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Solid Gold Beauty Supply #1

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3505 Pulaski Pike NW, Huntsville, AL 35810 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Solid Gold Beauty Supply #1

Solid Gold Beauty Supply #1 place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One strength of this beauty supply store is the wide variety of products available. One comment mentioned that there are lots of products to choose from and that the customer easily found what they were looking for. This shows that Solid Gold Beauty Supply #1 has a good selection of beauty products, which can be beneficial for customers who want to explore different options.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the professionalism and helpfulness of the cashier. One customer stated that the cashier was very professional and helpful when they purchased caps for gifts. This indicates that there are some employees at Solid Gold Beauty Supply #1 who provide good customer service and create a positive experience for customers.
However, there are several weaknesses that need to be addressed as well. One major weakness highlighted in the comments is poor customer service. Multiple comments mentioned that the staff was disrespectful and treated customers poorly. They were described as rude, not acknowledging the presence of customers, and making sarcastic or sideways comments. This type of behavior creates a negative shopping experience and damages the store's reputation.
Another weakness is the store's unwillingness to provide refunds or exchanges for defective products. One customer mentioned that they purchased earrings that broke within 10 days, but the store refused to give them a refund or credit, even with a receipt. This shows a lack of accountability and customer-focused policies, which can be a major drawback for customers who may encounter faulty products.
The comment about the store's location being in a "ghetto" part of town also raises concerns about the store's image and potential safety issues. While the comment may be based on personal perception, it is important for the store to address any issues related to safety, cleanliness, or the overall environment to attract a wider range of customers.
Additionally, the comment about not having exactly what the customer needed indicates that there may be limitations in the store's product inventory. While it is difficult for any store to have every product available, addressing customer needs and requests can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
The comments also mention competition from other beauty supply stores, such as Hair Queen and Madison beauty stores. This indicates that Solid Gold Beauty Supply #1 may be losing customers to alternative options that provide better customer service and attitudes. It is crucial for the store to assess its competition and make necessary improvements to regain customer trust and loyalty.
In conclusion, Solid Gold Beauty Supply #1 has strengths in terms of product variety and some employees providing good customer service. However, the weaknesses highlighted in the comments, including poor customer service, unwillingness to provide refunds, and negative attitudes from staff, overshadow these strengths. The store should focus on addressing these weaknesses to improve the overall shopping experience for its customers and regain their trust and loyalty.

Best TL Reviews

I really didn’t like this store the manager walked around me like I was stealing!!!!! Will not go back to this beauty supply store I will also tell everyone else not to go.
Please don’t spend your hard-earned money in this place! The customer service provided by this establishment is bottom of the barrel. They refuse to greet or acknowledge that you are even present. The male cashier might as well be a wall with no emotion or even the human decency to speak back if you talk to him. The owner is just as worse. Drive past this place, please. If this establishment can see that WE are needed and not the other way around, I bet they would check their attitudes. Please, ladies, go elsewhere to purchase your products
I will never purchase another item from this place. I bought 2 hoop earrings 2 pairs and both pair broke on me 10 days later I go to take them back and he tells me he cannot give me a refund are you serious? I even had a receipt and they still did not take them back or give me credit. I will no longer be a customer at Solid Gold on master lake
People are kind but they didn't have exactly what I needed.
Lots of products to choose from. Easily found what I was looking for.
Picked Up some caps for gifts. Cashier was very professional/helpful
RUDE. They will treat you like trash here. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR HARD EARNED MONEY HERE. Please save yourself the time and go to Queen Hair Beauty were they treat you like a human being and not trash!! I can’t believe how horrible this business has become. Not sending clients here anymore. They treated me like a peasant and even said they weren’t going to ring me up and we’re saving their time for better customers. Honestly, this is why Hair Queen has taken over half of their customers upon opening. Hair queen is kind, they help you, and they don’t spit in your face like your worthless. Invest in a store that invests in you and not Solid Gold????
The items at this store are okay. The people are the problem. The customer service sucks, and the people behind the desk make "sideways comments", or sly comments filled with sarcasm if there's something you don't like about an item. Their whole tone seems like they feel you need them, not that they need you. I guess this is what one could expect from a store situated in the ghetto part of town. Now I just go to Madison beauty stores for my needs. Their attitude is not a while lot better, but it is better. I'm almost to the point of just ordering beauty supplies online.

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