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Quick Facts About Glamour Nails

1. Quality and longevity of nails: One customer mentions that her nails stayed perfect even after two weeks, with no lifting or damage. This indicates that the salon uses high-quality products and techniques, ensuring durability and customer satisfaction.
2. Ability to accommodate unique preferences: A customer compliments the salon for being the only place that gets her nail shape right. This suggests that the salon is skilled at catering to individual customer requests and preferences, making them stand out from other salons.
3. Hidden gem: Another customer mentions that the salon is a hidden gem, implying that Glamour Nails offers a great experience that exceeds expectations. This suggests that their services are exceptional and not widely known, which can attract customers who prefer personalized and unique experiences.
4. Good customer service: A customer notes that the service at Glamour Nails is kind and recommendable. This indicates that the staff is friendly and attentive, creating a positive and welcoming environment for customers.
1. Overpriced: The salon is criticized for being overpriced. Multiple comments mention high prices, suggesting that the salon may not offer the best value for money compared to other nail salons in the area. This can deter price-conscious customers from choosing Glamour Nails.
2. Rushed service: Several comments mention feeling rushed during their visits. They mention being hurried through the services, resulting in incomplete or unsatisfactory treatments. This indicates that the salon may prioritize speed over quality, which can result in a negative customer experience.
3. Inconsistent pricing: Customers complain about the salon's inconsistent pricing. Different prices are mentioned for the same services on different visits, suggesting a lack of transparency and potentially unfair pricing practices. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction and mistrust.
4. Inconsistent quality: A customer mentions that one nail technician consistently does a poor job compared to another technician. This suggests a lack of consistency in the quality of services provided by different staff members. Inconsistent quality can result in an inconsistent customer experience, leading to uncertainty and dissatisfaction.
5. Lack of attention to detail: Several comments mention issues with the technicians not attending to cuticles properly, leaving glue residue, uneven shaping, and failure to fix cuticles before applying acrylic nails. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and proper execution of services. Inadequate attention to detail can lead to subpar results and a negative customer experience.
In conclusion, Glamour Nails has strengths in delivering long-lasting and high-quality nails, accommodating unique customer preferences, and providing good customer service. However, the business faces weaknesses in terms of being overpriced, rushing services, inconsistent pricing and quality, and a lack of attention to detail. Addressing these weaknesses would be crucial for the salon to improve customer satisfaction and reputation.

Best TL Reviews

I was rushed through a BASIC pedicure/ I didn’t want to have them polished, but was charged for it.
I was in and out in less than 25 minutes.
Barely got to soak my feet, they were in such a hurry.
It takes a lot less time to do a pedicure without polish… why wouldn’t this business offer a discount for not doing polish?
All I wanted was softer feet and trimmed toe nails.
I am disappointed and will go to another salon for nail services in the future.
I have been coming here for years with my siblings. A hidden gem, the photos don’t do the salon justice. Kind service, at times can get busy an the nail tech will go service other clients which isn’t very time effective if you have things to do. Love it here, recommend but have time and patience.
After a week of scuba diving 2-3 times a day, my nails are still perfect. This is two weeks after my last fill. No lifting at the back or anything. They never ever lift at all, they're magicians here. Apparently I like my nails a weird shape, and they're the only place that ever gets it right.
The one negative is that I never know what it will cost. I think they make up a different price every time. With their quality, I'm ok with that.
Not happy with my nails. My nails are lumpy & uneven. && to add they prices are high. If it’s not the owner doing your nails then your not going to get what you pay for period. Last time ever letting them do my nails
Incredibly poor amateur service. There is nothing more disappointing then going to get your nails done and get the OPPOSITE of EVERYTHING you asked for. I specifically asked for nail colors that would have a matte finish and ended up with a glossy finish. Not only did I have a glossy finish but since I got a dip manicure and the man left my nails with huge chucks of dip powder! Those ARE NOT SPARKLES in the picture! Don't waste your money, go to a professional salon!
I have gone here multiple times, one of the nail techs is great but the one near the front who seems to run the place consistently does a horrible job every time i get her it seems like she rushes through to get more people done instead of providing a quality product. this last time i left with nails that looked like my 5 year old niece painted and still had glue on my hands. they never actually take care of your cuticles they just rush through to get your nails done so even if the paint and shape look nice around your nails look terrible.
its always disappointing getting results like that when you pay for a service but even more so when you have been a consistent customer for over 2 years which shows they don't value consistent customers. pricing is also veryyy inconsistent one week it'll be 45 the next its 35. I will never be returning.
I’ve never had a complaint about them and I’ve been going for almost 5 years, no other place. Today I had an appointment scheduled for 4 pm and got there about 5 minutes early, was told to pick out color so I did. I sat down with the lady that usually does my nails and that I love, she then got pulled aside to help the new lady and never came back to work on my nails. The new lady was told to start my pedicure, she started off good but ended up only clipping my cuticles and doing nothing else, I had to ask her to cut my nails. My nails tuned out ok in the end but never again I will never have here.
I went in today and asked for almond nails. I was really excited, because this was my first time getting my nails done. The manicurist told me it was going to cost me $30 for almonds. I was fine with the price. When she first began, she didn't fix my cuticles before hand. As she started putting on the false nail/acrylic and started shaping my nails, she didn't even brush off the access dust. I had to stop her and ask to wash my hands. She rushed through the process. When I go to pick out the color I wanted, she kept on rushing me. I wanted to pay after I get my nails done, but she also rushed me to pay while my nails were drying. I was polite and gave her my card and she came back with my receipt & card. I only had to pay $26 instead of $30 (which was good, it does seem like they make up prices as things go). I specifically asked for almond nails. My nails ended up being uneven and too wide at the end, also had acrylic underneath the side of the nails. I had to remove the nail polish and fix/paint them once I got home. It was an okay experience, but I will never go back there again!

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