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The Fifth Nail Bar

+1 678-275-2188
2325 Powder Springs Rd SW, Marietta, GA 30064 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About The Fifth Nail Bar

1. Friendly and accommodating staff: Multiple reviews mention positive experiences with the staff at The Fifth Nail Bar. Some customers specifically mention individuals by name, indicating that the employees are personable and build strong relationships with clients.
2. Scheduling flexibility: The Fifth Nail Bar appears to be accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments. One customer mentioned being able to secure a last-minute appointment, and another praised the quick response when calling to book.
3. High-quality results: Despite a negative review regarding the appearance of the nails in sunlight, there are several positive comments about the quality of the services received at The Fifth Nail Bar. Customers express satisfaction with their manicures, pedicures, and gel polish changes.
4. COVID-19 precautions: In one review, a customer mentioned that the salon enforced mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines. This indicates that the salon takes the health and safety of its customers seriously.
5. Prompt service: One customer mentioned being the first client of the day and having the salon to themselves for over an hour. This suggests that The Fifth Nail Bar values punctuality and strives to deliver prompt service.
1. Inconsistent results: Some customers had negative experiences with the quality of the services provided. One individual mentioned that their nails came off shortly after the appointment, while another stated they could have done a better job themselves. Inconsistency in the quality of the services may be a weakness of The Fifth Nail Bar.
2. Lack of transparency with pricing: Multiple reviews mention issues with transparency regarding pricing at the salon. One customer felt overcharged for a polish change, while another mentioned the high prices compared to other nail salons. The lack of clear communication regarding prices may lead to customer dissatisfaction.
3. Lack of proper training or licensing: One customer expressed disappointment when the salon failed to provide the basic steps of a manicure during a gel manicure service. This suggests that the salon may have employees who lack proper training or licensing, which can impact the quality of the services provided.
4. Outdated interior: A customer mentioned that the salon's interior was outdated, considering the high prices charged. This implies that the salon may not prioritize investing in modern decor or creating a visually appealing environment for customers.
The Fifth Nail Bar has several strengths, including friendly and accommodating staff, scheduling flexibility, and high-quality results. However, there are also weaknesses to be addressed, such as inconsistent results, lack of transparency with pricing, potential issues with employee training or licensing, and an outdated interior. Recognizing these weaknesses and taking steps to improve upon them could help The Fifth Nail Bar enhance customer satisfaction and reputation.

Best TL Reviews

First time trying this place, went for a mani and pedi yesterday. Did not like the job they did. Toes were ok. Once I went into the sun I saw how awful they looked. Won’t come back again. Honestly could of done a better job myself! Don’t recommend this place at all.
(The chipped nail was my mistake)
I LOVE this place!!! Srey and Chan are my go-to for nails. Sokhy and Mone (sp check) give awesome pedis! I enjoy coming here every few wks. Time and money well spent!
I’ve been here several times for convenience but their prices are by far the the highest for what I want done. I wanted Just gel polish change on my regular nails and they asked if I wanted a manicure I just Had a manicure the week prior so I didn't Need one however when I checked Out i was charged $30 now if the manicure is $35 what since does it make to charge this for a polish change. Wish she would have told me the price instead of me wasting money. Seems like an overcharge to me. I want To get the best value for my money as anyone does. They just need to be more transparent in the future with customers.
When asked for a gel manicure, they completely entirely left out the manicure portion of the service. I got up and left before she could even put color on because I asked if any of them had completed their cosmetology license if they weren’t aware of the basics to nail services.
The woman shrugged at me, so in short, make sure you’re going to licensed professionals who will charge you accordingly to what you pay for. ANY type of manicure is to be started with prepping the nail beds and trimming the cuticle, these women were dumbfounded when I gave them a lesson.
This is the 1st time I've gone to a nail shop in exactly 1 year!! I was a little nervous but I called as they were walking in the door and she took me 15 minutes Before their 9am opening! I had the place to myself for over an hour! I love my nails but don't know if I'll chance a fill though...nothing to do with them, I'm still not ready as the last 20 minutes the place started to fill up with more people than I wanna be indoors with. Everyone wore a mask and social distancing was observed. If I had not gotten so much done I could have beaten the crowd! I had to get the "works" for my 25 Anniversary surprise tonight! Hubby said get them done I said "only if I can be the 1st one on the shop" and I was! Thank You ladies!
I came in for a gel polish only; French tip no manicure, and color change only for my feet - no design , no pedicure. I’ve never paid $50 for simply services. I will not recommend this place at all and top it off the inside is completely outdated for that price you would think they can upgrade the inside
I got my nails done one day before I left for Aruba. Before I got on the plane one nal came off. Then two days later. Two other nails came off. I bought some crazy glue to put them back on. Until I could make it back to the states. They still kept coming off. So right now I'm missing three nails and it's ony been ten days. My nails came to $125. My nails should not have come off.
I called and they were able to take me right away. They listened to what I wanted and did exactly. It was my first time here and next time I am in town, I will use them again.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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