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Ken's Barber

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7211 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Ken's Barber

Ken's Barber place has several strengths that are evident in the comments provided. Firstly, many customers appreciate the fast service provided at Ken's. They mention that they were able to get their hair, eyebrows, and beard done quickly, which is a desirable quality for those who are short on time. The speed of service coupled with the quality of the haircuts received is another strength highlighted in the comments. Customers mention that they were happy with the outcome of their haircuts and found them to be of good quality.
Affordability is another strength of Ken's Barber place that customers mention in their comments. They state that they were able to get their hair, eyebrows, and beard done for less than $20, which is considered a reasonable price. This affordability factor makes Ken's Barber place an attractive option for customers who are looking for quality haircuts at a reasonable price.
Another strength of Ken's Barber place is the recommendation from loyal customers. They mention that they highly recommend Ken's and specifically mention Keith, one of the barbers. This loyalty and positive recommendation from customers indicate that Ken's Barber place is doing something right and has built a good reputation among its customers.
Customer service and friendliness are also highlighted as strengths of Ken's Barber place. Several comments mention that the staff is friendly and provides good service. They mention that the staff at Ken's cuts their hair exactly how they ask them to, which is an important aspect of customer service, as customers want their haircuts to match their desired style. One comment even specifically mentions that the barber was patient with an autistic child, indicating that the staff at Ken's Barber place goes above and beyond to provide a positive experience for all customers.
Cleanliness is another strength mentioned in the comments. Customers state that the shop is clean, which is important in a barber shop as customers expect a clean and hygienic environment.
However, there are also some weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One weakness highlighted is the rudeness and perceived racism of some of the older barbers. One customer mentioned that the old barbers are rude, and there is a suggestion that they are nicer to white men. This kind of behavior can create a negative experience for customers and may discourage them from returning or recommending the place to others.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of cleanliness in terms of tools used for haircuts. One customer mentions that their son's skin broke out after getting a haircut, suggesting that the tools used may not be properly cleaned. This can be a hygiene concern for customers and may make them question the overall cleanliness and safety of the barber shop.
In addition, one comment mentions that they asked for a fade but ended up getting a buzz cut. This indicates a lack of attention to customer requests and a potential communication issue between the customer and the barber. This sort of miscommunication can result in customer dissatisfaction and may affect the overall reputation of the barber shop.
In conclusion, Ken's Barber place has several strengths including fast and quality haircuts, affordability, positive recommendations from customers, good customer service and friendliness, and cleanliness. However, there are also some weaknesses such as rudeness and perceived racism from older barbers, lack of cleanliness in terms of tools used, and possible communication issues resulting in incorrect haircuts. It is important for Ken's Barber place to address these weaknesses to ensure the overall satisfaction of their customers and maintain a good reputation in the community.

Best TL Reviews

Fast and quality cut. I got my hair eyebrows and beard done for less than $20. Highly recommend Keith.
The lovely lady that work there do an very very very good job giving me a haircut she the only one I will let cut my hair she's good for real
The younger barber is polite. The old ones are rude and kind of racist. They are nicer to white men.
They don't seem to clean their tools. My son's skin is breaking out right after getting a haircut here so first I asked politely if they could just use a scissor on the forehead area, old man rolled his eyes on me, started talking to another barber in their language while I was still talking to him and you can tell by his actions and attitude he got annoyed.
Good service, friendly staff, always cut my hair and my two boy's hair, just like we ask them too, prices are very fair.
Great place for a quick cut. I brought my son here who is autistic and very fidgety
The shop was very clean and quiet and the barber who cut my son's hair was so patient with him. I way beyond happy with the entire experience and will definitely be going back.
Ken's is a great spot, awesome service fast and friendly. Keith is a really nice guy and he does a awesome job. I highly recommend this place.
Standard Asian barbers, which means they're FAST, inexpensive, and good. So why this one instead of the competition? Clean, pleasant staff, easy parking, and you're not gonna have to deal with a bum out front hitting ya up, addicts on street hitting ya up, or shootings in the neighborhood. (Honestly, I used to go to Kensington Ave for a quick inexpensive haircut.)
I asked for a fade. I got a buzz cut for $25 in 5 minutes

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