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VIP Nails

+1 580-279-1982
1012 N Mississippi Ave, Ada, OK 74820 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About VIP Nails

VIP Nails is a nail salon that has received a mix of positive and negative reviews from customers. In order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, we will analyze the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Cleanliness: One customer mentioned that VIP Nails is a very clean establishment. This is an important factor for customers when choosing a nail salon, as it ensures a hygienic environment for services. 2. Friendly staff: Another positive comment mentioned that the staff at VIP Nails is friendly. Friendly customer service can enhance the overall experience and make customers feel welcome. 3. Best prices in town: According to one comment, VIP Nails offers competitive prices compared to other nail salons in the area. Affordable pricing can attract price-sensitive customers and encourage repeat business. 4. Skilled nail technician: A customer commended a particular nail technician at VIP Nails for their exceptional work and attention to detail. Skilled technicians are an asset to any nail salon and can contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent quality: Multiple comments express dissatisfaction with the quality of the services provided at VIP Nails. One customer mentioned mistakes in the nail design, nails falling out after a week, and not receiving the desired outcome. Inconsistent quality can lead to a lack of trust and discourage customers from returning. 2. Unsanitary practices: A customer reported witnessing unsanitary practices at VIP Nails, such as the reuse of wax sticks and unsanitary waxing tools. Unsanitary practices can raise health and safety concerns for customers and negatively impact the reputation of the salon. 3. Poor communication and rush service: One comment mentioned poor communication and rushed service at VIP Nails. This can leave customers feeling dissatisfied and unimportant, leading to a negative experience and potential loss of business.
Based on the comments provided, it is evident that VIP Nails has both strengths and weaknesses. The strengths include cleanliness, friendly staff, competitive pricing, and skilled technicians. However, the weaknesses, such as inconsistent quality, unsanitary practices, and poor communication, could undermine customer confidence and satisfaction.
To improve the establishment, VIP Nails should focus on addressing the weaknesses mentioned. This could involve implementing strict hygiene protocols, training staff in proper sanitation procedures, improving communication with customers, and ensuring consistent quality in their services. By addressing these weaknesses, VIP Nails can create a more positive customer experience and build a stronger reputation in their community.

Best TL Reviews

My wife has given this place three chances.
First time was not great, yet not horrible.
Second time was horrible.
Third time, was today and it was beyond horrible. She let the guy see what she was wanting and he assured her he could do it. The nails look something like she requested, well that is if you squinted and thought if it has the same colors then yeah sure. The guy did not even match the patterns from on the nails to match on the other hand, not even close. He told my wife he would fix them, he did not. He got glitter and glue all over her hands and said he would remove it, he did not. I know just enough about nails to know the expected pattern was not a difficult one for someone who is trained to do such. if he was not able to do what was asked if him then he should have said he could not. There will not be a fourth trip to this establishment. In my opinion save your money and go to another shop
some of them are nice and some of them aren’t. personally, it was my first time getting my nails done there and I will NEVER come back again. there were multiple mistakes, my nails were falling out by week 1, and it just wasn’t what I wanted. I don’t recommend.
I can honestly say this is the WORST experience I have ever had. Me and my best friend went to get our eye brows waxed and first off, they made us sanitize our hands and then wash them. After we walked into the room it was the most un sanitary wax room I’ve ever seen. The lady used the same wax stick the whole time and then turned around and use the same one on my best-friend. I went to cosmetology school and I know that is A BIG NO to do. On top of that, she took off half of my eyebrow. What I mean by that is she made them so thin on the ends and they were no where near even.. I will NEVER go here again. I do not recommend.
The most horrible experience I have had! I am a college student that usually gets my nails done every other week in my home town. I hadn’t been home to get my nails done, so I thought I’d try here. Never again. Everything about the shop is not good! Poor communication, they are very slow to get you in, but then rush to get you out, & they are not very friendly! I hate that I spent money here, especially $140! But, I look forward to never going back!
Excellent establishment, very clean, very friendly, best prices in town. My husband took me in about an hour before closing and our nail tech didn't get in a rush, and his work is exceptionally perfect!!! I bet if we were to put a mic on my nails the measurements would all be the same. Our nail tech was professional, efficient, and kept his artistic roll going ignoring the biker conversation that my biker husband and i were having, lol!! We would recommend VIP NAILS to anyone!!! VIP NAILS is the forever favorite preferred nail salon that my husband chose for me!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE MY NAILS!!!!
Not worth the $55.00! I wanted coffin shaped nails, got mostly long square with a few barely hinting at the coffin shape. Also wanted purple cat's eye gel polish, and while the color is lovely, it's application was entirely wrong. Then the guy does an awful job the entire time. From not enough product on the nails so I'll be surprised if I don't snap them off tonight in my sleep, to terrible cleanup with the nail drill and nearly roughing my skin bloody a few times when filing the sidewalls, to horrible applications of the gel polish (no base black color used the cat's eye polish was used as the base color so it's an awful diminished effect, also terrible use of the magnet for the desired effect! And! He didn't do full and proper applications with each coat, you can totally see the edge of the tip and acrylic on the sidewall), and just rushing through it. I used to adore coming here to get my nails done, but this time was so bad to the point that I'm questioning if the technician who worked on my nails was even formally trained and licensed, I'm never coming back as a customer. Time to find a new great technician now...
VIP has become my nail place in Ada! Must be THE place to go, too. I ran into a couple of friends of mine while I was there!! Fun. Very nice and clean! Great job by the tech!
i went to vip because walmart was going to be over an hour and a half. i asked for white nails and my nails came out yellow and you could still see the white around the edges and 3 of my nails popped off the next day. i don’t recommend going here.

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