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Riverside Urgent Care of Mount Ephraim

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2 S Black Horse Pike, Mt Ephraim, NJ 08059 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Riverside Urgent Care of Mount Ephraim

Riverside Urgent Care of Mount Ephraim has received a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating both strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis, we will assess these comments to identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the urgent care facility.
One of the clear strengths of Riverside Urgent Care of Mount Ephraim is the efficiency and responsiveness of the front desk staff. Multiple comments praise their helpfulness and efficiency in getting patients checked in and attended to. The front desk staff was able to accommodate a patient within 45 minutes of closing, which exceeded their expectations. This indicates that the facility is committed to providing timely care and prioritizing patient needs.
Additionally, the nursing staff and clinician received positive feedback for their professionalism and friendliness. Commenters mention a specific staff member, Justin, who provided excellent service and was helpful during an x-ray procedure. This highlights the presence of knowledgeable and compassionate staff members who make patients feel comfortable and well-cared for.
However, a weakness of the facility, as mentioned in one comment, is the lack of introduction by the nursing staff and clinician. This can create a disconnect between patients and the medical professionals attending to them. Introducing themselves would personalize the interaction and create a more positive patient experience.
Another area of improvement for Riverside Urgent Care of Mount Ephraim is the quality of care provided by the clinician. One comment expresses dissatisfaction with the clinician's rushed approach and lack of thorough examination. This feedback suggests that some patients may not feel adequately heard or have their concerns properly addressed.
Furthermore, the comment about the clinician dismissing the need for a splint for a finger injury raises questions about the clinician's decision-making. Urgent care facilities should be equipped to handle a wide range of injuries, and patients expect knowledgeable advice and treatment recommendations. Failing to address the patient's concern about splinting may lead to dissatisfaction and a perception of inadequate care.
Interestingly, another comment highlights the strengths of the medical professionals at Riverside Urgent Care of Mount Ephraim, emphasizing their knowledge and interaction. This indicates that while there may be inconsistencies in the quality of care provided, there are competent healthcare professionals at the facility. This suggests that improvements may be needed in training and ensuring a consistent level of care across all staff members.
Another area of concern raised in the comments is the performance of the front desk staff in terms of customer service. One comment mentions a negative interaction with a staff member who overtalked the patient and had poor phone etiquette. This indicates a weakness in the overall customer service provided by the front desk staff. Maintaining a positive and empathetic attitude is crucial for all staff members, as they are often the first point of contact for patients.
Furthermore, the issue of long wait times, as mentioned in a different comment, suggests a weakness in managing appointment prioritization. Despite having a scheduled appointment, the patient had to wait for an extended period, while three walk-in patients were taken ahead of them. This raises concerns about the facility's appointment management system and the efficiency of operations.
In summary, Riverside Urgent Care of Mount Ephraim has several strengths, including efficient front desk staff, friendly nursing staff, and competent medical professionals. However, weaknesses include a lack of consistent quality of care, inadequate attention to patient concerns, and shortcomings in customer service. Improvements in staff training, patient prioritization, and customer service standards could address these weaknesses and enhance the overall patient experience at the facility.

