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Suave House Beauty Salon

+1 337-781-5053
1003 Louisiana Ave, Lafayette, LA 70501 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Suave House Beauty Salon

1. Excellent customer service: Many customers have praised Jessica and her staff for treating clients like family and building strong bonds with them. This personalized approach creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the salon.
2. Skilled and knowledgeable staff: Customers have highlighted the expertise and talent of the staff, claiming that they provide top-notch services. This suggests that the salon has experienced and skilled professionals who are able to meet the needs of the clients.
3. High-quality hair products: The salon offers a wide range of hair options, including virgin Brazilian, Cambodian, South American, and Indian hair. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the hair products, stating that they are durable and of superior quality.
4. Family-oriented environment: Several comments mention the salon's family-oriented atmosphere, which creates a comfortable and friendly environment for customers. This can help customers feel more relaxed and enjoy their salon experience.
5. Versatile services: The salon offers a variety of services besides hair styling, such as makeup, haircuts, and even providing food. This versatility allows customers to fulfill multiple beauty needs in one place, making it convenient and time-saving.
1. Limited information on discounts and pricing: One customer expressed interest in knowing if there are discounts for purchasing hair and getting it done by the salon staff. This suggests that the salon may not have clear information available about discounts and pricing, which could make potential customers hesitant to make a purchase or appointment.
2. Lack of information on specific services: Another comment mentions a potential customer's inquiry about specific types of sew-in services. The absence of clear information on the salon's website or social media platforms regarding certain services may lead to confusion or difficulty in setting up appointments for potential customers.
3. Limited customer feedback on actual service experience: Although there are positive comments about the salon and its staff, there is a lack of specific feedback on the quality of service provided. While customers mention the skilled staff, it would be helpful to have more detailed accounts of their personal experiences to gain a better understanding of the salon's strengths.
4. Lack of representation of diverse customer experiences: Based on the comments provided, the majority of the feedback is positive and portrays a highly satisfied customer base. However, it is important to consider that these comments may not represent the experiences of all customers. Including a wider range of feedback from different perspectives would provide a more comprehensive evaluation of the salon's strengths and weaknesses.
In conclusion, Suave House Beauty Salon appears to have several strengths, including excellent customer service, skilled staff, high-quality hair products, a family-oriented environment, and a versatile range of services. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, such as limited information on discounts and pricing, lack of information on specific services, limited customer feedback on service experience, and a lack of representation of diverse customer experiences.

Best TL Reviews

The BEST OF THE BEST!!! Jessica and her staff treats clients like family. She builds a bond with us that is priceless. She has the best hair that money can buy. And when you’re getting serviced you’re given the best serves that money can buy as well. I wouldn’t trade this beauty salon and the staff for nobody else. I absolutely love Jess beyond words. She’s an awesome beautician and an amazing friend ????????????
I was a walk-in and walked in not to far from closing time. Mrs.Vera Taylor was kind enough to not only accept my business so close to closing time but also finished my hair timely and with exceptional detail. She is a very intelligent, strong black woman, whom no matter rain nor shine is always smiling and one of the most positive people I have met to date.
Suave House is absolutely the BEST hair salon in Lafayette. I’ve been with Suave House since 2014 and I have always received stellar service. Jessica specializes in top of the line virgin Brazilian, Cambodian, & Indian hair that lasts for years. I definitely recommend Suave House for any woman that values the way she presents herself in terms of beauty!
Suave House is an amazing blessed place of all things BEAUTY!!! Go see Jessica and her entire staff and let them make you over!!! She also has the best virgin Brazilian, Cambodian, South American, and Indian hair available to buy as well as different closures on hand!!! It’s an amazing family oriented environment!!! You will not regret your Suave House experience!!!
Awesome staff!!! Love love love this salon!!! Fun loving atmosphere and hair is on point!!!! Will post pics on my page, but had to post a shoutout! Thank you so much ????!!!! Have a wedding to go to and this was right on time. Getting the curls pinned up because the wedding is tomorrow so I will post when they DROP!!! Thanks again Mrs. Jess!!!!! Everyone!!!!!
I haven’t really tried your service yet but I’ve heard from a friend it was excellent. I was wondering if your business provide the service of doing 360 lace frontal sew-ins or partial lace frontal sew-ins. Also if I purchase hair from you and get it done by you/staff ,is it discounted ? How do I set up an appointment?
I am a Feature Entertainer traveling from the Midwest to Louisiana for a huge event. I was in a dying need of a curl, when I came across one of the most amazing hair dressers I’ve met. Jessica is very friendly, driven, and passionate about her work. Booking the appointment was easy and fast. My curls were on fleek for my event! Jessica takes pride in her work and I love the fact that this salon is full service. If your in need of an hair emergency( or just because)—>Book her now!!!
I’ve been doing my hair with Jessica for 10 full years now and every time was remarkable. You could purchase 100% raw virgin hair from real donors , grab a bite to eat , get your makeup done , haircut etc you name it and it is all offered at this shop!!!!

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