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5106 Jonestown Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17112 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Princess Nail Salon

Princess Nail Salon has received a range of comments, both positive and negative, which provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the salon. In analyzing these comments, it becomes apparent that the salon has some areas of strength, such as friendly staff and skilled technicians for certain services, but also several weaknesses, including poor communication, lack of professionalism, and inconsistent quality of services.
Starting with the strengths, one positive comment mentions that the staff is friendly and that Anna provided excellent service for a men's pedicure and manicure. This demonstrates that the salon has capable technicians who can provide a pleasant experience for customers. Additionally, another customer mentions that the pedicure service is very nice and that the technicians take their time, suggesting that the salon excels in this particular service.
However, a significant weakness of Princess Nail Salon is its poor communication and lack of professionalism, as illustrated by multiple negative comments. One customer recounts an incident where the salon employee was too engrossed in watching a TV show and ended up causing a cut on the customer's finger. This lack of focus and attention to detail undermines the professionalism and reliability of the staff. Additionally, another customer reports witnessing the owner yelling and screaming at a customer who wanted a refund. This unprofessional behavior not only reflects poorly on the salon but also creates a negative and uncomfortable environment for customers.
Furthermore, inconsistency in the quality of services is apparent in the comments. A customer mentions being satisfied with the pedicure service but disappointed with the nail services. Another customer shares their dissatisfaction with multiple manicure experiences at the salon, citing issues such as nails not being shaped, crooked nails, and cuticles not being properly cared for. This inconsistency reflects a lack of attention to detail and a failure to deliver consistent and high-quality services to customers.
Another weakness of Princess Nail Salon is the issue of miscommunication. A customer requested ombré glitter nails, but ended up receiving a different result than expected. The customer chose not to return to have them redone after sitting for an hour and a half, indicating a lack of effective communication and understanding between the customer and the technician. This suggests a need for improvement in the salon's communication skills to ensure that customers' expectations are met.
Additionally, there is a complaint about the pricing at the salon. The customer mentions being quoted $40 initially but was charged $56, which they consider unfair. This implies a lack of transparency and consistency in the pricing at Princess Nail Salon, which may lead to customer dissatisfaction and mistrust.
In conclusion, Princess Nail Salon has both strengths and weaknesses. The salon is praised for having friendly staff and skilled technicians for certain services, like pedicures. However, they suffer from poor communication, lack of professionalism, inconsistency in service quality, and issues with pricing. Addressing these weaknesses and building on their strengths can help improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.

Best TL Reviews

I would NOT even send my worst enemy HERE.! I have never been More dissatisfied in a “Nail Salon” in my life! But this Woman literally wanted to rub/lotion my calves, while I soaked my feet..and NEVER EVEN Touched MY TOENAILS!????? And tried calling it “good” No I ended up paying $60 HARD EARNED DOLLARS For me to do most of the work myself!! I am not kidding, I have Never been to a More Useless salon! Oh, I am sorry and a “soak”. As I walked out with BLOODY Toe’s and bandages from the pumice being scoured, and only was done because I had Asked her! Biggest mistake, If you don’t expect to have your feet cared about or Nail’s even trimmed, cuticles addressed and then still have the gall to talk about to You (The CUSTOMER) and how I should expect such “High Price’s” for service’s these day’s!.. I have never been more disappointed and disgusted with not only my pedicure but by the lack of even the most basic skill’s required to complete a “$60!Spa pedicure” that you literally end up doing Yourself!!! And then Still being charged!!!??! Next level of dissatisfaction is to be expected in this visit.
Worst nail salon i’ve ever been to. Asked for ombré glitter nails, just the polish with a glitter polish. She says something to her coworker then I take a seat. This is what I got. Not sure what the miscommunication was, but after sitting there for an hour and a half I wasn’t about to make her redo them.
The employee was so busy in watching tv show . Because of her I got a little cut on my one finger . That’s really not the professionalism going on over here . Other then that everything was fine . And at first they told me it will be 40 and charged me 56 which is totally not fair
While I was getting nails done, a customer wanted refund. The owner literally yelled and screamed at her. I’ll never go back and customers beware.
Anna was great. Mens pedi and mani. Very careful with my cuticles and very gentle. Went in on a Saturday morning and got right into a chair. Really friendly staff.
Pedicure was so nice! I think they are very good at pedis but not so good at nails.
They do such a good job on the pedicure and really take their time.
I'm very unhappy. Gel dip manicure. The gel dip color is amazing - however I didn't really get a manicure. She asked if I like square nails, I said yes. They are literally the exact same shape they grow out of my nails. Not shaped, most are crooked, my cuticles weren't even pushed back! But she still managed to nick them all so that the rubbing alcohol burned. Took under 30 minutes for a service that they tack inn am extra 10 because its speciality polish. This is the 2nd bad manicure I've had last time they were busy so I gave therm another chance. Never again! If you can't be bothered to shape nails and fix cuticles you're not doing a professional job. I'm not one to correct a tech so I guess it's partly my fault but ugh what a waste of money.
Edit to add that 5 days later an entire nail of polish has come off and the black base coat for the dip gel is showing on almost all my nails. That is unacceptable. There's a bubble on my pointer finger and the shapes of my nails look even worse as they grow out since she didn't really file them. Also the holographic effect from the $10 extra gel dip polish is gone already. I'm adding a collage photo to show just how bad this is.
At the last minute I called for an appointment and was told to come in. My nails were a mess I had to have other nails removed that took forever. Helen was very patient and took very good care of me! My nails look great! I will be returning to see Helen on a regular basis!

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