Best TL Reviews

I went to Optum urgent care for a hurt finger. They determined my finger "probably" wasn't broken, but since I'm still having a lot of pain and can't move the finger, I'll now be seeing an orthopedic.
They were able to get me in within 45 minutes of closing which I wasn't expecting! Front desk staff were amazing and helpful. The nursing staff and clinician didn't introduce their names, so I can't mention them by name here. One name I do remember is Justin. I think he was a MA or tech. He was super nice and helpful as he took my x-ray. The front desk staff and Justin were wonderful.
The clinician really rushed through my meeting with her though. She squeezed my fingertip a few times and said blood flow looked good. She asked me if I could feel my fingertip, which I couldn't, and when I told her that she said "well your blood flow looks fine so if it changes color go to the ER"
When I asked if it should be splinted she said it would be for comfort (aren't they all??) and then said "I can splint it for you if you really want" and seemed kind of annoyed. She rushed through that too, so I just got a splint from a drug store instead. I didn't want her touching my hand anymore.
Overall the clinician left a really sour taste in my mouth. How am I supposed to know if something is very serious or needs a splint? That's what I went to urgent care for!
Overall, I'm giving a 2 out of 5 stars. The front desk staff and Justin deserve so many kudos for having to work in the same place as the clinician I saw and they were very helpful.
If I was ranking the clinician alone she would have gotten a 1.
I LOVE this Urgent Care because the intake nurses and doctors are incredible but… front desk staff needs to be replaced! Would NOT let my husband talk at all! I asked who the manager was and she told me the woman’s name and then I asked for hers! She told me Rory and I said thank you but instead of dropping it she asked me why I asked for her name ( in customer service she should’ve been taught not to question patients) I said because you do not have good customer service for the way you overtalk someone and answer the phone. As I was walking away she said well I’m training and I told her that is a terrible excuse. Very bad example for the “new” girl! Have some sympathy and empathy. People are sick!
Excellent staff, doctors and nurses. My only issue is I scheduled an appointment at 11 am and wasn't seen until 1230. 3 walk ins were taken before us and the appointment was for my 10 month old and I shouldn't have to wait that long, especially with an appointment. What is the point of allowing scheduled appointments if they're not given priority.
On 12/23 I presented at Optum Urgent Care and was given the worst customer service by Rory and her manager. They both insisted on charging a copay of $85 when I told them I didn't have one and showed them on my insurance application and it was either I pay or I don't be seen which is terrible when someone is sick. . I received a check in the mail today for a refund. Have some decency when someone is sick it's not all about the cash and trying to show authority when you are wrong. The office manager and Rory should call or write an apology note.
We were treated quickly, efficiently, respectfully, and with care. Just what a doctor's office visit should be. Maria, the PA who saw us was knowledgeable and interactive... an excellent health care professional!
When this location was still "Riverside" I had great experiences. Not sure what changed, but I took my daughter there this morning and, Mary, the receptionist was unable to verify my insurance coverage for her after sitting in the waiting room for an hour. She basically shrugged at me and said she had called the number but they said my daughter was "Not Active". I was unable to speak to anyone at Horizon myself as it is a Sunday and outside normal business hours. My card was used as recently as Thursday for my husband with no problems at another doctor's office. I have had my three children on the same insurance since 2021. There has been no issue at dermatologists, the pediatrician, and so forth. Mary did not offer me any solutions. She just kept shrugging at me. I took my card and left. I went to the pediatrician's office and as an unexpected walk in, they were able to fit us in, verify my insurance, take my co-pay and send us on our way within about 20 minutes. I was able to log in to my insurance online once at home and can see myself, my husband, and my three children listed as active. I called Optum Urgent care and let them know that my insurance is fine and should have had no problem being verified. Mary insisted she did and I was there and could see that it didn't work and that it was something with my insurance and not with Optum's system. Maybe it was user error. Either way, Mary could have offered me SOME type of solution. Paying out of pocket and supporting a reimbursement request later. She offered NO solution at all and left me standing there like an idiot with my child while she just shrugged her shoulders. Insanity.
If I could give negative stars I would. I took my 5 year old son on Monday with a fever that was hanging in the 102's and let the physician know he has been exposed to strep. My son was given a covid test, which was negative and I was told he had a viral infection that had to run its course. It's Wednesday and his fever has not gone away so we went to Patient First. He does indeed have strep and suffered the last 2 days because the doctor did not listen and take 5 seconds to swab him for strep or even test for flu just to rule it out. I will never return as a patient to Optum and urge you to use a different facility. Patient First in Woodbury was amazing with him and truly listened to me and my son.
I attempted to call Optum regarding policies but got very little information and the girl on the phone wasn't even sure of the office manager name. Unprofessional, ridiculous, and extremely unsafe.
Zero thanks Dr. Leibrandt
Called ahead and was told there was no wait. I live 5 minutes away. When I showed up the building was packed and waited 2 hours. We noticed people were getting called that arrived after us. After going to the desk to question why we were waiting so long they seemed to have lost our place in line and there was no record of us waiting. This was after signing in then filling out the paperwork and providing insurance.

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