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Quick Facts About Sassy Nails

1. Excellent customer service: Multiple comments mention the friendly and accommodating staff at Sassy Nails. They are described as patient, kind, and respectful, making the overall experience enjoyable for customers.
2. Attention to detail: Customers appreciate the attention to detail shown by the nail technicians. They are seen as meticulous and take the time to ensure that the customer's desires are met. This is evident in the positive feedback given about the nail designs and the careful application of gel polish.
3. Ability to handle specific requests: Sassy Nails is commended for their ability to handle specific requests, such as applying tips to short nails or using a customer's own dip powder. The technicians are willing to accommodate these requests and strive to meet the customer's expectations.
4. Skill with difficult designs: Several comments highlight the skill of the nail technicians in executing difficult designs. They are able to work with black or dark-colored powders without causing any staining on the skin. This demonstrates their expertise and attention to detail.
5. Reasonable prices: Customers mention that the prices at Sassy Nails are reasonable, indicating that the salon provides good value for money compared to other places in the area.
6. Variety of services: Sassy Nails is praised for offering a range of services, including manicures, pedicures, gel polish, and eyebrow waxing. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to get multiple services done in one place.
1. Busy at times: While the comments generally express satisfaction with the service, there are a few mentions of the salon being busy. This suggests that there might be instances where customers have to wait longer than desired. However, it is important to note that the majority of the comments do not mention any issues with wait times.
2. Limited feedback on other nail technicians: Most of the positive comments focus on specific individuals who provided exceptional service, such as Paul and Ivy. There is limited feedback on other nail technicians at Sassy Nails, which makes it difficult to gauge the consistency of the service provided across the salon.
3. Lack of information on cleanliness practices: While one comment does mention that Sassy Nails is clean, there is limited information provided about their cleanliness practices. It would be helpful to know more about their sanitation protocols to ensure the highest level of hygiene is maintained.
In conclusion, Sassy Nails appears to have several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These include excellent customer service, attention to detail, ability to handle specific requests, skill with difficult designs, reasonable prices, and a variety of services. However, there are a few potential weaknesses, such as occasional busyness, limited feedback on other nail technicians, and a lack of information on cleanliness practices. Overall, the salon seems to have more strengths than weaknesses, making it a favorable option for those seeking nail services in the Powdersville area.

Best TL Reviews

My cousin suggested this place and I'm so glad she did!! I have had my nails done at a few places. I took my 4 yr old with me to get her nails and they was patient with her. They got us in and seen to all our services quickly. I got tips added to my nails and dip powder applied and design on one nail(which I love). Then I got a pedicure with gel polish to match my nails. The colors matched perfectly. I will be going back in a week to get my nail color changed. It has been 2 weeks since I got them done (and I do a lot of manual work) and my nails still look great!
This was my first time ever having my nails done here. I have extremely short nails & needed tips applied, dipped & a very specific design done. Honestly, I was concerned- with nails as short as mine, tips would be difficult. I also brought my own dip powder (thermal
for my thumb & pinky) which they were happy to use but explained they couldn’t guarantee the longevity & wear bc it’s not one of their brands which I 100% understood. Also, I was a walk in around 3:00 on a Wednesday and they took me right in.
1 The overall experience was amazing!! Everyone was so nice, laughed and talked with me- made the experience enjoyable as I usually dread having to get my nails done.
2. The nice young girl who did my dip is relatively new at this I suspect but she did a great job! I got all black nails and black (any super dark or pigmented powder) is incredibly difficult to keep contained to the nail. In the past when I’ve gotten my nails done at other places, the dark pigment has stained my fingers, hands etc… not this time! She did an incredible job! She continually asked me if I wanted her to do anything different, shorter, longer, better shape, softer ridges etc etc etc… I was just really impressed with her.
3 Paul, the gentleman who did my design nailed it!! I’m very allergic to gel & was incredibly anxious about him using gel for the design. He understood & took such care to be sure nothing touched my skin in any way & his attention to detail was outstanding!!!
I will absolutely return when I need my nails done again.. and their prices are very reasonable.
Went in for a French pedicure. It was busy, but they fit me in no problem! They did a great job and didn't rush it. I say "they" because one person did the pedi, and someone else came over to do the paint for the "french" style. I was really impressed and pleased that they cared enough to get the person who was the most proficient to do it. This is the third place I've tried since moving close to Powdersville and I'll stick with it!
It was my first time going to Sassy nails. It was a great experience. The guy that done my nails was gentle and did an excellent job. I have to say this was the best French tip manicure that I have ever had. My daughter also got her nails done. She saw a picture online of what she wanted. The guy that done her nails was able to make it look just like the picture. I also got my eyebrows waxed, I was very impressed. Sassy nails will now be the only place I go to get anything done!
Absolute BEST service in the Powdersville area! The owner Lexi is a very professional business owner! She's sweet, kind & sooo accommodating! She treats each client w/ respect & genuinely wants them to have a great experience & to return. She takes the time to remember clients names, which I love! I've been using Sassy Nails services for a little over a year now & I have zero complaints. Over the last couple of months I've been scheduling w/ Ivy & she's been doing my dip manicure & gel pedicures. She's also very sweet & does a great job each time! I'll continue to schedule w/ her in the future. Thanks Sassy Nails for always doing a fantastic job & always making my Nails look great!
My daughter and I absolutely love coming to Sassy Nails! My daughter loves for Lexi to do her nails because she’s shy. Lexi makes her feel comfortable. We both received pedicures on Saturday and it was amazing.
Great job doing my nails!!!! They are always very ready to do the same great job every time you walk through the door!!!
I love going to sassy nails it's so relaxing and I haven't had any problem with the wait time. They are also very clean and very very friendly. I can go on for days but I want right now please go check them out You will see for yourself.

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