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14643 Mercantile Dr N Suite 106, Hugo, MN 55038 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Luxury Nails

Strengths of Luxury Nails:
1. Skilled and Experienced Technicians: Many customers praise the nail technicians at Luxury Nails for their skill, professionalism, and attention to detail. The salon has been open for over 10 years, indicating that the technicians have gained significant experience in their craft.
2. Good Customer Service: Several comments mention the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the salon. The staff is described as polite, kind, and helpful. Customers appreciate the attentive and personalized service they receive at Luxury Nails.
3. High-Quality and Long-Lasting Results: Clients frequently mention that their nails turned out beautiful and lasted a long time without chipping. This implies that the salon uses quality products and techniques to ensure customer satisfaction.
4. Clean and Hygienic Environment: Multiple reviews highlight the cleanliness of the salon. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for a nail salon, as cleanliness helps prevent infections and promotes customer confidence.
5. Flexibility in Appointment Scheduling: Luxury Nails seems to be accommodating when it comes to appointment scheduling. They were able to accommodate a group of four friends and are described as being accommodating and professional when it comes to making appointments.
6. Ability to Handle Special Requests: Customers appreciate the salon's ability to fulfill their specific requests, whether it's recreating a specific nail design or providing honest feedback on the best product for their nails.
Weaknesses of Luxury Nails:
1. Inconsistent Service: One customer had a negative experience when a technician made derogatory comments during their service. This incident indicates that there may be some inconsistency in the level of service provided by the technicians at Luxury Nails.
2. Lack of Relaxation Experience: Another customer mentioned having difficulty relaxing during their service. While this is a personal preference, it suggests that the salon may not provide a particularly calming or soothing environment for some customers.
3. Potentially Offensive Remarks: One comment mentions that a technician made a rude comment about the customer's willingness to assist with the dipping process. This indicates that some employees may not always exhibit professionalism or tact when interacting with customers.
4. Additional Charges: A customer mentioned being informed about a $5.00 charge for longer nails, despite their perception that their nails were not excessively long. This pricing policy may deter some customers who feel it is unfair or unreasonable.
5. Uncomfortable Atmosphere: The incident with the rude comment about helping with the dipping process left the customer feeling uncomfortable and unwilling to return to the salon. This suggests that the negative experience may have a lasting impact on the salon's reputation and customer loyalty.
Overall, Luxury Nails has strengths in terms of skilled technicians, good customer service, high-quality results, cleanliness, and flexibility in appointment scheduling. However, there are areas for improvement, such as consistency in service, providing a more relaxing experience, ensuring professional behavior from all employees, transparent pricing policies, and addressing customer concerns to avoid creating uncomfortable atmospheres.

Best TL Reviews

I have been coming to Luxury Nails for approximately 1 year. In the beginning I really like them and I always ask for the same Nail Tech each time that I came. Always gave a 20% tip. 3 weeks ago I went in for a pedicure and a manicure. I have to say that I do have a problem with relaxing when someone is working on my hands. I also seem to like to help with the dipping which I know I shouldn't. Whenever they say relax, I always apologized I don't mean to do it. When they were doing my nails and grinding the old polish off, they were doing it for so long that it was burning really bad to the point that I jerked my hand and just about knocked the plastic shield off the table. I understand that it was probably accidentally done but it didn't just happen once that day it happened about four or five times. After they were done doing the grinding, they made the comment, at least there was no blood. I also tried to help with the dipping and they said to me if you like to help so much why don't you do it yourself? This offended me. I decided not to go to their website and leave a bad review but to try someone different for my next appointment. I asked to speak to management before the person started on my nails to tell them what happened last time I was there. After the new tech finished my nails, I was informed that next time I came it would be $5.00 more because my nails were so long. It takes more time. Do these look that long to you? I won't be back... Last night I got a phone call from the manager apologizing to me for what happened. Asking me to please come back. Told me I would not be charged extra because my nails were long. It was a nice gesture, but I will not go back there. It would be a very uncomfortable atmosphere after what happened.
Called a few days in advance to make an appointment for 4 manicures. They were able to get all of us in. We had a lovely time and the nails were beautiful! Definitely going back.
Update- back for the 2nd time and just as happy! My questions were answered and my nails are exactly what I wanted!
Great experience. Was a walk in on Sunday around 1030. I was respectfully greeted and welcomed in. I was promptly seated and my nails were completed. Super affordable. Absolutely awesome, clean, professional salon.
I wish I could rate 10 stars. I came in with short nails (I'm an anxious nail biter), with a picture of what I wanted for my trail wedding nails. I asked for what is in the pic on the right minus the 3D flowers and rhinestones. Just a painted flower with the same coverage. Chin NAILED IT! ;) They turned out perfect. They are even, very natural looking and the perfect length. I used to always have long nails and on occasion get them for pictures ect. This is the best 1st set of nails I have ever gotten! Thank you Chin!
My friends and I absolutely LOVE going here! They have and continue to be the kindest nail place I have been to. Nita is truly the sweetest and the best nail artist. They do not chip and she is super fast while doing an amazing job. Highly recommend if you are looking for a nail place in the Hugo area!
I absolutely love Luxury Nails. I see Li at least once a month for a fill and pedicure. Be sure to call ahead and make an appointment as they are often booked out a couple days, but they’re absolutely worth the wait.
This nail salon is by far the best! Everyone is so friendly, very professional and pay close attention to detail. It is also extremely clean! They will never rush threw a service. You really feel pampered when you walk out the door. Nita is my go to girl and she never disappoints. Very sweet and kind. Any one you have your appointment with you will be happy. Thank you.
I have been coming to Luxury Nails every two weeks since they opened over 10 years ago; you will not find a better nail salon. All the nail technicians are polite, professional and take pride in what they do. I have never had a bad maincure or pedicure and they give honest feedback when asking about which product is best for your nails. There is a reason why you should call first and make an appointment ....they book up fast because they are so good!

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