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Queen Nails

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1000 Kamehameha Hwy #238, Pearl City, HI 96782 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Queen Nails

Queen Nails is a popular nail salon with mixed reviews. While some customers have had positive experiences, there are several negative comments that highlight the weaknesses of the salon. It is important to consider both the strengths and weaknesses before making a decision to visit Queen Nails.
One strength of Queen Nails is that it is clean and overall provides a good experience. One customer mentioned that the salon was clean and they had a positive experience. Additionally, the friendly staff and great prices were highlighted as strengths. Another customer appreciated the availability of different styles and colors and praised a specific technician for giving them ideas and suggestions. The presence of a full and friendly staff was also mentioned as a positive aspect.
However, there are several weaknesses pointed out by customers that potential visitors should be aware of. One major weakness is the quality of the services provided. Multiple customers complained about their nails falling off or chipping shortly after the service. One customer mentioned that their daughters lost several toenails after getting pedicures, which is a concerning experience. Another customer mentioned that their acrylic nails were peeling off immediately after leaving the salon. This suggests that the quality of the products used or the skills of the technicians may be lacking.
Another weakness highlighted by customers is the rushed and inattentive service received. One customer mentioned that their nails were not straight because the technician was rushing and not taking her time. Another customer complained that their manicure was done poorly, with edges left uncovered and one nail overpainted. This lack of attention to detail suggests that the technicians may not be adequately trained or experienced.
Additionally, some customers mentioned issues with communication. One customer noted that the staff's English was not great, leading to a lack of conversation during the service. While this may not be a major issue for everyone, some customers may prefer a more engaging and interactive experience.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer was the rude behavior of a technician. They mentioned that the technician did not give them the shape they wanted and that the overall paint job was horrible. The customer had to redo their nails themselves once they got home, which is not what should be expected after paying for a professional service.
In conclusion, Queen Nails has some strengths such as cleanliness, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. However, there are several weaknesses highlighted by customers, including issues with the quality of services, rushed and inattentive service, communication barriers, and rude behavior from technicians. It is important for potential customers to consider these factors before deciding to visit Queen Nails.

Best TL Reviews

My husband and two girls went here randomly. It was clean and overall we had a good experience. Flash forward to 3-4 weeks later , three of my daughters toe nails have fallen off. Her big toe, the one next to it, and her pinky toe nail. She’s 5. My 7 year old lost her big toe nail. I wouldn’t recommend going here. It was their first visit for pedicures and I doubt they will ever wanna go again.
Worse experience ever. The lady who did my nails was rushing and didn't take her time and I didn't realize my nail wasn't straight i did fake nails. im never going there ever again!
I like this place. It can be hit or miss but I've found a lady I love so now it's great every time. There's a lot of staff, stations and free parking. I almost never have to wait. Prices are reasonable. I just paid $55 for pedicure and gel manicure with fade. Don't expect them to talk to you because their English isn't great.
The technician who did my gel manicure was busy chatting with the other technician during the entire service and barely looked at my nails. She missed covering the edges on 3 of my nails, and over painted one which I know will be chipping in several days as I work in healthcare and wash my hands a lot. I don’t normally leave bad reviews, but honestly, as a paying costumer even for a simple gel manicure she should have paid more attention and done a better job. There are other nails places on the island that do better work for a simple gel manicure. Definitely will not be back.
They did a great job on my nails and toes ????. Love going there.
Literally the worst i have ever gotten, and i have been to some pretty bad places. i’ve to this shop for years and i was very surprised with how terrible everything turned out. The two people with me got their nails done and they were peeling off by the time we left the store. I got acrylics. The guy who’s do my nails was very rude and wouldn’t give me the shape i wanted. The paint job was horrible too. As soon as i got home i took it off, reshaped and repainted my own nails. Total waste of $80. If you have the painting skills of a 5 year old, it’d be better to stay home and do it yourself.
Everyone is friendly, great work and great prices. I enjoy going to Queens Nails because they always have a full friendly staff. I never have to wait long at all.when i walk in. I been going to see Terry for a few years. She always gives me different ideas on different style's and colors. Shes awesome
Have visited 8 times now since I've arrived on Island. Very friendly staff, Tammy is super amazing. From gel or acrylic nails to pedicure and to top it off, she does a fantastic job on my eyebrows. Queen Nails are a busy establishment but truthfully if you locate a nail salon on Island that is NOT busy, I would not trust it. My suggestion would be to make an appointment, arrive on time and enjoy your experience with them.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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