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Mon Petit

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1514 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Mon Petit

Mon Petit place, based on the comments provided, appears to have several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. Firstly, Sarah, the owner and stylist at the salon, is described as wonderful, friendly, and professional. Customers appreciate her excellent haircuts, reasonable prices, and the pleasant conversation that accompanies their appointments. Many reviewers highly recommend Sarah and express their intention to continue patronizing the salon in the future.
Another strength of Mon Petit place is the quality of the haircuts and the expertise of the owner. One customer specifically mentions that Sarah has a magic touch, which is evidenced by the fact that their hair grows healthier after each visit. The owner is praised for her ability to work with long and thick hair, demonstrating her experience and skill. Customers feel like they have discovered a hidden gem in terms of the quality of the work done at Mon Petit place.
Additionally, the affordability of the salon is highlighted as a strength. Multiple reviewers mention that the prices are reasonable and even hard to beat. One customer emphasizes the great value for money, as they feel like they have found a hairstylist whose work is worth more than what they pay. The combination of skill and affordability makes Mon Petit place an attractive choice for customers on a budget.
The friendliness and welcoming nature of Sarah are also mentioned as strengths. Customers appreciate her kindness and the fact that she goes out of her way to accommodate them. As one reviewer mentions, Sarah even squeezed them in between appointments on a busy day. This level of customer service creates a positive experience for clients and contributes to the salon's positive reputation.
However, despite these strengths, there is a notable weakness mentioned in one of the comments. The reviewer states that Sarah becomes defensive and unwelcoming if customers provide any sort of negative feedback or express dissatisfaction with their haircut. One particular incident is described where the reviewer expressed their dissatisfaction with their haircut, and Sarah responded with retaliation and argument, refusing to take payment or make adjustments. This behavior creates a negative experience for the customer and suggests that Sarah may not handle feedback or criticism well.
In conclusion, Mon Petit place has several strengths, including the friendly and professional demeanor of Sarah, the quality and affordability of the haircuts, and the welcoming atmosphere of the salon. These positive aspects contribute to the salon's positive reputation and customer recommendations. However, the weakness of the owner's handling of negative feedback may be a cause for concern and may deter some customers from returning.

Best TL Reviews

Sarah is absolutely wonderful and friendly! Ignore the negative reviews! Excellent haircut and conversation along with reasonable prices! Make an appointment and bring cash! I come here for now on! Highly recommend it!
Sarah is amazing! She is so professional and nice. She has a magic touch because every time I go with her my hair grows healthier. Totally recommend her.
Absolutely beautiful work layering my long and thick hair! (Not an easy task, but the owner is clearly very experienced!!) And such a great price, feels like I found a hidden gem! I will be back soon!
Super sweet lady. Squeezed me in between her appointments on a busy Saturday and still made me look good and feel taken care of. Her prices are also super hard to beat. Street parking!
Great service. The lady was kind and welcoming. Gave a nice haircut. Definitely worth the price.
Take cash with you.
Ive been going to mon petit for 5 years now, she's an incredibly sweet lady and I always like her hair cuts so much!!
This place is great! I had a lovely conversation with Sahra and she did an amazing job. Only $20 but the quality of her work is well worth more! She’s been cutting hair there for 20 years now and is very experienced. Be sure to bring cash!
She is great unless you have any sort of feedback: then she makes it clear you are no longer welcome and will stop the cut and ask you to leave.
Like night and day. I have been going faithfully to Sahra since I moved in around the block, like clockwork. I always ask for the same cut, we have a lovely conversation, and I tend to feel satisfied. Two cuts ago was a little shorter than I wanted, but no big deal. Today I went in, and said, last time was a bit too short and specified what I wanted. She agreed and cut my hair, but I didn’t love the result. She only cut half my head of hair and left the front disproportionately long; then pulled off the apron. I said that it didn’t look quite done: and she was quick to get defensive. She wouldn’t take my money, or adjust my hair, and it clicked as she kept saying: “this is what you asked for, you were not happy!” That this was retaliation for negative feedback. I called her after, feeling very uncomfortable and confused because she has always been so sweet. More spite and argument: words along the lines of, it is your fault that you asked for something you do not like. Will not be going back. Now I have to get a second haircut today!

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