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Fancy Nails

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3230 FL-7, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Fancy Nails

1. Fast service: The first comment mentions that the pedicure was completed quickly, which could be seen as a strength for those who are short on time and prefer a quick appointment.
2. Good nail outcome: One customer mentioned that they loved how their nails came out, indicating that the salon has the ability to produce satisfactory results for some customers.
1. High prices: The comment about paying $85 for a manicure and two pedicures suggests that the salon may have high prices compared to other establishments. This could be a deterrent for potential customers who are looking for more affordable options.
2. Inconsistent quality: The same customer who paid $85 mentioned that their toes were "botched" while their nails were alright. This inconsistency in the quality of service could be a weakness for the salon, as customers may expect consistent results across all services.
3. Rude and unprofessional staff: Multiple comments mention the rudeness and unprofessional behavior of the staff at Fancy Nails. This is a significant weakness as it creates a negative atmosphere and can drive customers away. Excellent customer service is crucial for the success of any salon.
4. Sloppy work: One comment mentions that the salon's work is sloppy, which indicates a lack of attention to detail. This could be a concern for customers who expect precise and well-executed nail services.
5. Miscommunication and mistakes: Several comments highlight instances where the staff made mistakes or failed to understand customers' requests properly. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction and the need for additional appointments to correct the mistakes, resulting in wasted time and money.
6. Overpricing: One comment mentions that the salon was overpricing gemstones. This suggests that the salon may engage in unfair pricing practices, which can be off-putting to customers and harm the salon's reputation.
7. Customer dissatisfaction: Many comments express dissatisfaction with the overall experience at Fancy Nails and state that they will not be returning. Customer dissatisfaction can have a detrimental impact on the salon's reputation and lead to a loss of potential business.
In conclusion, Fancy Nails has several weaknesses that need to be addressed in order to improve customer satisfaction. These include high prices, inconsistent quality, rude and unprofessional staff, sloppy work, miscommunication and mistakes, overpricing, and overall customer dissatisfaction. By addressing these weaknesses and improving their services, Fancy Nails can work towards becoming a more reputable and successful nail salon.

Best TL Reviews

Fastest pedicure I’ve ever had in my life and I have been getting pedicures regularly not here but 20 years plus and not fast in the good way she charged $38 for gel polish pedicure only and I gave her $45 total I always tip satisfied or not first and last time here they were not friendly at all which I don’t care about if there good only came because my mother in law took me but the girl she goes to which is the best Kim was not there would of been along time regular if service was better she literally finished my whole pedicure polish dried and out the door in 10 mins Ah well next time maybe I’ll give Kim next.
I love how my nail came out.
Paid $85 for a mani and 2 pedi not everyone in that place can do nails... my toes were botched my nails were alright that's why they received 2 stars instead of 1... and yes I could've just spoken up but didn't notice until my sister said how awful hers were took a lost i won't visit this place again
This place is terrible and rude. I recently moved to broward and wanted to get my nails done the minute I walked in and showed a guy named “Sam” he was hyper and rude. And ppl there was telling me he can’t do nails. When I asked for a lady they all started to get loud and rude. I went to the lady they told me to go to and she shook her head no and pointed me to somewhere else. When I finally got called to do my nails. Sam looked at me some type of way and said something which made the lady laugh. While I was getting my nails done. Another lady kept following me around and staring at. They’re just all rude in general.
I come here cause i dnt be having time to find a place i really like but they work is sloppy n they rush the prices are to high
worst place to go.All staff are very rude and not friendly at all. I always get my nails done in that place even though I know all of the staff have very bad attitude with theirs customers .today I have a very bad experience with them ,I have a friend who was getting her nails done and I stopped by to talk to her for few minutes,they asked me if I'm gonna do my nails because I said not today ,they literally pushed me out with their attitude and one of them asked me to leave . I will never go to that place anymore!
I do not recommend this nail salon!! 0/10 .This is the worse nail salon I ever been too.It’s very unprofessional .The people that work in there is very rude .For one they don’t do nails or toes or anything right .I was sitting in the chair and one of the workers had put
Acrylic on my nails and then I told him the color I was getting.instead he put a different color on .that’s when he was going back and forth with me and he told me that he can’t work with me .so he went and assist another client .That’s when another worker had did my nails and he was doing the same like the other worker but instead he told me when I said he’s not putting the right color .to get out the nail salon .
I just left and I’m not happy with my nails. I had to instruct him several times to either fix a nail or point out something else. Then I asked for gemstones n they were over pricing for that. I’m going to get to nails fixed tomorrow. For 80$ it was definitely not worth it.

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