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My Lovely Nails

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602 Indian Trail Road South, Indian Trail, NC 28079 United States of America
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Quick Facts About My Lovely Nails

1. Friendly Staff: Multiple comments mention the friendly and kind nature of the staff at My Lovely Nails. Friendly staff can create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers, making them more likely to return and recommend the salon to others.
2. Clean Salon: Several comments highlight the cleanliness of the salon. Cleanliness is an essential factor for any nail salon as it ensures a hygienic and safe environment for both staff and customers. A clean salon also contributes to a positive overall experience.
3. Thorough and Gentle Service: Customers appreciate the thoroughness and gentleness of the nail technicians at My Lovely Nails. Taking the time to provide high-quality service and being gentle during treatments can make customers feel pampered and valued.
4. Fair Pricing: One comment mentions that the pricing at My Lovely Nails is fair. Fair pricing is an important factor for customers when choosing a nail salon. It ensures that customers feel they are receiving good value for their money.
5. Skillful and Skilled Technicians: Several comments mention the skill and expertise of the nail technicians at My Lovely Nails. Skillful technicians can provide top-notch manicures and pedicures, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
6. Attention to Detail: One comment mentions that the staff always does a meticulous job. Attention to detail is crucial in the nail salon industry to ensure that customers receive precise and well-executed nail services.
7. No Rushing: Customers appreciate the fact that they are not rushed during their appointments at My Lovely Nails. Not rushing customers allows them to relax and enjoy their treatments fully.
8. Great Massage Chairs: One comment mentions the presence of great massage chairs at the salon. Having comfortable and relaxing amenities can enhance the overall experience for customers.
1. Chipped French Manicure: One customer mentions that three of their nails chipped less than 24 hours after getting a French manicure. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality and durability of the manicures offered.
2. Need for Additional Staff: Another comment suggests that My Lovely Nails may need to hire more people to ensure that they can adequately serve their customers and avoid hopping from person to person. This implies that there may be issues with the salon's staffing levels and efficiency.
Overall, the strengths of My Lovely Nails include a friendly staff, a clean salon, thorough and gentle service, fair pricing, skillful technicians, attention to detail, no rushing, and great massage chairs. On the other hand, the salon's weaknesses include potential inconsistencies in the quality and durability of manicures and a potential need for additional staff to improve efficiency.

Best TL Reviews

I went to My Lovely Nails for the first time today and I was beyond impressed! All of the staff were super friendly and the salon was very clean. I got a pedicure and the nail tech was very thorough, gentle, and didn’t rush. The pricing was fair as well. I will definitely be coming back!
My daughter and I decided to get a manicure and found this place on Google. We decided to try it and we are so glad we did because we are very pleased with the experience we had. The ladies were AMAZING!!!! They did a fabulous job with my daughters nails and mine. They are super friendly and the place was really clean!! I highly recommend them!!!! Thank you ladies!!!
Been going for a few months now for pedis and they did a good job. Went yesterday for 1st manicure. Got a French manicure. In less than 24 hrs three of my nails the white chipped off. I went somewhere new today and had to pay $30 for another manicure. They need to hire more people so they can do the job right. Instead they hop from person to person. They lost a customer today.
The staff always does a meticulous job, whether it's a pedicure or manicure. I recommend My Lovely Nails to anyone who is looking for a quiet salon with great service.
This is my second time coming here to My Lovely Nails in Indian Trail. Both times I have been 100% satisfied with getting both my nails (SNS) & toes (gel) done. I’ve been to several other nail salons around the Charlotte area and always manage to have an issue at other places. Either something looked wonky or I just wasn’t satisfied with other places customer service. Here at My Lovely Nails though, I can not complain about anything whatsoever. The customer service is great. The ladies here are pleasant and skilled. They know what they’re doing and don’t cut corners. Comparative prices to other places in the area but this salon actually has me feeling like I got my money’s worth. I will definitely recommend this salon and will continue to come back here for all my future nail services.
I’ve been here on several occasions and service has always been great. I never feel like they are rushing. I enjoy coming here and would highly recommend them. They have some great massage chairs as well.
I have just moved to the area and decided to try this nail salon. The salon is very clean and the people are so kind. I had a pedicure and the nail technician Cindy was very nice and did a good job. I will return!
Finally, I believe I have found a nail place! It was so nice, clean, peaceful. I couldn't be more pleased with my nails. I didn't even have to explain to her, Cindy, it was like she knew!! I don't get my nails done that often, but when I do I know where I am going. I highly recommend My Lovely Nails. Cindy was my gal, but I have read all the staff is great. They were very friendly too!!

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