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Le Nail Salon ( in home nail business)

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462 S Olive Way, Lehi, UT 84043 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Le Nail Salon ( in home nail business)

Le Nail Salon, an in-home nail business, has received a mix of positive and negative comments. In order to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, it is important to consider customer satisfaction, expertise, convenience, cleanliness, and customer service.
One of the strengths of Le Nail Salon is its ability to accommodate last-minute appointments. Customers have praised the salon for being able to fit them in even during busy holiday seasons. This level of flexibility and availability is a competitive advantage over other salons that may have limited openings. Additionally, some customers have appreciated the special holiday discounts offered, which makes the prices more attractive.
The expertise and skill of Le is another strength of the business. Customers have praised her for her knowledge and experience as a nail technician. She has dedicated a significant portion of her life to this profession, which instills confidence in her ability to deliver high-quality services. The positive comments mention Le's attention to detail, skill in executing intricate nail designs, and the time she takes to ensure that the nails look phenomenal. These qualities contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The clean and professional atmosphere provided by Le Nail Salon is also noted as a strength. The comments mention that the salon is clean and well-maintained, creating a pleasant environment for customers. This attention to cleanliness is important in a nail salon setting as it promotes hygiene and makes customers feel comfortable during their appointment.
Customer service is another strength identified in the comments. Le is described as kind, friendly, and genuine. Customers appreciate her willingness to take the time to understand their design preferences and ensure they are satisfied with the outcome. Furthermore, some customers mention Le's ability to accommodate additional requests, such as painting a 2-year-old's nails or extending service after closing time. This level of personalized care and attention helps to build strong relationships with customers and encourages them to return.
However, there are areas of weakness that have been indicated in the comments. One customer reported that their nails were filed excessively, resulting in broken and thin nails. Additionally, the customer noted that their attempts to contact Le to rectify the situation were unsuccessful, indicating a lack of responsiveness. This suggests a potential weakness in customer service and follow-up care.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the lack of sanitization between uses of tools. This is a crucial aspect of maintaining hygiene standards in a nail salon and should be addressed to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.
In conclusion, Le Nail Salon has several notable strengths, including its flexibility in accommodating last-minute appointments, expertise and skill in nail services, clean and professional atmosphere, and excellent customer service. However, there are areas that need improvement, such as the need for better communication and responsiveness to customer concerns and ensuring proper sanitization practices. Addressing these weaknesses would further enhance the reputation and success of Le Nail Salon.

Best TL Reviews

I LOVED getting my nails done from Le! We did a Christmas theme and she was so helpful in helping me pick out design/color. I called last minute on a Tuesday night just a few days before Christmas and she was able to get me in last minute. Not many places can do something like that! And she offered a holiday discount. The prices are amazing!!
The atmosphere is very clean and professional right when you walk in. Le has dedicated much of her life to being a mail technician, so rest assured she really knows what she is doing.
She is so very kind and the appointment was a breeze. Definitely will be coming back to get a pedicure very soon :)
Le made my WHOLE night. This was last minute, and she happily took me in and made my nails a dream! She is AMAZING at her job. She takes her time and is intricate with her details to make your nails look phenomenal. She is so kind, with a sweet spirit, and very genuine.I would highly recommend her over ANY salon out there. Please don’t hesitate on this glorious experience you will have, with someone who knows how to do the job done right BEAUTIFULLY!????❤️
I came here looking at all the 5 star reviews. My first experience was decent so I returned for a second time for a gel manicure.
I had similar experience as other one star reviewers. Despite me asking her multiple times to be gentle, Le filed my nails almost to bare flesh. My nail even broke in half, which she fixed with a glue. She then went on to paint several coats of polish, saying it would strengthen my nails.
All my nails started peeling as soon as I returned home and several of them started breaking because they have been filed thin.
I offered Le a chance by messaging her to see if she can fix them, but she did not return my message.
I did not notice this the first time but it is also true that the tools are not sanitized between uses, which is not hygienic. Definitely won’t be returning back.
Le was very kind and did an amazing job on my nails. I texted her about a design I wanted and she was able to do it. She took her time and they ended up looking great! I loved talking to her as well. I would definitely come back and recommend this home business!
Le is a rockstar at what she can do with nails!! And she charges extremely reasonable rates! (Which just should be more incentive to anyone looking for a good go-to nail salon, to go to her!) Have recommended her to friends throughout the last year that I have been going to her, as she is seriously that fantastic at what she does! totally would suggest to anyone who is searching for a phenomenal regular place to get their nails done, to get your nails done from her!!!! Totally won’t regret it!
Le is great, last min she fit me in and I was able to do fingernails and my toes. When I needed to be spoiled , she took good care of me. I will show my nail's off and send friends and family her way. Strong amazing woman, and I thank her for the kind words and great care.
I absolutely LOVE Le!!! She has been kind enough to take me after close, does amazing designs, and even took the time to paint my 2 year olds nails when I had to bring him with me to my appointment! She works extremely hard and cares about her clients!!!
I love Le's at home nail salon! This is my second time & I love how she takes her time & executes my nail ideas. She's so kind & funny. Definitely recommend Le!! 10/10 (:

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