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Quick Facts About Vip Nails & Spa

Vip Nails & Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided above. Some strengths include the talent and skill of certain nail technicians, such as Kevin and Trudy, who are praised for doing a great job on nails and providing attention to detail. Additionally, some customers have had positive experiences with the services offered at Vip Nails & Spa, stating that they had the best services since moving to the area and that they found their new go-to place for nail services.
However, several weaknesses emerge from the comments as well. One recurring issue is the inconsistency in pricing. Multiple customers have complained about being charged different prices for similar services, and some have even been charged significantly higher prices without any clear explanation. This inconsistency in pricing can be frustrating for customers who want transparent and fair pricing.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of customer service. One customer shared their experience of making an appointment but not being greeted or acknowledged upon arrival. They also felt that their appointment may not have been set with an actual person, leading to confusion and disappointment. This lack of attention to customer service can create a negative impression and drive customers away.
There are also complaints about the quality of the nail work at Vip Nails & Spa. One customer mentioned that their nails did not turn out well after getting acrylics, while another commented that the gel polish used was of poor quality and peeled off after only a few days. These experiences indicate that the salon may not consistently deliver high-quality results, which can be a major drawback for customers seeking long-lasting and professional nail services.
Additionally, the pricing at Vip Nails & Spa is criticized by some customers as being outrageously high. One customer was shocked by the cost of getting multiple sets of hands and feet done, with added nail art. This perception of high prices can be a deterrent for potential customers who are seeking affordable nail services.
In summary, the strengths of Vip Nails & Spa include talented nail technicians like Kevin and Trudy, positive experiences with certain services, and attention to detail. However, the weaknesses lie in inconsistent pricing, lack of customer service, potential quality issues with the nail work, and perceived high prices. These weaknesses can impact the overall customer experience and potentially drive customers away from the salon.

Best TL Reviews

I’ve gone to this place several times, the first few times were okay. I got dip sets with designs and the price was normal. They then talked me into getting acrylic thereafter saying that it would be easier for them but the same price. the first time they did the acrylic, they charged me almost double what I paid for the dip. The second time I got the acrylic they charged me for each individual design on each nail (French tip), which they did not charge me for when I did my dip. When I asked to talk to someone about the pricing, the man was incredibly rude and could not give me an explanation as to why my pricing was so different every time I came in to do basically the same services. My nails didn’t even come out looking good either. Will never go back.
I’m from Rhode Island and needed my nails done was scared to go anywhere cause was not sure if they would do a great job …but Kevin did my fill and he did an awesome job
Kevin is a very talented nail tech. He did a great job on my nails. However, this salon seems wildly inconsistent with their prices. I would make sure you know what you’re paying and double check on the website because it seems to be a sliding scale maybe depending on the clientele.
My Wife took our Grand girls there for nails and manicure. Four sets of hands and feet. There was some light nail art on one girls finger nails. Then, two and ten dollars later. My Wife was floored at the price. If you want outrageously priced nail work, this is your place. Do not recommend.
Trudy is detail-oriented and offers humorous conversation. We have been going to her for a year. She always does a great job of keeping the nails shaped well and painted to perfection!
Had the best services since I move here a year ago!!! I think I found my new home for services!! Thanks Y’all!!!
They use cheap polish for gel..It peels off in a couple days..
Called and made an appointment ahead of time...instead of just walking in.
The person set my appointment for 11:30.
Arrived on time signed the sheet and was never greeted or acknowledged.
They were all busy with other clients so I understand still having to wait a bit; however, I made an appointment for that purpose.
I’m not sure if they actually set an appointment for me with an actual person or just gave me a time to show up.
Either way it would have been nice to have been acknowledged.
I sat there for 15 minutes before I decided to look elsewhere.
I cannot review based on the quality of their work, which may be great.
Just the service.

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