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2620 S 83rd Ave # 106, Phoenix, AZ 85043 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Superior Nails

Superior Nails Place, based on the comments provided, seems to have a mix of strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one commenter mentioned that all the ladies at Superior Nails Place were really nice and provided a pampering experience. Another reviewer also enjoyed their visit, mentioning that there was no wait time and they were able to enjoy their "me time." This suggests that the salon has a pleasant atmosphere and provides a relaxing experience for their customers.
Additionally, a commenter specifically mentioned that they loved their nail designs. This indicates that Superior Nails Place has skilled nail technicians who are capable of creating unique and beautiful designs for their customers.
Furthermore, one reviewer consistently had a great experience at the salon and praised a specific nail technician, Michelle, for doing an excellent job. This suggests that the salon has dedicated and talented staff members, leading to consistently positive experiences for their customers.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one comment mentioned that Superior Nails Place charged too much for the services received. The customer felt that they were overcharged, especially in comparison to what they usually pay at their regular nail salon. This suggests that the prices at Superior Nails Place might be higher than average, which can be seen as a weakness for budget-conscious individuals.
Another reviewer mentioned that they had an unpleasant experience with a particular nail technician named Vy Lee. They claimed that he was sloppy and rushed, resulting in uneven lines and nail polish on their hands. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and poor execution of nail designs, which can be seen as a weakness in terms of quality and professionalism.
Furthermore, one customer complained about the owner of the salon being rushed and continuously slamming their hands throughout the service. They also mentioned that the nails were not shiny and the lines were messed up. This suggests a lack of professionalism and attention to detail from the owner, leading to an unsatisfactory experience for the customer.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is poor customer service. One reviewer had a negative experience with the salon's pedicure and dip powder services. They felt that the technician did not listen to their requests, applied the dip powder excessively, and failed to provide the desired nail color. Additionally, when the customer requested a refund, they were initially refused and only received it after expressing their dissatisfaction. This indicates a lack of communication and customer satisfaction, which is a significant weakness for any business.
Overall, Superior Nails Place has some strengths such as friendly staff, a relaxed environment, skilled nail technicians, and positive overall experiences. However, they also have weaknesses in terms of pricing, attention to detail, professionalism, and customer service. These areas of improvement are essential for the salon to enhance customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation.

Best TL Reviews

They charged me way to much money for what I received. I paid 65 dollars for medium size nails with no design picture on the right. I pay 50 with my regular nail guy for longer nails with a design on them. What a rip off. Go somewhere else. 16th St and Southern best nails.
It wasn’t that great..The First Lady I had was nice but took her a while to finish the fill and replacing a broke nail…. She couldn’t do the line work and had a guy named vy lee do it and I would avoid him if you want any line or designs. He was sloppy and rushing. The lines are uneven and left me with nail polish on my hand. Overall I paid 65 and wasn’t impressed. Try anywhere else!!!
I will recommend them 100% every time I go I get pamper and all the ladies are really nice. I love my nails
Reasonable and no wait I actually enjoyed my me time ☺️.About a 20 minute drive for me well Worth it. I love my nail designs.
I always have a great experience here. I saw Michelle on my list visit and she did an excellent job!
Owner was rushed for whatever reason kept slamming my hands the entire time. Nails are not shiny, lines were all messed up. Never going back
Very bad customer service I came to get a pedicure and dip powder from my understanding the lady said my toenail color was supposed to match my fingernails colors which I asked for. Then she applies the dip powder over and over and over until my nails are fat and lumpy with dip powder I didn’t say anything because I was there for over an hour already I paid 105 for the whole service plus a $10 tip being generous. Once I got home the whole bedazzle gem things she put on my toe was all the way off so I called and went right back up there but when I was at home I noticed my nails were glow in the dark I didn’t want glow in the dark I wanted a soft white which I didn’t get I asked him if you can remove them and I can get my money back and he said yes once the other lady started removing the nails they refuse to give me my money back and the guy said he would do them over I didn’t want my nails done over by them at all they kept pushing me to try and let them do my nails which I kept refusing.Once they realized I was not going to get my nails done by them ever again they said I can get my money back but I didn’t deserve to get the rest of my nails taken off so they left me with my nails looking horrible for the simple fact that I didn’t like the work the lady did nor did I ask for it.
Mieh is so sweet and amazing! She is the only one I trust with my pedicures. Never again will I try another spot.

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