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Quick Facts About Beautiful Nails 2

Beautiful Nails 2 has received mixed reviews from customers, with both positive and negative feedback being expressed. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, it is important to analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the weaknesses, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service at Beautiful Nails 2. One commenter mentioned that the workers were rude and disrespectful, with some even speaking negatively about customers in a different language. Another customer complained about being ignored when expressing discomfort during the nail filling process. It is evident that the establishment lacks proper communication and professionalism when dealing with customers. Additionally, the comment about being overcharged for unwanted services suggests a lack of transparency and fairness in their pricing system.
Another weakness of the salon lies in the quality of their nail services. Multiple customers have complained about the finished result of their nails. One customer mentioned that there was spacing between the acrylic and the cuticles, indicating a lack of attention to detail and precision. Another customer expressed disappointment with the nail shape and polish application, claiming that they could have done a better job themselves. The fact that nails broke shortly after being done also suggests that the quality of the products or techniques used may be subpar.
Furthermore, some customers have criticized the establishment for their lack of flexibility and willingness to accommodate customer preferences. One customer mentioned that their desired nail shape was not honored, and another customer felt pressured to get nail designs despite explicitly stating that they did not want any. These instances showcase a disregard for customer preferences and a lack of professionalism.
On the other hand, there are a few strengths that can be identified from the comments. One customer mentioned that the guy who did their nails was friendly, indicating that there may be some positive interactions with staff members. Additionally, another customer expressed their satisfaction with the work done by the owner, Jazmine, suggesting that there may be skilled technicians present at the salon.
In conclusion, Beautiful Nails 2 has received mixed feedback from customers, with both positive and negative experiences being shared. The strengths of the establishment lie in the friendliness of some staff members and the satisfaction of certain customers with the work done. However, the weaknesses are apparent in the poor customer service, lack of attention to detail, disregard for customer preferences, and questionable pricing practices. These weaknesses ultimately overshadow the strengths, making it difficult to recommend Beautiful Nails 2 as a reliable and satisfactory nail salon.

Best TL Reviews

The guy in the last chair second row did my fill and every time he was done with one hand I’d look at my nails to make sure they looked the way I wanted, he’d tell me to put them under the uvi light as if he didn’t want me to critique them as he went. When he was done I realized there was space between the acrylic and my cuticles and told him. He said “that’s your skin” which still confused me because if it is my “skin” shouldn’t he have pushed my cuticles back to avoid the spacing? I left it alone after he basically told me he wasn’t going to do anything about it and sat next to my homegirl who was about to get her nails done. As we’re sitting he starts talking about me to another worker in their language which annoyed me because it’s rude and of course she’s staring me down as he’s talking so as I’m mentioning it to my friend what I’m seeing, and Jasmine chimes in telling me “no one is talking about you” and as I’m telling her why I know they are she’s talking over me trying to tell me what they’re talking about. Waste of money & time. Rude a** workers will never return to this establishment.
The worst customer service on this planet! They are not good mannered people. I went in to get my nails filled and the color changed, they will be buffing down my nails until it hurts and I let them know it’s hurting and they totally ignored me, they make me feel like they were doing me a favor, I am a very respectful person so I try to speak with respect that it hurts and I ask for them to be gentle and the lady who seem to be in charge told me I complain too much and don’t come bk! They are very rude. I would not recommend anyone to go there. They don’t understand that they are providing a service with exchange for cash.
Guy who did my nails was friendly, but they look AWFUL!! For one, I went in with nails that were more square with rounded edges - he didnt even ask if I wanted the shape changed, but he made them pointy and extremely uneven. Second, they are sloppy with polish all over the place. I truly could have done better myself! Now I have to wait for them to grow back out to get the shape I HAD when I walked in. TERRIBLE JOB
I have being going for 5 years. And I love everything. There work is awesome. You will not find any other place like this. Especially the owner. Jazmine she is always on point with my nails.
Not nice at all she had a white lady in the chair and she ask the lady u want design she said no she literally while I'm sitting there trying to get her to get one like she said no next made me not feel good at alllllllll hopefully they shut the place down and she was very nasty very that I had to keep my composure because then I would of been the angry one very sad
They will over charge youu for service youu never asked for, go to a nail tech!! They charge the same prices for better work!
Stop spending your money here. Very poor service and customer service with sarcasm as if their customers owes them. I continuously see them disrespecting customers but people go back to them. Stop tolerating their disrespect there is plenty of mail businesses in Springfield that will appreciate your hard earned money.
I’m not ever going to bother to return I got my nails done just a few days ago and two already broke today and my laches didn’t even last long enough so they need a lot of practice like honestly I only went there twice but I won’t be returning ever again and that’s for sure this time and on top of that I got ripped off plus my husband give a good tip like I’m done NOT EVER AGAIN THEY WILL SEE MY FACE

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