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Quick Facts About Golden Bamboo

Golden Bamboo Place has received mixed reviews from customers regarding their strengths and weaknesses. To provide a comprehensive analysis, we will examine the comments and categorize them into strengths and weaknesses based on consistency and customer feedback.
1. Good food quality: Many customers have praised the taste and quality of the food at Golden Bamboo Place. They have mentioned that the meals are delicious and enjoyable. This indicates that the restaurant has expertise in cooking and creating tasty dishes.
2. Extensive menu choices: Customers appreciate the variety of options available on the menu. Golden Bamboo Place offers a wide range of dishes, allowing customers to find something to suit their preferences. This shows that the restaurant tries to cater to different tastes and preferences.
3. Good portion sizes: Some customers have commended the portion sizes, stating that they were pleased with the quantity of food they received. This indicates that Golden Bamboo Place provides value for money by offering generous portions.
4. Prompt delivery: In the past, customers have mentioned quick delivery times and good service. They have praised the delivery drivers for being efficient and punctual. This suggests that Golden Bamboo Place has a reliable delivery system in place.
1. Inconsistent customer service: There have been multiple complaints regarding the customer service at Golden Bamboo Place. Customers have mentioned instances where drivers failed to contact them despite specific instructions. Additionally, some customers have experienced rude behavior from the staff, with a lack of apology or accountability for mistakes.
2. Cold food and wrong items: Several customers have complained about receiving cold food. In some cases, the food was allegedly left outside the wrong flat. Furthermore, there have been instances where customers received incorrect items in their orders.
3. Long delivery times: Some customers have reported excessive waiting times for their food to be delivered. These delays can be frustrating, especially if the food arrives cold or late. It suggests that there may be issues with the efficiency of the kitchen or delivery process.
4. Inconsistent food quality: A few customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the food quality. They have mentioned overcooked or reheated dishes, as well as specific complaints about the taste and texture of certain items such as chicken.
5. Lack of communication and follow-up: Some customers have criticized the lack of communication and follow-up from the restaurant. They have mentioned instances where they were promised a callback or confirmation but did not receive one. This lack of communication can contribute to a poor customer experience.
In conclusion, while Golden Bamboo Place has some strengths such as good food quality, extensive menu choices, and prompt delivery, it also has weaknesses in areas like inconsistent customer service, cold food, and long delivery times. These areas of improvement should be addressed to enhance the overall customer experience and reputation of the restaurant.

Best TL Reviews

I've been ordering from here for the last 3/4 years and in that time I never had any bad service an only one sub par meal that seemed like a one off. The last few times I've ordered here though have been completely different. I live above a pub so ask drivers to ring me when outside so I can get the food. No driver in Huddersfield has ever not got hold of me. The last few times I've ordered I've had no phonecall, they say they ring no missed call or voicemail ever comes through. As this was starting to get more frequent, I decided to take a pause from ordering here for a while. Tonight I thought I would give it another go. Yet again they "couldn't get through to me" and "my phone was off" I had put on my notes to ring me when they were on their way to stop this from happening, did they bother? No. Food arrived stone cold dumped outside the wrong flat. I rang the takeaway. Also they sent the wrong items.The man on the phone offered no apologies and basically said it was my fault. He then put me on to the driver who said my phone was off. Neither let me speak, spoke over me. When I did get a word in edge ways the driver called me "argumentative" at the end the "boss man" offered me another meal, but by the point of being lied to this many times and being blamed for their mistakes I was past it. Let me tell you I will be letting everyone know about the poor customer service here.
For years I raved about this place, well no longer. Bad service, cold food!
Lovely meal once again, always good no complaints and a good delivery service.b
Always good from there lovely food and lovely people x
Ordered a few times from here and it’s been quite nice last but last night but took 1hr 45mins to come! I appreciate it’s busy on a sat night but the food was cold when it finally came. ordered salt & pepper chips which were over cooked, looked and tasted like they had been cooked and reheated! Egg fried rice was cold and gravy was just pure salt! Everything went in the bin!
£6 for 3 sausages and a bit of gravy and a few onions!
Not great .
I’m not a fan of chicken done this way (boiled by the texture and taste ?).The rest of my chow mien was ok however just left all the chicken !
Fab salt n pepper chips
Sweet and sour chicken balls far too big and a bit dry .expensive aswell .
I order the large salt n pepper munch box pretty regular.. Absolutely love it.. Curry sauce is bang on too ???? ????????
Our usual place closed so tried here, wasn’t disappointed, extensive menu choices, food was excellent, tasty and good portions although the spring rolls were rather small, ordered and paid online, food ready to collect in 20 mins, will definitely use Golden Bamboo again
Ordered an hour and a half ago, rang 3 times told on its way 3 times, then it’ll be 1 min then 3/4 mins, told they’d ring me back to confirm. Didn’t. Ordered still not arrived! Will not be ordering again. God knows what it will be like when it arrives! Spoilt out night. Children so upset. Poor service. Edit. Arrived after 1.40 mins. Food cold. Would give rating of 0 but won’t let me.

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