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Red Nails Place has a few strengths that can be identified from the comments provided. These include customer satisfaction, quality service, and a clean salon environment. However, there are also several weaknesses that need to be addressed, such as poor customer service, inconsistent nail application, unprofessional payment methods, and long wait times.
One of the strengths mentioned by customers is the quality of service provided at Red Nails Place. Several comments praise the workers for their hard work and attention to detail, stating that they make sure the customers' nails are perfect before they leave. This indicates that the salon is capable of delivering excellent results in terms of nail appearance.
Another strength of Red Nails Place is the clean and well-maintained salon environment. Customers appreciate the hygienic conditions and comment on the pride the workers take in keeping the salon clean. This creates a pleasant and professional atmosphere for customers to enjoy during their visit.
Additionally, Red Nails Place has shown consistency in delivering satisfactory results. One customer mentions that they have been going to the salon for over 10 years and are always happy with the outcome. This level of customer loyalty indicates that the salon has built a reputation for consistently delivering good service.
However, despite these strengths, there are several weaknesses that need to be addressed at Red Nails Place. One common complaint is the poor customer service provided by some employees. Customers mention that the workers are impatient, unfriendly, and even snapped at children. This kind of behavior can create a negative experience for customers and deter them from returning.
Another weakness mentioned is the inconsistent application of nail polish. Customers report that their nails were smudged, chipped, or peeled shortly after leaving the salon. Comments indicate that the workers do not always follow the customers' requests regarding nail color or style. This lack of attention to detail and disregard for customer preferences can significantly impact the overall experience and satisfaction.
Furthermore, Red Nails Place has been criticized for its unprofessional payment methods. Customers mention that the salon only accepts cash and even has an ATM with fees inside to accommodate this practice. In modern times, it is expected for businesses to accept card payments, and the lack of this option can be inconvenient and frustrating for customers.
Lastly, there are complaints about long wait times and a lack of appointment availability. One customer mentions having to wait 45 minutes with three young girls and no option for making an appointment. Others mention experiencing lengthy wait times compared to those who arrived after them. These issues can lead to customer dissatisfaction and may discourage potential customers from choosing Red Nails Place.
In conclusion, Red Nails Place has several strengths, such as customer satisfaction, quality service, and a clean salon environment. However, there are significant weaknesses that need to be addressed. These weaknesses include poor customer service, inconsistent nail application, unprofessional payment methods, and long wait times. By addressing and improving upon these weaknesses, Red Nails Place can enhance the overall customer experience and maintain its reputation as a reliable and high-quality nail salon.

Best TL Reviews

I tried to set an appt for my kids, but they are only accepting walk-ins. I had to 45 minutes with three young girls. I never expect places like this to have real nice people working, but this was worse than I thought. So impatient and not even a little friendly. They’re KIDS. 3, 7, and 9 and the ladies were impatient with them. My girls were silent the entire time because they felt nervous and uncomfortable there. So there was zero reason for being impatient with them.
I had asked for manicures for the two older girls and the main lady said they don’t need that. I said that it would be nice for them to have something a little fancy or special. That was ignored and it was just paint for them. The lady that did it did not do anything that the girls asked for, color-wise. I asked multiple times and she was annoyed at me and just did what she wanted to. All the girls left with already smudged and chipped nails. That’s to be expected with the 3 year old because she was a bit fidgety. But the older ones sat perfectly still under the dryer for 15-20 minutes. One of my girls was even snapped at for taking it for a second, after being under there for at least 10 minutes. She even saw that they had chipped nails and didn’t fix them.
After all that, they charged $59 for just painting each of their fingernails and toenails. Within an hour, my girls showed me their nails and a lot of the paint has squished, chipped, and just peeled right off. All they’ve done since getting home is just hang out of the couch, no crazy activities that involved their nails.
They don’t take cards, which is such a cheap and unprofessional thing to do. I had cash but it is still ridiculous to me that this is the case. They have a freaking atm in their salon so that their customers can pay a fee to take cash out to pay. All to avoid that they (salon) avoid paying fees that come from accepting cards. It is 2022. That is just something that should be done.
They were very busy when I came in so there was a little bit of a wait. Not too bad given the number of people ahead of me. But I am absolutely in love with these nails! She did wonderful, was very friendly, and the service was great!! Thank you!
I have always loved this place but my last few experiences have been less than good.
My regular guy hasn’t been there the last several times I’ve went and one of the ladies has been doing my gel. I noticed some things I didn’t like the first time, but I get gel not acrylics and I believe she can only do gel. I know how busy it gets so I didn’t ask for someone else who could be doing acrylics on the many people waiting.
But this woman does some things that show me either a lapse in education or a lapse in caring. She files the nails between coats to remove excess polish and doesn’t brush the dust off, then paints over it, making the gel dry with bumps and bubbles. Pictures below. She also puts 3-4 coats of color and 2-3 coats of topcoat on to cover mistakes, rather than just slowing down and carefully applying 2 coats. At my last visit she put a total of 8 coats of polish on my nails. I asked her not to add the last 2 coats because I don’t like when they look too thick, but I was ignored. She also filed me so hard blood was drawn on 2 different nails. The skin on one finger is completely split.
I really love this place and am ONLY writing this review because I have spoken up now and was ignored. I am hoping some changes can be made!
Waited 1 1/2 for the main girl to do my nails in 30 minutes, looks horrible bumpy and lumpy. Did not put my nails on right or straight so they look grown out before I even left. Over charged me as well and wouldn’t take anything but cash. I use to love this place but I will not be going back. I also tried to make an appointment but she wouldn’t let me and then everyone that came in was done before me.
Red Nails is the only place I will ever go. They are reliable, offer total quality, and are very consistent. I always know when I leave my nails will look amazing. People complement me constantly on how a amazing my nails look. Sky and his staff are wonderful. I have been going to Red Nails for over 10 years!!
I definitely would recommend going here. They've always done great on my nails! Shout out to Lynn for doing her own thing!
Done amazing work!! Very hardworking and makes sure customers are satisfied, custom hand painted on each nail!
The workers are super sweet and made sure my nails were perfect before I left. The salon was nice and clean and you can tell they take pride in their work. Will be back again!

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