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Danny's Hair & Beauty Supply

+1 216-761-6338
16404 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44112 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About Danny's Hair & Beauty Supply

Danny's Hair & Beauty Supply has several strengths that can be observed from the comments provided. The store is well-stocked and organized, which makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. This is a positive aspect for customers who value efficiency and convenience. Additionally, the customer service at Danny's Hair & Beauty Supply is generally rated as good. Many customers appreciate the helpfulness and friendliness of the employees. This creates a welcoming and positive shopping experience.
Another strength of Danny's Hair & Beauty Supply is its longevity in the business. One comment mentions that the store has been operating for years. This suggests that the store has built a reputation and a loyal customer base over time. For some customers, this may be an indication of trustworthiness and reliability.
However, there are also weaknesses that can be identified from the comments. One customer expresses concern about an employee talking on the phone while assisting them. This can be seen as disrespectful and unprofessional. Customers expect undivided attention and it is important for employees to prioritize customer interactions over personal matters.
Another weakness is the store's limited payment options. Danny's Hair & Beauty Supply only accepts cash or debit, including Cash App. This can be inconvenient for customers who prefer to use credit cards or other forms of payment. Additionally, the lack of parking spaces is mentioned as a drawback. Limited parking can deter potential customers from visiting the store, especially if they are in a rush or have difficulty finding a parking spot.
One customer recounts an unpleasant experience with the store manager. The customer claims that the manager exhibited poor customer service skills by refusing to do a simple product exchange. This reflects negatively on the store's customer service policies and can leave customers feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. The customer also mentions that there are many other beauty supply stores in Cleveland, suggesting that they have alternatives and may not choose to return to Danny's Hair & Beauty Supply.
Another customer describes the store as "ghetto" but still considers it their go-to store. This comment suggests that the store may not appeal to everyone's aesthetic preferences. Additionally, the customer claims to have encountered pricing discrepancies at the checkout counter. This indicates a potential issue with accurate pricing and can lead to customer dissatisfaction and distrust.
Lastly, one comment highlights the poor customer service provided by the cashier. The customer mentions receiving obnoxious and demeaning treatment when they asked a question. This type of behavior can create a hostile environment for customers and deter potential future customers from shopping at the store.
In conclusion, Danny's Hair & Beauty Supply has its strengths such as a well-stocked and organized store, good customer service, and longevity in the industry. However, there are weaknesses in terms of employee behavior, limited payment options, lack of parking, pricing discrepancies, and poor customer service experiences. These weaknesses may have a negative impact on the overall customer experience and can potentially deter customers from returning to the store.

Best TL Reviews

I like this beauty supply store. I hadn't been there for many years. It was well stocked and very organized, and I found what I was looking for. Customer service was good. My only concern was that one of the employees was on the phone while helping me. She was nice,but I thought that was disrespectful. Other than that, I would certainly go again.
Cash or Debit only (Includes Cash App). That should tell you everything you need to know about who they serve and how you might be treated. Actually a fan of the other Danny's in Euclid, Ohio better. ????????‍♀️ That location near lakeshore takes credit. Not a lot of parking here either.
The manager here has the worse customer Service skills ever. Very unprofessional. Was not willing to do a simple exchange (not return) for hair products never opened or used with their price labels on them. He tried telling me lies about the use of the product to persuade me to keep them and gave excuses as to why he couldn’t do the exchange. It honestly doesn’t make sense. There are hundreds of beauty supply stores in Cleveland, I would never shop here again.
This is a decent hair store for it to be a HAIR STORE. But might I say it’s very ghetto in my opinion. But it’s my go to store. They have long and fluffy false eyelashes and nice hair. But when I’m shopping for other things like shampoo, hair gel, edge control, etc…. it seems like the price on the item says one thing but when I go to the counter to check out …. the item is all of a sudden higher. Every time I go to the store I have to catch them on that. I have to watch everything they ring up closely or I will be spending more then I have to. But overall really great store. Im a loyal costumer and will continue to go there. I just have to watch them when I go to the counter.
Nice place in the heart of things they've been operating for yrs....
First time in there and the gentleman was very nice great customer service a plus
Very POOR customer Service. The cashier is no help I asked him a question and received a very obnoxious debate. My first and last trip to this store . If you decide to buy here … Bless your soul you too deserve better! Just message me personally and I’ll help you find one that means that not another soul has to endure such demeaning treatment for asking a simple question.
Right now the only store in Cleveland that has the best vegan hair care products Holygrowthhairproduct this hair works my hair is at the longest it has ever been.

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