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Diamond Nails & Spa

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800 E Dimond Blvd Suite 3 - 201, Anchorage, AK 99515 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Diamond Nails & Spa

Diamond Nails & Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Starting with the strengths, customers have praised the skill and talent of certain nail technicians. For example, Nu received positive feedback for doing a wonderful job on a shellac manicure, even better than a picture the customer provided. Similarly, another customer expressed satisfaction with their french gel tips, noting that they still looked fresh after two weeks. This indicates that the salon has skilled technicians who can produce long-lasting and well-done nail services.
Another strength of the salon is its customer service. Many customers mentioned that they were greeted with a smile and received friendly and accommodating service. The staff was patient, kind, and responded to all inquiries, ensuring that customers felt valued and respected. Additionally, the efficiency of the salon was highlighted, with customers appreciating that their appointments were timed well and that the salon kept up with a busy environment.
Furthermore, the affordability and transparency of the salon were praised. A customer stated that they had a hard time finding the price menu but appreciated that they were able to take a photo of it. This indicates that Diamond Nails & Spa is upfront about their prices and provides transparency to customers.
However, there are some weaknesses mentioned in the comments that need to be addressed. One major weakness is the negative experience some customers had with their nail services. One customer mentioned that they had stiletto nails done, but the process took three hours, and their nail technician repeatedly drilled their skin, glued their fingers together, and applied the nails crookedly. The customer was also dissatisfied with the quality of the acrylic and felt that the $150 they paid was a scam. Another customer claimed to have been injured during a pedicure, with the nail technician massaging their leg too forcefully and causing damage to their connective tissue. The customer was unhappy with the response from the salon, as they initially received a refund for the pedicure but later faced difficulties in getting a full refund to cover their lost income and medical bills.
The lack of liability coverage and the resistance to providing a refund for an injury is a significant concern. The customer mentioned that they found out that the salon only had workman's comp insurance, and when they demanded a full refund, they were given false information and eventually escorted out by security. This indicates a lack of accountability on the salon's part and a failure to properly handle customer complaints and injuries.
In conclusion, while Diamond Nails & Spa has strengths such as skilled technicians and good customer service, there are weaknesses in the form of negative experiences and a lack of accountability when it comes to customer injuries. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and prioritize customer safety and satisfaction.

Best TL Reviews

Nu did a wonderful job on my nails. I brought in a picture I found online and she did better than the picture. This was my second shellac manicure (the first one was over 3 weeks ago) and they still looked great. I just wanted to update the polish for the holiday! Highly recommend!!
i went to get stiletto nails for my birthday. the nails took three hours to do and my nail tech kept drilling my skin. not only that but they did no cuticle care and so the acrylic is stuck to my cuticle. when gluing the tips on the tech kept gluing my finger to my nail. my nails were all applied crooked. for each nail they added several beads of acrylic that were too runny. the reason i’m so harsh is because we had to pay $150!!! what a scam.
I would like to Thank all the staff they were super friendly and greeted me as soon as I walked up. Tommy did my pedicure and it was the best one I have had in a long time. Nue not sure if that is spelled correctly but she did my nails and was awesome! I asked if she could make my nails thin and short and I got what I asked for. She took her time making sure everything was good looking! They were also super busy but I felt like they did a great job keeping up with everyone in the shop.
This place is very efficient and has stellar customer service. They greet every customer with a smile and do a great job with nails. I was very happy with my gel manicure! Only thing I would improve upon is to include lotion for moisturizing instead of just oil for the manicure. Will be back for sure!
Got french gel tips w thin smile lines. They were done so well, they still looked fresh out of the salon after 2 weeks! I took a photo of the price menu as I had a hard time finding it myself.
My young daughter and I walked into the salon during a very busy time. I had several questions to make sure they could accommodate our request before we agreed to sit down. They were very patient and kind, and responded to every inquiry. The immediately brought both my daughter and I to a manicure station. Vee (sp) assisted my daughter; Phong assisted me. They were friendly, accommodating, and 100% professional. Ultimately, I decided to get acrylic nails, which often takes longer than regular manicures. They were able to time both our manicures perfectly, and we ended at the same time (under an hour!). I will definitely return! Thank you very much to Phong and Vee for the excellent service! I apologize for not taking a better pic.
My nail artist was great. She was sweet and careful when removing my broken nail before she set a new one on. Took her time to do a beautiful job. I am very happy with my fill, new color & the flower design. Definitely will be going back!
If I could give zero I would. The nail work was fantastic but customer service after injuring me was atrocious. I went back after visiting a doctor that confirmed they massaged my leg too hard and damaged my connective tissue around my left shin and foot. At the time it was moderately agitated so I accepted a full refund for my pedicure where the injury originated from. However, I am now 4 days post pedicure and have had to miss two days of work and a class due to the pain in my foot and leg. Due to my lost income from an injury I would have never gotten had I not entered their establishment, I called again and asked for a full refund to help mitigate my loss of income thanks to them. They refused and are now pushing me to work through insurance instead. I just want my money back from paying someone to injure my leg, but now since they want to get insurance involved I will just have to include my medical bills and loss of income. Just one more thing to worry about in my life when it's already stacked full. Could have all been avoided if I had just gone to a different nail salon. New client beware.
Update: called their insurance, they do not have liability coverage, only workman's comp. Saw a second doctor today and they have told me that they sprained my foot and it will take 6 to 8 weeks to heal. I'm currently waiting for the boot they're putting me in as I write this and then heading over to demand my FULL refund. Again.
Update: They refused to refund me, gave me a new insurance number to try, then blatantly lied to my face trying to say I was injured before I came in. It was then I became upset and they had security escort me out. I will call insurance, if again this is a run around and they can't start a claim I will be suing for my loss of income, medical bills, among other charges at this point. This is all shocking to me considering all their shining reviews. Happy for you lucky ones who walked away with wonderful experiences, but for new clientele just know you go in at your own risk and they will not help rectify any injury they may inflict upon you. Good luck.

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