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2718 Lurleen B Wallace Blvd, Northport, AL 35476 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Image Nails

Image Nails Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insights into its strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, several customers mention the friendly and kind staff, reasonable prices, and good job done on their nails. These aspects contribute to a positive customer experience and create a welcoming atmosphere.
One of the strengths highlighted in the comments is the ability of the nail technician to handle difficult nails. This suggests that the salon has knowledgeable and skilled staff who can cater to customers with unique nail requirements. This expertise can be a significant advantage as it sets Image Nails Place apart from other salons.
The fact that the salon is a family-run business is also seen as a positive aspect. This personal touch can create a more intimate and cozy environment for customers, making them feel comfortable and valued. Additionally, the comment about the salon taking a customer right away demonstrates flexibility and efficiency in managing appointments and serving walk-in customers.
Another strength mentioned is the use of ombre nails, which shows that the salon offers a variety of nail services and keeps up with the latest trends. Providing a range of options can attract different customers and cater to a diverse clientele.
However, Image Nails Place also has some weaknesses that have been highlighted in the comments. One common complaint is related to the quality of service. Multiple customers mention rushed service, which can lead to a lower quality outcome and a negative experience. This indicates that the salon may struggle with managing time and handling a high volume of customers, particularly during peak times like weekends.
The issue of being handed off to a different nail technician than the one originally scheduled is also a weakness mentioned in one comment. This shows a lack of consistency and potentially a breakdown in communication between staff members. Customers who specifically request a certain nail technician may feel disappointed or frustrated when they are assigned to someone else.
In terms of pricing, there is a discrepancy mentioned in one comment where a customer was charged more than the listed price for a service. This can create mistrust and frustration among customers, especially when they are not provided with a satisfactory explanation for the difference in price.
Another weakness mentioned is the improper shaping and peeling of gel polish after only four days. This suggests a lack of attention to detail during the service and potentially subpar product quality. These issues can undermine the salon's reputation and make customers question the value for money.
In conclusion, Image Nails Place has both strengths and weaknesses. The friendly and kind staff, reasonable prices, expertise in handling difficult nails, and variety of services are strengths that contribute to a positive experience. However, the salon needs to address weaknesses related to rushed service, consistency in nail technicians, pricing discrepancies, and attention to detail. By addressing these areas of improvement, Image Nails Place can enhance its reputation, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance.

Best TL Reviews

Got a full acrylic set this past Saturday and it’s only been 4 days and my GEL polish is literally peeling off as shown in pictures. They weren’t even shaped correctly to begin with. Very disappointed but not surprised with the price I paid for them.
Love love they were super nice and kind priced well they’ll have you laughing your tail off ❤️
My nails are a little difficult to do, and the guy that did them did a really great job! Definitely will go back!
I had an appointment with a particular individual, instead I was handed off to someone else. The lady that did my nails handles my hands roughly. The prices listed says acrylic refill with gel $35. I was charged $45. When I asked why was I charged a different price, they said because I received a cut down. NEVER at no time didI ask for a cut down. My nails are already as short as they can be, why would I ask for a cut down. Im done giving my money to people who can’t be honest and reciprocate respect!
They always do a good job and I like going there
The worst service I've experienced with them was today. My nails were rushed through because of another customer was complaining about she had things to do. Well for one it's Friday and they are doing walk-ins only. I will never go back over priced, service was rushed, and bad experience
What nice folks there! A nice, family run business that took me right away. Ombre nails for me today... love them!
I luv luv Ellen and Dan along with Alex it’s the one on one attention you will like… just get their early ????????????

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