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Sunny Mountain Nails Spa

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72 Wales St, Rutland, VT 05701 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM

Quick Facts About Sunny Mountain Nails Spa

1. Good job on fixing nails: One customer mentioned that they went back to get their broken nails fixed and the salon was able to make them even again.
2. Delicate acrylics: A customer was happy with the salon's ability to trim down the bulky look of their acrylics, making them look much more delicate.
3. Offers dip powder: A customer mentioned that the salon offers dip powder, which might be a preferred option for some customers.
4. Convenient location: The salon seems to be located in close proximity to the customer who mentioned that it is the best option in town, even though it may not be as advanced as salons in other areas.
1. Inconsistent quality: Several customers complained about the inconsistency in the quality of services provided. Some reported experiencing a terrible job, including broken skin and bleeding nails, while others were disappointed with the lumpy and unsmooth results.
2. Lack of professionalism: Multiple customers mentioned that the staff is not very professional. One customer reported that the person working on their pedicure was not thorough, while another warned not to get a massage as the staff does not focus enough on massaging the feet.
3. Poor time management: Customers reported issues with appointment times not being honored. One customer had to wait for 20 minutes past their appointment time without any acknowledgment, while another mentioned that they were 25 minutes late during a previous appointment. These instances can be frustrating and inconvenient for customers.
4. Failure to meet expectations: Several customers mentioned instances where their desired nail designs were not achieved despite showing pictures and discussing their expectations in advance. This can be disheartening for customers, especially if they made appointments well in advance.
5. Rude customer service: One customer mentioned that when they called to address their dissatisfaction, the salon staff was rude and unhelpful. This kind of behavior can further exacerbate a customer's negative experience and make them less likely to return.
6. Rushed service: One customer mentioned feeling rushed during their pedicure service, leading to a half-done job and a feeling of not being properly pampered. This highlights a lack of attention to detail and customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, while Sunny Mountain Nails Spa seems to have some strengths, such as being able to fix broken nails and create delicate acrylics, there are several weaknesses that should be addressed. Inconsistent quality, lack of professionalism, poor time management, failure to meet customer expectations, rude customer service, and rushed service are all areas that the salon needs to improve upon to provide a better overall customer experience.

Best TL Reviews

Went there last week and had a fill, two nails broke in the first week. Went back to get them fixed and another fill to make them all even.. he didn't match new nails to the shape I had and my nails are lumpy and look terrible and I told him they should be smooth and he just looked at me... very disappointed and wouldn't recommend.
Usually I walk out in smiles and happy for such a great job. Today was different, bad experience with a different worker. Asked for gel with acrylic to keep nails strong. Terrible job!!! He broke my skin which caused bleeding. Offered no antiseptic to clean. Used a color I did not choose.
$50 down the drain.
I had a 12:00 appointment for a gel manicure that I made the day before. I specifically made the appointment for noon so I could go on my lunch break, they said they could do it. After waiting for 20 minutes with no acknowledgment of them running behind, I walked out. The last time I had an appointment they were 25 minutes after my appointment time. I will not go back.
The people are not very professional. The man who worked on my pedicure was not thorough.
And DON’T GET THE MASSAGE. They are very bad at massaging your legs/feet. They mainly focus on your calves and barely touch your feet.
I am so happy with my nails. Sunny was able to trim down the bulky look of the acrylics I had from another place. They look much more delicate now. Thank you so much!!!
I'm from Ohio. Every nail salon in Rutland is primitive in comparison. I have to make due with what they have. And surprisingly this one is the best to offer. At least they do dip powder. Not the most sanitary.
My sister and her close friend went to sunnys for her birthday nails, they both had views in mind and a picture to show. They arrived to their appointment showed their photos and both walked out with nothing close to what they envisioned. My sister was in tears when she left because for one she already felt as though the appointment she made two weeks in advance was very rushed and for two she didn’t think she should have had to speak up after showing her a photo and asking if it was achievable before even sitting down in her chair. Each paid 50$ for their set and while they’re not flat out disgusting to the eye it is far from the photo shown. Shortly after she got them done I picked her up in tears I called sunnys she did say she would change the color but was so rude my sister wouldn’t even go back in.. Don’t take on a set if your not going to be able to present what the customer is requesting in a way that pleases. I wouldn’t go back if they were the last salon standing. Period
I used to love coming here, I went once more even hearing things were getting bad. Paying full price for a half done pedicure service answered all my questions. To bad I used to feel so pampered, it's now wait past your time slot and get rushed out.

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