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1125 Townpark Ave #1031, Lake Mary, FL 32746 United States of America
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Quick Facts About MassageLuXe Spa

MassageLuXe Spa has a number of strengths that make it an appealing place for customers seeking massage services. Firstly, the spa has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with receptionists who greet guests with a smile upon their arrival. This positive energy creates a pleasant environment for customers to relax and enjoy their experience.
In addition to the friendly staff, the cleanliness of the spa is highlighted as another strength. Customers comment on the cleanliness of the entire facility, including the bathrooms. A clean and hygienic environment is important for a spa to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of its customers.
The expertise and skill of the masseuses at MassageLuXe Spa is also seen as a strength. Many customers praise their massage therapists, particularly mentioning Thomas, who is described as amazing and attentive. Customers appreciate that the masseuses listen to their specific concerns and pay close attention to the areas that are bothering them. This personalized approach is important in providing effective massages and meeting the needs of individual customers.
Another strength of MassageLuXe Spa is the range of massage options available. Customers mention both deep tissue and Swedish massages, indicating that the spa offers a variety of techniques to cater to different preferences and needs. The positive feedback regarding the quality of the massages suggests that the spa employs skilled and experienced therapists who are able to deliver satisfying treatments.
Additionally, some customers express satisfaction with the customer service provided by specific staff members, such as Ari and Mya. This personalized service and attention to the needs of the individual contribute to a positive overall experience for customers.
Despite these strengths, there are also weaknesses identified by customers that MassageLuXe Spa should address. One of the recurring criticisms is related to the administrative staff and their handling of membership cancellations. Customers mention difficulties in canceling their membership, describing the process as inconvenient. In the age of the internet, they find it frustrating that they are required to fill out a form in person or mail it to the spa. This indicates a lack of customer-first mindset and a need for improved administrative processes to enhance customer satisfaction.
Another weakness highlighted in customer comments is a lack of professionalism and preparation from the front desk staff. Some customers report feeling ignored and unimportant, as the staff appears more interested in their conversations than in providing attentive service. This lack of attentiveness raises concerns about the overall customer experience and the ability of the staff to provide a high level of service.
There are also complaints about the pricing structure at MassageLuXe Spa. Some customers feel that they were subjected to a bait and switch tactic, as the membership fee differs significantly from the introductory massage price. This pricing inconsistency raises questions about transparency and customer trust. Additionally, there are reports of billing errors and difficulties in getting refunds, suggesting a need for improved billing and reimbursement processes.
Furthermore, several customers mention a decline in the quality of the spa over time. They note that the masseuses they previously favored have left the location, leading to a decrease in the overall quality and consistency of service. Moreover, there are complaints about canceled appointments, incorrect scheduling, and unresponsiveness from the front desk staff. These issues indicate a lack of organization and communication within the spa, possibly contributing to a decline in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In conclusion, MassageLuXe Spa has strengths in its friendly and clean environment, skilled masseuses, and range of massage options. However, weaknesses in the administrative processes, professionalism of the front desk staff, pricing transparency, and decline in quality over time are areas that need improvement to ensure a consistently high level of customer satisfaction. Taking these weaknesses into consideration and making the necessary changes can help MassageLuXe Spa enhance its reputation and retain its current customers while attracting new ones.

Best TL Reviews

From the moment you walk through the front door you are greeted with a smile from a very nice and friendly receptionist/ receptionist's. The energy is good and the place is very clean including the bathrooms. My masseuse Thomas is amazing. He listens and pays close attention to the areas that you say are bothering you. If you would like a deep tissue massage he is your guy. There are other people that give the deep tissue massages as well however I have not had a massage with them. I've been going here for 4 years and the people that I've had were all good.
Been going here for years.
Updating to a 3 as the managers are able to clean up after appointments are cancelled without warning. My partner likes her therapist and most the therapists I use are good as well. This is the main reason we still use them. That being said we shouldn't have to escalate to a manager every few months just to have appointments kept. Rant removed.
Me and My Darling Husband Enjoyed being there getting our massage deep tissue massage and Swedish Massage and our 15 min Hydroluxe Machine Massage.. Excellent Customer Service from Ari and Mya 1000% and both were treated with $20 Each tip for Everything..We will definitely be coming back..Thank You ????????..
Massage is Ok but the administration is very bad. For cancelling membership, they make it difficult for the customer. They do not have customer first mindset. Just for cancellation, they expect you to fill a form in office or mail it to them , especially in this internet world today. They really need to improve customer satisfaction. Due to poor administrative staff I would avoid going here.
Una experiencia de lujo en toda la expresión de la palabra Michelle fue quien me dio el masaje y sus manos fueron una bendición para mi estrés salí renovada
They were not very inviting when I first came in and did not seem prepared. I was sent forms to fill out before hand (as I had never been there) and when I arrived I almost refilled them out until the other girl told the first that I did it online. I interrupted their conversation when I arrived. They all were more interested in their conversation than me. So much so that I was asked if I knew where the lounge was so I could head back…mind you I had never been there as stated in the beginning when I checked it. The massage was fine but not really deep tissue. The masseuse was very nice and great as a Swedish style. After the massage which was $65, I was taken to another room for a waterbed thing which was fine (and was told it was complementary). Afterwards they tried to pitch me the $75 membership which I though it was weird since the massage was $65. That is because the bait and switch…if you do not buy their membership after the first massage, the next $120! That massage was not worth $120. Well I asked to tip 20% and did think about it until later when I realized…20% of $65 is not $24. I paid a total of $89. With $24 being the tip of a $120 massage. ????Whatever. Live and learn. I’ll pass on this place in this place in the future!
Great energy in this place! The staff is very knowledgable and accommodating & I love my therapist Sandy.
I started going to this place back in 2017/8. It used to be a good place to go but has gone downhill tremendously since then. All the good masseuses have moved or left the Lake Mary location. I had tried to cancel my subscription account before the pandemic struck but no one was there to answer the phones for weeks. I then had to go to the manager and explain the situation and have since had hours on my account that is getting difficult to use. You used to be able to gift your spouse/SO an hour of your time, that’s been removed. My previous two appointments have either been canceled by the masseuse of botched up by the front desk. Today, I just walked into the place, made an appointment 4 days ago but the front desk apparently didn’t enter it into their system. SO FRUSTRATED dealing with this place. Keep a log of every visit and incident, otherwise you practically get called a liar by the manager if, and when they botch your billing or appointments. The front desk needs better training and constantly changes every other month. My recommendation is to go elsewhere and definitely do not subscribe to the place, it’s a trap and getting your money back is a non-starter.

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