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3237 Heritage Green Dr, Monroe, OH 45050 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Cozy Nails Spa

Cozy Nails Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, we will categorize the comments based on common themes.
Quality of Work: Cindy is praised for doing a wonderful job and bringing the customer's vision to life, indicating that the salon has skilled technicians who can deliver satisfactory results. One customer also mentions that the entire staff puts out a beautiful, quality product, suggesting consistency in their work. However, there are negative comments about the quality of the nail work, with customers complaining about uneven lengths, thicknesses, and bubbles in the polish. One customer even experienced bleeding due to a cuticle being cut. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and inconsistency in the quality of service.
Customer Service: Several positive comments highlight the friendly and helpful nature of the staff at Cozy Nails Spa. Customers appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and pleasant interactions with the employees. Additionally, one customer mentions that the salon's location next to Kroger is convenient. However, there are also negative comments about the customer service. One customer's daughter was treated rudely when she requested a specific nail design not offered by the salon. This indicates a lack of flexibility and professionalism in dealing with customer requests.
Communication and Listening Skills: There are instances where technicians at Cozy Nails Spa are criticized for not listening to customer preferences. One customer's daughter showed a picture of the desired design but received nails that looked nothing like it. When she asked for a redo, the technician insisted they were fine. This suggests a lack of attention to customer requests and an unwillingness to rectify mistakes.
Cleanliness and Sanitation: Although not explicitly mentioned in the comments, there are no complaints regarding cleanliness or sanitation. This could be seen as a potential strength of the salon, indicating that they prioritize maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for their customers.
Consistency and Reliability: Multiple customers express a lack of consistency in the salon's services. Some had a pleasant experience on their first visit but were disappointed during subsequent visits. This inconsistency implies that the quality of service may vary depending on the technician assigned to a customer. This lack of reliability can negatively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In summary, Cozy Nails Spa has strengths in terms of friendly and helpful staff, as well as positive feedback on the work done by specific technicians. However, weaknesses include inconsistency in the quality of work, lack of attention to detail, unwillingness to listen to customer preferences, and in some instances, rude treatment of customers. These weaknesses may negatively impact customer satisfaction and deter repeat business. It is important for the salon to address these areas of weakness in order to improve their overall reputation and success in the industry.

Best TL Reviews

Cindy did a wonderful job bringing my vision to life. Thank You!
The entire staff puts out a beautiful, quality product. I switched from a newer place in the area to Cozy's because the staff here is friendly, helpful and do a GREAT job.
I just moved to Monroe and wanted to try the nail salons near by. This was the first one I went to and I wasn't very impressed. It is small and everyone was in close quarters. I got SNS with tips, the nails aren't even in length or thickness. The woman who did my nails touched them before they were dry but didn't put a new top coat so I've had her thumbprint on my nail for the past two weeks. $55 wasted in my opinion. Only got two stars for their convenient location next to Kroger.
Absolutely horrible service. Not only did my daughter get shotty nail work, but she had to put up with the employee's jokes at her expense. Won't be back and the $1 tip was too much. The picture says it all.
My 17 year old daughter went to get her nails done for prom she took in a picture of nails she wanted and they told my daughter no problem they could do her nails. Upon getting the service the nails she received looked nothing like the picture, the cuticles were not cut and there are bubbles all in the polish that was applied. My daughter asked the technician to please redo them because she was not happy and they were not applied correctly and the technician said they looked fine and they were supposed to have bubbles and asked her to pay. To not argue my daughter paid and left with a service she was not happy with and not what she asked for. Taking advantage of young or old people is a shame. Will not be back.
I have been to this place twice and I will never go again. The first time I went it wasn’t horrible but definitely not great. The second time I was getting french tips done for homecoming. They were absolutely horrible. They were are all different thicknesses and bumps were underneath. The lady cut my cuticle and made me bleed pretty bad. She did not clean it up and proceeded to do my nails. Since I was getting french tips, the bottom was clear, and you could see the blood under them until I took them off. Not to mention she was not gentle at all. I have had multiple friends of mine go here and they have all had horrible experiences as well. I would not recommend and I wish I could give no stars.
She didn't push my acrylics all the way down to my cuticles and could have done a better job on my feet.
My daughter came here to get her nails done for her wedding. She had a picture of what she wanted. She was treated rudely because it wasn't one of their colors. The exasperation shown by the nail tech was just rude and wrong.
If you are Paying for a service you should be left in tears by hiw you are treated the day before your wedding.
I’ve read bad reviews about this place but I really think it just depends on which nail tech you get. I don’t know his name but the guy at table 4 has done a great job the past 2 times I went. He takes his time and they turn out looking really good. If he notices any tiny error he will fix it before you even ask (there was a smudge that I didn’t even notice before he pointed it out).

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