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Miriame's African Hair

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370 W Main St, Waterbury, CT 06702 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Miriame's African Hair

Miriame's African Hair place receives mixed reviews from customers, with several strengths and weaknesses identified. In analyzing the comments, the following strengths and weaknesses of the salon can be identified:
Strengths: 1. Good customer service: Miriame herself is praised for her sweet and kind demeanor, as well as her attentiveness to clients. The staff is described as compassionate and friendly, creating a positive environment for customers. 2. Topnotch braiding skills: Many customers appreciate the quality of the braiding done at the salon. They mention that the braids are well-done and satisfactory. 3. Clean and organized shop: One customer specifically mentions that the salon is clean and organized, which adds to their positive experience. 4. Able to cater to children: The salon is commended for their ability to take care of children while braiding their hair, creating a comfortable environment for both parents and kids.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent pricing and charging practices: Multiple customers complain that the salon charged them a different price than initially quoted over the phone or tried to charge extra for certain services. The inconsistency in pricing can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a sense of deception. 2. Lack of expertise in handling different hair types: A customer with 4C hair expresses disappointment that the salon showed a lack of understanding and proficiency in dealing with their hair texture. This highlights a weakness in the salon's ability to cater to diverse hair types. 3. Unprofessional behavior: Several negative comments mention unprofessional conduct from the staff. This includes eating while braiding clients' hair, talking negatively about customers in another language, and rushing through appointments. 4. Inadequate hair treatment knowledge: A customer complains that the salon lacked knowledge on hair treatment, specifically citing improper washing techniques and neglect of heat protection. This raises concerns about the salon's overall knowledge and expertise in hair care. 5. Negative experience with sew-in and styling: A customer reported a messy result and dissatisfaction with their sew-in and styling experience at the salon. This highlights a weakness in the salon's ability to provide satisfactory services for these specific treatments.
In conclusion, while Miriame's African Hair place has some strengths, such as good customer service, topnotch braiding skills, and a clean environment, it also possesses several weaknesses. These weaknesses include inconsistent pricing, a lack of expertise in dealing with different hair types, unprofessional behavior, inadequate hair treatment knowledge, and negative experiences with certain services. These weaknesses could lead to customer dissatisfaction and the potential loss of business.

Best TL Reviews

They just charged me one price over the phone and then once my hair was done they tried to charge me something else tried to to embrass me in front of other customers and workers and one of the ladies didn't even touch my hair and tried to change me more money. Really upset been going to them for a while . I can show what I was told . And what they was trying to charge ! And I was also told not to bring my own hair ! I don't have a problem with my buying my own hair
Do not go! Made me feel as though my hair (4C) was an inconvenience. Charged me one thing over the phone and added another $10 dollar because of the texture of my hair. If you can't do ALL hair then don't called yourself a hair stylist. Also they always eat food while braiding hair which is disgusting! While eat their meal, sometimes with their hands, and go back to trying to braid my hair. And I know they talk badly about my hair in a different language. Do not go!
Don't let them wash your hair ????. For an African salon, as an African American myself I expected more. They are super nice people, but they can't wash black hair, and knows nothing about hair treatment. This lady stuck me under the dryer right after washing my hair, no rollers, no heat protector, just raw. I understand I have a lot of hair but dang. 5 minutes under and I had a mappy fro. My hair got so dry I do a better job at home. They're not gentle AT ALL. The only good thing is, the thick madam braided my natural hair well.
When to get a sew in the lady left me with my natural hair dint even do my baby hair or flatten my natural hair to cover the trach was a mess never again they don't know what they doing they took my money and hair is a mess .
Miriame was the one who attended me and she was great. I had for the 1st time crochet done and she did an awesome job. I was very pleased. She's very sweet and kind and I also noticed that on her other employees. I do recommend this place. Easy parking and very good service. I am defetnely returning. Thank u Ms. Miriame.
Excellent! Very nice customer service. Girls are very friendly, Miiriam cares about her clients, nice envío, they know perfectly how to do their job. Love the way the do my hair
And my kids too, the take really good care of kids when doing their hair.
If I could give it less than 1 star I would. If you have natural hair and care about it DO NOT go here. They do not know how to care for naturally curly hair. My hair was ripped out and all over the floor. I had made an appointment on the phone and she seemed to be exasperated by how much hair I have when I got there, was rushing, and to make matters worse I know she was talking about me to the other staff. Do not recommend.
I absolutely love this shop. The ladies there are very kind and compassionate. The way everyone came together and comforted a young child while his mother was away really touched my heart. Their braiding skills are topnotch. I had a wonderful experience here today. I recommend this place to anyone who wants their hair braided in a CLEAN organized and very professional shop. The prices are very fair. Being there made my day!

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