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3505 Montgomery Hwy Suite #2, Dothan, AL 36303 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Nail Posh

Nail Posh Place has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its customers. From the comments, it is evident that the nail salon has several strengths that contribute to its success and positive reputation. Some of the notable strengths include:
1. Skilled and Professional Nail Technicians: Customers consistently praise Tammie and her team for their expertise and professionalism. They mention that Tammie knows exactly what to do and always does a great job. This indicates that the nail technicians at Nail Posh Place are highly skilled and experienced, allowing them to provide top-quality nail services.
2. Excellent Customer Service: Multiple comments mention the great customer service at Nail Posh Place. Customers appreciate the friendly and welcoming environment created by Tammie and her team. They feel valued and at home when visiting the salon, which contributes to their overall satisfaction.
3. Attention to Detail: The comments indicate that Nail Posh Place pays attention to every detail, ensuring that customers' preferences and requirements are met. This is evident in the feedback about Tammie's ability to deliver exactly what customers want, whether it's a specific nail design or a relaxing pedicure. The nail salon's commitment to meeting customer expectations sets them apart from their competitors.
4. Welcoming and Clean Environment: Nail Posh Place is praised for its cute, cozy, and clean ambiance. The salon creates a relaxing environment for customers, making them feel comfortable and at ease during their nail appointments. Additionally, the emphasis on cleanliness and sanitation, such as sanitizing stations and equipment after each use, shows that Nail Posh Place prioritizes customer safety.
5. Consistency in Service: Several customers mentioned that they have been visiting Nail Posh Place for many years without any disappointments. This indicates that the salon maintains a consistent level of service quality over time. Customers appreciate knowing that they will always receive excellent service when they visit the salon.
6. Speed and Efficiency: Customers appreciate the fast service provided by Tammie and her team. The comments mention that customers can get their nails done efficiently without spending excessive time at the salon. This efficiency is a valuable strength as it allows customers to fit nail appointments into their busy schedules.
7. Competitive Pricing: Multiple comments mention the reasonable pricing at Nail Posh Place. Customers appreciate the affordability of the services, indicating that the salon offers competitive pricing compared to other nail salons in the area. This strength attracts customers and encourages them to return for future appointments.
While Nail Posh Place has many strengths, it is important to consider its weaknesses. Unfortunately, the given comments do not provide any specific weaknesses or areas for improvement. It is possible that the customers simply did not have any negative experiences or concerns to mention. However, to ensure a holistic analysis of Nail Posh Place, it is important to acknowledge that weaknesses or areas for improvement may exist despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback. These weaknesses could include potential challenges such as limited availability for appointments, the need for additional nail technicians to accommodate a growing customer base, or potential areas for improvement in terms of marketing and visibility in the local community. However, without explicit comments highlighting these weaknesses, it is difficult to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Best TL Reviews

Tammie is amazing, She always knows exactly what to do and does a great job at it. I’ve been doing my nails with her for years, great pricing, great service, great customer service. 100% recommend
Tam have been doing my nails for over 14 years and she is absolutely amazing and professional. She’s always so polite .I’m glad she opened her own business. She is the best nail tech in Dothan,Al . She’s very fast and my nails always look awesome every time. Also she is the go to person for pedicures so relaxing. Thank you for always making me feel my best.
I love going to Nail Posh!! The atmosphere is very inviting and I love the great customer service!! They definitely take all necessary precautions to keep you safe and they're friendly and very professional! Tammy is great at what she does! I like simple but cute nails and she always delivers! I love that I'm not sitting in the shop all day but still leave with the same quality work! Y'all go and check them out. You'll be extremely glad you did!
Both the girls in the salon today were very friendly and helpful, overall an awesome experience! I would definitely recommend them, i showed them a photo of what i was after and got exactly what i wanted. 10/10 ????????
Everytime I go the customer service is wonderful and they make you feel at home. I always love my nails and toes and I always get many compliments. Thanks Ladies!!!
Tam is very intentional when it comes to scheduling her appointments with her clients. This is very important to me as appointments are scheduled for a reason. She's been my nail tech for many years, and I've never left her chair feeling disappointed.
Nail Posh Salon is a whole VIBE! It's cute, cozy, and clean. The whole environment is so welcoming.
I moved to Dothan 6 months ago, and I had been looking for a new nail salon…
Nail Posh is the 3rd salon I tried and, as they say the 3rd time was the charm! I absolutely enjoy the atmosphere, and the services have provided have been nothing short of wonderful!
Thanks Tammie, I always receive lots compliments on my nail designs, you do great work????
I met Tammie over 10 years ago and haven't stepped foot into another salon if she moved I moved with her. Tammie loves her job, everyone that walks in leaves as family. The environment is so welcoming she truly cares about her customers and their safety. Tammie makes sure all stations are sanitized after each use as well as sanitize stations in place for customers. Go check her out I promise you will not be disappointed.

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From the business
  • Identifies as women-owned
Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Wheelchair accessible seating
  • Restroom
  • Wi-Fi
  • Debit cards
  • NFC mobile payments
  • Credit cards


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