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Quick Facts About Magic Nails

Magic Nails Place is a nail salon that has received mixed reviews. While some customers have had positive experiences and praised the salon for their excellent service and quality nail jobs, others have raised concerns about the cleanliness, professionalism, and subpar results of their services. This analysis will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Magic Nails Place based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, several customers have expressed their satisfaction with the nail services at Magic Nails Place. One customer highlighted that they have been to the salon multiple times and always had a lovely job done on their nails. They praised the salon for consistently providing phenomenal results. Additionally, another customer recommended a nail technician named Kim, describing her as amazing. This positive feedback indicates that the salon has skilled and competent nail technicians who deliver satisfactory outcomes.
Furthermore, some customers mentioned the fast service provided by Magic Nails Place. One individual mentioned being done rather quickly with both their hand and foot treatments. This demonstrates that the salon can efficiently accommodate multiple services and customers simultaneously, ensuring a prompt and convenient experience.
On the other hand, several weaknesses were highlighted by dissatisfied customers. One recurring complaint emphasized the lack of attention to detail and poor customer service. A customer mentioned that a young nail technician did a mediocre job on their feet, neglecting to polish close to the cuticles. Another customer reported an issue with a nail technician who messed up the polish on their cousin's toes multiple times, leading to an extended two-hour service and a disappointing resolution from the manager. These complaints suggest that some of the nail technicians lack the necessary skills or attention to detail required for a satisfactory experience.
Furthermore, there were concerns about the cleanliness and maintenance of the salon's tools and equipment. One reviewer expressed disappointment in the old and worn-out nail kits and brittle towels used by the salon. Another customer mentioned that they were charged a relatively high amount but felt the service was not worth the price. When they raised this concern to the manager, they received a dismissive response, further indicating a lack of professionalism and customer-oriented service.
Some customers also complained about the durability of the nail services at Magic Nails Place. One individual reported that their gel polish only lasted for two days, rendering it a waste of money. Another reviewer mentioned that the nail technician did not ask what type of service they wanted and simply started working on their feet without clarification. These situations reflect a lack of consultation and personalization, which can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes for customers.
Moreover, there were instances where customers felt mistreated by the salon's staff. One customer narrated an unpleasant experience where a nail technician was on the phone the whole time and another staff member laughed at them, making them feel badly and mocked. This kind of unprofessional behavior can significantly impact a customer's overall impression of the salon and their chances of returning.
In conclusion, the strengths of Magic Nails Place include positive reviews regarding the quality of nail jobs and skilled staff members. Their fast service is another advantage mentioned by customers. However, there are notable weaknesses highlighted by dissatisfied customers, including poor attention to detail, unprofessional customer service, cleanliness concerns, subpar durability of nail services, and instances of mistreatment. It is essential for Magic Nails Place to address and rectify these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best TL Reviews

The second time within the last yr that I have been here and they did a LOVELY job on my nails BOTH times!! I have been in here before when I was younger also and I have never had a complaint about them. They do PHENOMENAL JOBS!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Go and sit with Kim!! She is amazing???? I usually go to another salon. However, my regular nail Tech was booked and I needed a set ASAP! I must say, Kim did not disappoint.
I was referred to this location by my cousin. She said that she comes here all the time and that service was great. I was done rather quickly. Both my hands and feet were done. I would say that the young man did a mediocre job on my feet. After one day, it appears that my toe nails have grown. He neglected to polish close enough to the cuticle.
Although I was done in a timely manner, it took my cousin 2 hours for her toes to be painted. The nail tech took 2 hours on her toes. She kept messing the polish up with the dryer. When she spoke to the manage, he only wanted to give 5 dollars off. I think a better resolution would have been to take $20 off or next pedicure free.
We will not be going back to this establishment.
The don’t clean big toe sides, surface cutting with cuticles. Moreover, their nail kits are old, worn out, and their towels are brittle.
When I mentioned that to the manager/ owner, he mentioned “we know our job, you don’t need to tell us!” So, $56 +$4 is basically $60 out the door.
My first time here the service was great, but the last time I went the gel polish only lasted 2 days! It was a complete waste of money!
They cannot polish nor did they ask what type of service I would like. He just started doing my feet. lesson learn
If I could give a ZERO I would. I am new to the area and tried the mall close to me. I called and made an appointment and they said regular polish fill in $15.00. I went in and the place was not busy but very loud from employees, I could not understand what was being said. He told me to go to #9 I sat down as she never greeted me and acted like I was bothering her? Didn't ask what I wanted and started to take my polish off as she continued to talk to the employees. I did have 3 broken nails, so she said it would be $25.00 not $15.00 (1st communication). So I said okay! Well she started to put my new tips on without prepping, when I questioned she was annoyed (2nd communication) The picture of my hands shows that she was going to cover where my nails were lifting on the sides and she was not going to fix. Anyone that has their nails done knows they have to clip that to fill in or the nails will lift still. She was rough and started throwing my hands around so I said I'm not doing this. She sat back and said ok (3rd communication) I asked for the manager and she said he was not there. She pointed me to a woman that said oh you want someone else, she didn't even look at me so I said absolutely not. I called back after I left to speak with a manager, she said he is not there and proceeded to argue with me about my experience, I had to hang up she would not listen only argued what she thought (she was not the one who attempted to do my nails). I don't know why it still amazes me but, what crappy disappointing service. Do yourself a favor an try somewhere else. I wish I would have read the reviews first.....
I went to get a fill and they messed up my nails lady was on the phone the hole time and there was a guy laughing at me I felt so badly uncontrollably they definitely was making fun of me

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