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4810 Yelm Hwy SE Suite G, Lacey, WA 98503 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Lacey Nails

Lacey Nails has a number of strengths based on the comments provided. First and foremost, their staff is consistently described as friendly and talented. The customers appreciate that their requests are usually met and have their favorite staff members. This indicates that the salon has a skilled and personable team, which is important in the nail salon industry.
Another strength mentioned is the quality and longevity of the nail services. Multiple customers have expressed satisfaction with their manicures and pedicures, mentioning that their nails still look great weeks after getting them done. This is a testament to the skill and technique of the nail technicians at Lacey Nails. Furthermore, one customer specifically mentioned that their powder dip nails still looked perfect even after working in a warehouse environment, indicating that the nails are durable and well-applied.
The salon also receives praise for their attention to detail and the extra effort they put into their designs. Customers appreciate that the nail artists go the extra mile to make the designs look amazing and that their nails look more natural compared to other salons. This indicates a commitment to high-quality results and personalized service.
Another significant strength mentioned in the comments is the relaxing atmosphere provided during pedicures. Customers appreciate that their needs are listened to and that the salon prioritizes creating a calming and enjoyable experience. This attention to creating a positive and tranquil environment is a valuable aspect of any spa service.
Additionally, Lacey Nails is commended for their customer service. The salon is praised for keeping customers informed while they wait and for being efficient and quick. This shows that the salon values customer satisfaction and strives to provide a positive experience even during busy times.
However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments that should be addressed. One customer had a negative experience with the service provided to their young family members. They mentioned that their 2-year-old granddaughter's nails were not properly attended to and the paint fell off quickly. The 6-year-old grandson also had a rushed pedicure with polish that did not last. This indicates that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of service provided, especially for younger clients. It is important for Lacey Nails to ensure that all clients, regardless of age, receive the same level of care and attention to detail.
Another weakness mentioned was the price. One customer felt that the services they received for themselves and their group were not worth the money they paid. They mentioned that the nail work had some issues, such as holes in the glitter and uneven tips. This indicates that there may be a discrepancy between the prices charged and the quality of the services provided. It is essential for Lacey Nails to address these concerns and ensure that customers feel they are receiving good value for their money.
Lastly, one comment mentioned that the eyelash extensions did not last long, with many falling out after only a few days. Although this comment is an outlier and does not directly relate to the nail services, it is worth considering that Lacey Nails may need to address any inconsistencies or quality control issues across all of their services.
In conclusion, Lacey Nails has a number of strengths, including friendly and talented staff, high-quality and long-lasting nail services, attention to detail and design, a relaxing atmosphere for pedicures, and customer service. However, there are also weaknesses that should be addressed, such as inconsistencies in service quality and ensuring that customers feel they are receiving good value for their money. Overall, Lacey Nails seems to provide a positive experience for many customers, but they should continue to strive for improvement in certain areas.

Best TL Reviews

I have been going to Lacey Nails for spa pedicures and acrylic/gel manicures for nearly a year and I have never been disappointed. Everyone is friendly and equally talented. Still, I have my favorites and most of the time my requests are met. I had a nail break once a few days after getting them done and it was repaired with no questions asked. My nail designs have gotten a little more intricate as the months pass, but they deliver every time. Best and most consistent nail salon I've ever visited.
It's my first time going in 8yrs. Was given a gift certificate for Christmas to get my nails done here and I absolutely love how my nails look! I highly recommend!
Update: It's been 3weeks and they still look like the day I got the powder dip done(besides the natural grow out)This says alot about how well they were applied! Especially since I work in an warehouse.
I took 6 people to get pedicures and manicures cost me $500. My nails are ok some holes in the glitter as well as uneven tips. My 2 yr old granddaughter had hers nails and toes painted they put her feet in water but did nothing they did not even clip her nails and the paint fell off before we left. My 6yr old grandson had both his done and they did pedicure but it was not done for long he was rushed and paint was gone on a couple nails before we left. A 10yr old 14 yr old and 2 adults. But still not sure why I am paying full price for some of it. I just don't think it was worth the money.
They were kind, fun, and did an AMAZING job. My mother was taken there for her birthday, and she was so pleased with the deluxe manicure. I had a fill, and they did THE BEST ombre I've ever had. We will definitely be going back!!
The artists always add a little extra to make the designs amazing. Nails look more natural than other places I've been.
Pedicures are always so relaxing...and they listen to your needs they try to make your visit relaxing.
My group came in and they got us seated as quickly as possible maybe 15 min wait and they kept us informed of what was happening the whole time!It was my second time here. I have only tried getting their acrylic sets at this moment. But I'm a really big fan so far! They have exceeded my expectations twice now! I have been searching for a nail salon I like forever and every time a nail place has let me down. But not this one! They have great art work and attention to detail they are quick at what they do. And the few artists I have tried are super friendly! Will keep coming back!
I cannot stop looking at my nails! Me and my fiance came in and they truly made our day. We had a pretty bad day and it may sound weird but I really needed a win... specifically, beautiful nails.
I gave them an Idea of what I wanted and I am blown away with the results. I made sure to add pictures because these are truly beautiful nails. Forgive me if I misspell the names of these wonderful ladies but I'm big on giving credit where it's due and these ladies deserve specific mention. Sue (whey) did my nails. Paula (Powla) did the designs. And Uht (Oot) gives the Beeeeest pedicures! They are extremely busy all the time for a reason but if you want an amazing experience, this place is gold. Thank you so much for being the highlight of our day. We are definitely coming back!
got my lashes done a couple days ago. so many have fallen out already and i honestly dont know if that’s on me or not. but they stay slaying nails and waxing

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