers specifically mentioned the attention to detail and ability to create the desired design, such as the black French tip with white border or Beetlejuice themed nails. This indicates that the technicians at the salon have the skill and expertise to meet customer expectations.
Another strength of the salon is the competitive pricing. Multiple comments mentioned that the prices at Kate Nails & Lashes Place were lower compared to other salons in the area. This is an attractive factor for customers looking for quality service at an affordable price. Additionally, one customer mentioned that the salon offers a variety of colors to choose from, indicating that they have a wide selection to suit different preferences.
The customer service at Kate Nails & Lashes Place is also noted as a strength. Several comments mentioned the friendliness and kindness of the staff members, with one customer specifically mentioning that the technicians were accommodating to their grandmother and mother. Another customer appreciated the patience and care provided to their children during their first nail salon experience. These positive interactions with the staff contribute to the overall positive experience at the salon.
Now, we will discuss the weaknesses identified in the comments.
One weakness of Kate Nails & Lashes Place is the rushed service experienced by a customer. They felt that their nails were not fully covered or polished, and their cuticles were not properly cleaned up. This suggests that the salon may struggle with managing time and accommodating walk-in clients, as the customer speculated that they were rushed due to another client arriving shortly after. The customer even found a chunk of acrylic stuck under their nails, indicating a lack of thoroughness in the application.
There were also instances where appointments seemed to be miscommunicated or not properly recorded. One customer mentioned that they had made a reservation beforehand, but the salon seemed confused when they arrived. Another comment advised calling and making an appointment in advance to avoid potential issues, further suggesting a weakness in appointment management.
Another weakness identified in one comment was the yellowing of the customer's hands after the visit. This is an indication that the salon may not be using high-quality products or may not be properly sanitizing their equipment. Yellowing of the hands after a nail service can be concerning and may lead to customer dissatisfaction.
In conclusion, Kate Nails & Lashes Place has several strengths such as the quality of their work, competitive pricing, and friendly customer service. However, weaknesses in the form of rushed service, appointment miscommunication, and potential lack of product quality and sanitation were also identified. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can further improve its overall customer satisfaction and attract repeat customers.

Best TL Reviews

At the end of the day they look pretty but the application overall service is lacking. I believe I had someone named Henry. He was clearly rushed. I was a walk in client (says they are allowed at the front door) so I'm assuming they had a client shortly after me which is why they were rushed. I personally would rather been told to wait then have a rushed job done. Some of my nails are not completely coved or polished. My cuticles we not cleaned up at all. When I left I realized there was big chunk of acrylic stuck under my nails (I took a lot of it out before taking these photos).My natural nails were only barely filed. Typically from my experience they would of been at least cut and shaped. Also most of my hands ended up yellow for some reason which has never happened to me before getting my nails done. Again, overall they look good enough for be to be okay walking out but I probably won’t be returning.
AMAZING service. I am just so happy. I had gotten a very bad design done at another salon nearby and hated it. I was ready to just quit getting my nails done, but decided to give this salon a try and I'm so happy I did.
Lisa took care of refilling my set, confirming often if I liked the shape, length, and to make sure she's not hurting me in any way.
Emily then created the design for me. She did such a beautiful job, also checking with me and confirming along the way.
Best of all, the price was about a third cheaper than what I paid for the terrible job at the other place.
Definitely coming back!!
So happy with my dip manicure, it's exactly the design I wanted for New Years! This was my first time at the salon. It's a small, unassuming place, but they did an excellent job on me and my friend. They seemed a bit confused when we came in even though I had made a reservation beforehand, but they sorted it out. Everyone was very sweet. I was glad we got there early on a Friday because it got busy!
Emily did an amazing job on my nails, they look so good. I asked for a black French tip with white border and she did just that. The price was very reasonable and the customer service was just great. I went with my grandmother and mother and both Anne and the male technician were very kind and accommodating for them. Overall five stars :)
I have been in CO for 7 years and have been to SO MANY nail salons I just about given up. I've been here three times now and have seen Lisa, and I've definitely found my go to spot FINALLY!!! she does such a good job and the prices are really competitive for dip (I don't get the set of nails, natural nails). They also have SO MANY colors to choose from, I love it! I haven't had a design done yet because I'm traumatized (lol fr) from past experiences out here, so can't speak to that but would still absolutely recommend this place to anyone struggling to find a decent nail salon in the area!! Highly recommended!!
So happy with my nails, I asked for Beetlejuice nails for Halloween and they gave me just that! My bestie had them do amazing orange and black nails!
Previous manicure I asked them to match my hair which they did perfectly, and my nails even glowed in black light, they were amazing!!!
They do such an awesome job!!! Definitely recommend them, I would just call and make an appointment. They can be pretty busy on the weekends!
This place was amazing I took my girls to get their nails done it was their first time ever and the ladies were so nice very patient with them and did a great job
Love Kates! I’ve gone a few times and truly have not been disappointed at all. Highly recommend!!

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