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Classic Nails In Fayetteville

+1 770-461-9424
535 Glynn St S #2007, Fayetteville, GA 30214 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Classic Nails In Fayetteville

Strengths: 1. Excellent customer service: Multiple comments mention the husband and wife owners being kind, professional, and gentle. They take their time to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. 2. Skilled nail technicians: Customers appreciate the quality of service they receive, with one person stating it was the best pedicure they ever experienced. This suggests that the nail technicians are skilled in their craft. 3. Peaceful atmosphere: The salon is described as having a calming and peaceful atmosphere, providing a relaxing experience for customers. 4. New management: The salon underwent a change in ownership, indicating the potential for improvements and fresh perspectives from the new management.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent service in the past: One customer mentioned feeling cheated out of their money during a previous visit. This suggests that there may have been inconsistencies in service quality in the past. 2. Slow service: One reviewer mentioned the salon being slow and taking two hours to complete a simple pedicure. This can be seen as a weakness in terms of efficiency and time management. 3. Communication issues: One customer mentioned that the staff did not speak and only stared, making them feel uncomfortable. Additionally, another customer mentioned that the nail technician got upset when they did not want a specific pedicure. These instances indicate potential communication issues within the salon. 4. Pricing and price changes: One customer mentioned that the salon changed prices, which can lead to confusion and customer dissatisfaction. 5. Lack of attention to detail: A customer mentioned that their SNS nails were not properly finished, with excess coloring and uneven nails. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and quality control.
In conclusion, Classic Nails in Fayetteville seems to have a number of strengths, including excellent customer service, skilled nail technicians, a peaceful atmosphere, and a change in management. However, there are also several weaknesses, such as inconsistencies in service quality, slow service, communication issues, pricing concerns, and occasional lack of attention to detail.

Best TL Reviews

This is not the same place I went to a few years ago. It's also not the same people. It's a lovely husband and wife that work here together. I came in and got my feet done. The husband was so sweet and really took his time. Loved my feet. The last time I came I felt like I got cheated out of my money but this time he was upfront about everything and made sure I was comfortable before doing anything. I'll be returning here at least once a month.
I am new in this area
and looked for a good spa pedicure.I picked this place without any information but I was so happy fto find this place. The owner couple are so gentle and wonderful. They are not only kind but professional. He gave me the best pedicure service I ever experienced in other Georgia. I would love to introduce this place to anyone .
I finally found a good nail salon. Good atmosphere and pleasant owner. Good pricing for Acrylic fill in.
Great nail salon! Very peaceful and wonderful people. They bought the salon over a year ago, so it is new management.
The staff is excellent, the atmosphere is very calming, and they do designs - just ask them when you get there if you have a picture as a reference at least. My new spot to go to if my original shop is closed.
THIS SALON IS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT!!! My sister and I were referred here for James, from this Fayetteville community group we're in. We'll Lilian did my pedicure and OMG????Amazing!! She took her time and the atmosphere is a vibe. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Do not...I repeat do not come to this nail salon! I made a same day appointment to get my SNS and a pedicure done since this was the only place open after 7pm. I am seated as soon as I get there which is great. The lady getting ready to work on my feet instantly gets upset because I do not want to get the pedicure she wants me to get and because I want my nails cut down but overall toes turn out okay. Then the lady doing my SNS gets started. She doesn't take off the excess coloring and does not file the nails down at all. My nails look like I dipped them in polish and didn't bother to clean them or attempt to make them look nice. I asked her did she know what she was doing because my nails look horrible she gets mad and starts talking in her language then begins buffing my nails after she already put the topcoat on. Never again! Plus they change the prices on you!
I walked in and literally NO ONE spoke. Just stared. I had to speak. It took 2 hours to get a simple pedicure. They weren't even that busy they just move so slow. The pedicure cost $33 and honestly not worth it and when she was done instead of letting me dry under the dryer she made me just sit at the pedicure bowl. I waited about 15 min and tried to leave. My toes were wet so they smudged when she put my shoe on so she had to do it over and I had to ask to sit under the dryer which took another 20 min. I went there at 8:15 pm and left at 10:30. Never again!!!

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